Prominent iOS security researcher and creator of the Yalu jailbreaks Luca Todesco announced yesterday his withdrawal from the jailbreaking scene. Along with some parting pieces of advice, he made clear that he will no longer be involved with the creation of public tools for the circumvention of Apple’s iOS “walled garden”.

The reasons for Todesco’s disappearance from the community are not given, but are perhaps not impossible to discern. He has often expressed frustration with the harassment and abuse he receives from over-eager jailbreakers, as well as the pressure to release free tools which began for him as a mixture of private challenge and work-related research. Add to this the demands of a budding career and it’s not hard to see why he has decided that remaining in the jailbreaking public eye is no longer for him.

Whilst this is undoubtedly a shame for jailbreakers everywhere who have profited by his work, we can at least be thankful for having received from him the only two public iOS 10 jailbreaks to date, yalu1011 and yalu102. In time, his original Yalu tool for iOS 8.4.1 may also come to be of use, having inspired and been incorporated into an alleged upcoming jailbreak from FriedAppleTeam.

His statement has been misinterpreted by some (as all his statements are) as implying that he is working on a final tool, perhaps a jailbreak for iOS 10.2.1, but this seems unlikely. Todesco has clarified on more than one occasion that his recommendation that people who are currently on iOS 10.2.1 remain there is just that, a recommendation. It signifies only that iOS 10.3 contains many bug fixes which make jailbreaking more difficult, and that remaining on the lowest possible firmware is always a good idea. iOS 10.2.1 is more likely to be jailbroken than iOS 10.3, though neither will be by him. Todesco’s comment on iOS 10.3’s security content supports this fact. Of course, if you are currently on a firmware lower than iOS 10.2.1, do not update.

I’d also second Todesco’s other piece of advice in his “resignation letter”; save your blobs. As advised by me in a recent article, as well as proven by an upcoming tool I reported on a week or so ago, blobs often come in useful in ways that were not foreseen at the time. By the time these tools arrive it’s too late to save them, which is why jailbreak developers have always advised saving your blobs regardless, so that you’re ready when the time comes. Prometheus and Odysseus are two downgrade tools which prove the utility of this practice, and the upcoming tool I alluded to is yet another powerful example. Todesco clearly thought the advice important enough to include in a triptych including his resignation.

It’s unclear whether Todesco’s being “done with jailbreaking” refers to the release of public tools, the personal practice of tweaking his own devices, or the research and development of iOS exploits in general. I’d imagine he is referring to the first of these only, unless he is moving his professional interest to a different platform of security research. I for one would appreciate continuing to see his progress in the arena of jailbreaking, even if only to know that it can be done. For many, seeing evidence of his private jailbreaks is cause for furious anger, but I am happy to follow his research without seeing public releases, even if the interest is academic.

It remains to be seen whether Todesco will continue to collaborate with others in the community, or to offer advice and/or bugs in a diminished capacity to any future projects. For now, those of us who have one can continue to enjoy our iOS 10 jailbreaks thanks to his work.

  • Ds

    Can’t blame him for wanting to be done with the jailbreak community… they can be pretty toxic people sometimes. I mean just check out Reddit.

    • Mike M. Powell

      It’s always been bad in a sense that’s the thing. Like a 60-40 split in favor of toxicity :/

  • Agneev

    Farewell! You’ll be missed!

  • Y2J: Keeper of the List

    The JB community is filled with a lot of horrible people tbh, so I don’t blame him.

    • Antzboogie

      The Jailbreak Community has good people as well. I dont understand why people let others get to them. You have to have thick skin at times.

  • Y2J: Keeper of the List

    So if I have a 7+ on 10.2 am I still sol? and should I stay here or update to 10.2.1

    • Iskren Donev

      For a 7/7+ the only good firmwares are 10.1 / 10.1.1. Yalu102 is said to never support the 7/7+.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Stay in 10.2. Lower is always better. Thanks for reading

      • Y2J: Keeper of the List

        That’s what I figured but thought I’d ask to be sure since I haven’t been following the scene very closely recently. Thanks man

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        No worries, sorry I don’t have better news. Keep saving blobs with TSS Saver, and don’t upgrade. This will not help now, but has better chances in the future than always upgrading at every opportunity. Thanks for reading!

    • Kamran Mackey

      Upgrade to 10.3. Seriously. IMO jailbreaking is not worth it anymore. And anyways the only jailbreak that exists on iPhone 7 is for 10.1/10.1.1. So you’re SOL anyways. Just upgrade to 10.3.

      • nova12

        I’ve been jail broken since iOS 3 point something (not as long as many people, but a good amount of time). When I moved from the 6+ to the 7, I obviously lost my jailbreak.

        I decided a couple weeks ago to upgrade past 10.1 — I understood that meant I might never be jailbroken again. I’m now in 10.3. I’ve been without a jailbreak for so long that I’ve stopped missing it and I like knowing I have the most recent version.

        All of that said, I would never tell another person that jailbreaking isn’t worth it. That’s like telling someone lobster is delicious and liver is gross. True for some people, not for others.

      • Kamran Mackey

        It is useless. If it wasn’t why do you think people such as Luca is leaving the jailbreaking community? Because people are so toxic and because jailbreaking is getting to a point where it’s just pointless and not worth it anymore. I jailbroke once, on my iPod touch 5th generation. Never again. Waste of time and effort.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but it does give me cause to wonder why you’re commenting so vociferously if that is what you really think, and what’s more, advising others to follow your opinion.

        By your own admission, you’ve jailbroken once, on an iPod touch. I’m sorry if it wasn’t of use to you, but many people enjoy it and use it for a variety of complex means that perhaps you didn’t.

        Luca is probably leaving due to the harassment he receives from eager jailbreakers. This is lamentable, but why would they be so eager if it were truly pointless? Who hounds someone repeatedly for something that they don’t want or need?


      • Kamran Mackey

        I installed many upon many jailbreak tweaks on my 5th generation iPod touch. It was nice, but I do not plan on doing it again due to the fact that I don’t want to be confined to one version of an operating system just because it has a jailbreak available. I’d rather have a secure and stable OS on my device even if I have to deal with the limitations (which to be fair, aren’t that many anymore) of iOS. That right there is why I’m also not OK with people staying on an older version of iOS. They won’t get better security or new, native, features of iOS, and they’ll still be vulnerable to exploits such as the text message issues (where if you get certain text messages they’ll end up freezing and respringing your device, just watch EverythingApplePro’s various videos regarding the subject).

      • smtp25

        Wait what? You Jailbroke once, and on that basis say its not worth anymore?

      • Kamran Mackey

        Yes, because I’d rather keep my warranty than deal with jailbreaking and having to stay on an outdated version of iOS that’s prone to exploits and/or text messages (if sent to you) that freeze your device (watch EverythingApplePro’s various videos regarding that subject). That, and there aren’t any worthwhile jailbreak tweaks available on iOS 10.x. At least none that I’ve found.

      • Y2J: Keeper of the List

        Not to sound like an ass, but I didn’t ask for opinions on if jailbreaking is worth it or not anymore. I know what I want in a phone.

      • smtp25

        Can I run iTorrent and iFile on unjailbroken iPad?

      • No.

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    When one door closes, more doors open.

    • Rahimo

      I hope so !!

  • Michael

    Older than internet

    • Rahimo


      • Michael

        Yeah Michael is a typical Algerian name

  • SpideyRules

    This confirms my decision to be done with jailbreaking myself. The hassles, the crashes, the effort required….it’s just not worth it anymore…

    (My own opinion)

    • f96lrs

      How do you think he feels

      • SpideyRules

        I don’t know. That’s why I simply stated my own opinion.

    • Wilber Alexander Flores

      Yea I quit jailbreaking my phone. I got a iPad mini 2 on iOS 8 that’s untethered. Don’t need to mess around with my phone

    • Mike M. Powell

      Same left back when iOS 10 was announced and never looked back. Felt that Apple has been adding features that we’ve been wanting for some time now. Can’t wait for iOS 11.

  • Karl Smith

    Why does everything in the jailbreaking community have to be so on a shoe string. A hacker should simply open a kickstarter page or equivalent to allow us to donate and pay for the software to jailbreak. Instead of just giving little hints etc via twitter about something so paramount to iPhone hacking. Frankly they jerk us around because they promise to release things and ‘recommend’ that we stay on a specific firmware and then vanish for months and only return to state they are leaving for good. It all seems pathetic.

    • Simply put: no one wants to commit to a jailbreak. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of work. And everyone who has an interest in it does it for fun once or a few times and then eventually gets sick of it and wants out. It’s daunting work. They don’t necessarily have interest in supporting it and continuing to update it. Especially when Apple goes and patches their hard work in just a couple of days or weeks. Make sense? You might get bored of it too if you were forced to work on it day-in and day-out under these circumstances. Jailbreaks are never guaranteed. Ever.

      • smtp25

        On top of that, after all your hard work, they reward is people complaining about how its unstable/not perfect or not released fast enough. And flat out zero financial return on a considerable amount of effort

      • Karl Smith

        I wouldn’t get bored of it if it was my full time job and clearly there’s still enough desire for a proper jailbreak that people would pay enough for it become a full time job. Then the hackers would be less inclined to leave the scene and jailbreaking wouldn’t take them near as long.

    • SpideyRules

      Such a spoiled, elitist opinion this is. You act like you’re deserved a jailbreak or something. How’s this? YOU go learn how to program and code and work on a jailbreak, and put your own effort into it, THEN come back here and say they ‘jerked’ you around.

      No? Then stop bitching about something that’s not yours to bitch about.

      But thanks, I guess, for affirming exactly the attitude that makes these jailbreakers leave the community…

      • Karl Smith

        We disagree. I offered to pay

      • SpideyRules

        ‘Offering to pay’ doesn’t change anything here. You use phrases like ‘jerk us around’ and ‘it all seems pathetic’ when what’s truly pathetic is believing they owe you ANYthing…

      • Karl Smith

        Well he would if I have as paying and arguably if people were paying he’d be less likely to abandon jail breaking because it would make it worth his time.

      • Karl Smith


      • SpideyRules

        See? Anyone can type stupid words when they have no legitimate retort.

    • Zohar

      You’re the exact reason security researchers don’t want to work on jailbreaks anymore. This community is nothing else than a bunch of entitled kids crying out loud to be able to change their phone’s icons. Despicable to be frank.

      • andrei endriu

        What the hell is wrong with you people . Who the hell care what the community thinks . Hackers giving up because jb community is full of “kids crying ” ?? That’s makes them crying babies too . It’s not like they receive calls and texts with complains or something . Be a man damn it

      • Zohar

        Busting your ass for a community usually means that you care at least a little about the community feedback, especially when said feedback is almost exclusively stupid questions or stupid remarks. But hey, who I am talking to? Harassement on twitter sure doesn’t exist! You just have to BE A MAN!!
        This is fu*king hopeless.

      • Joaquim Barbosa

        I think you both have a point frankly.

        The argument can be made that childish people bothering you is not cause for alarm, just continue your work. However, given that making a jailbreak is not paid, ask yourself: what is the reward? The only real answer is visibility of your skills, community praise, and doing something for a community that you enjoy. If these things are not forthcoming or no longer apply, and every time you use your Twitter you are confronted with people insulting you, it quickly becomes not-worthwhile.

        So yes, in a paid enterprise, childish abuse can and should be ignored in favour of your work. But when the feedback and integration with the community is the only reason for which you work in the first place, not money, the argument is harder to accept. Who works for free in exchange for harassment? Even Saurik has trouble with this.

        Thanks for reading guys!

      • Anonymouse

        Working for free in exchange for harassment doesn’t apply to Saurik. If he’s not a rich man thanks to Jailbreaking then I’ll eat Jamiroquai’s hat! And good on him I say.

      • smtp25

        They do receive complaints .. whiney bitches demanding JB’s and acting like the are owed one

      • Karl Smith

        Or those offering to pay instead of expecting it free

  • Mike

    Only problem is he never finished yalu1011 for 7/7+ users who have been patiently waiting on 10.1.1. It seems as though it has been abandoned and left in an unstable state.

    • Al Fresco

      as an iPhone 7 user, I would have paid up to $100 for a stable, untethered JB on 10.1.1
      If only we could crowdsource it somehow.
      I really wish we could get a carplay app so I could use google maps.

      • Nathan

        Yup. This jailbreak is a mess. Luca should have finished it instead of attention whoring like he does daily.

      • Shinonuke

        You’re one of the reason why he quitted. He doesn’t have to finish anything at all. He doesn’t even have to give it to you for free

      • Nathan

        Stop. He promised he would finish it. He attention-whored this whole time..

      • CynicalOpt1mist

        Since you’re a master of exploits and know he’s just an attention whoring fucker, lets see your exploits Nathan?

        ETA WEN ETA WEN ETA WEN??????!/!?!?!?!?Kejklsdfjgaefijhkbajdfkhp;raltjihjlasdrjghklwr;tjhlkwrjtei;hln.jwrtkph[is;rtiohjsrt

      • Nathan

        You just replied to a thread that is nearly a year old. Do you have anything else better to do than defend this random? Lol

      • wisnu hadisukarno

        He doesn’t owe you a thing. Why should he?

      • Nathan

        Stop. He promised he would finish it. He attention-whored this whole time.

    • mickey

      Mach portal isn’t perfect but it can be fairly stable for some (including me). It would’ve been nice if Luca fixed everything but at least 10.1.1 users have something. Better than 10.0.x users left with nothing.

  • Cerberus The Wise

    Only person we know of who has made a jailbreak in recent memory and he has gone. Jailbreaking really is dying.

  • pnh

    Sorry but this dude caused his own demise. Over the past few years he teased a bunch of stuff that he had developed and never released to the public. I agree that no one is “entitled” to a jailbreak and I for one would be willing to pay for a legit one but some of his antics were like giving the rest of us the middle finger.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      I don’t agree. He never teased anything he said he would release. He often showed work which was not meant for release, that is his job, security research. But on every occasion that he actually said he would make it public, he did. Anything outside that is his to do with as he will, whether we like it or not. Thanks

    • AngryDingo

      Nope. 100% NOPE. He has no obligation to release anything. He can show you a working jailbreak and refuse to share it but a multiple amount of reason.

      The biggest reason is his unreleased jailbreak takes 14 steps and a misstep at any point could possibly brick the iphone. And you know damn well that 80% of them people trying that jailbreak will make a mistake and brick their iphone. Guess who they’ll blame?

      It’s this attitude that drove him away.

  • David Gow

    I appreciate all the hard work. THank you

  • Honestly, I really don’t blame him.
    Bitchy people had bitched about him and given him grief for not releasing his work and when he finally does, they still give him grief for various bugs.

    Many of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re disgraceful.

    • Mike M. Powell

      I don’t think they understand it’s only 1 person, let alone a kid. I applaud him for being this smart in the field. He easily could’ve sold many expolits to Apple for a couple grands.

  • nonchalont

    Jailbreaking is not dead. It’s a great benefit to our idevices. I enjoy the removal of ads (Main reason I jailbreak) along with minor tweaks here and there. I like apps from the jailbreak community without having to sideload and the certificate expires, and I have to keep sideloading. ….if jailbreaking is dead, then android will win a lot of iphone users who jailbreak. A jailbroken iphone is greater than android. Android is greater than a stock iphone (in my opinion). Rooting an Android is much simpler than iphone. Plus you can easily sideload apps on Android without having a certificate that expires.

    • jakeopp

      It may not be dead but it seems like it’s on life support anyways. Apple has been getting better and better at preventing this, it’s not as easy & convenient as it once was & honestly I have no desire to do it anymore. We haven’t seen a truly untethered jailbreak in forever now.

    • slimsal

      what jailbreak tweak do you use to remove ads?

  • Iskren Donev

    In light of these sad, sad news, what do you reckon is the best thing to do if you have an iPhone 7/7 Plus and you are on a jailbreakable firmware? Should one jailbreak and install an unofficial Substrate fix or should we still wait and hope for a complete jailbreak?

    • Don’t. I’ve tried that out and it’s VERY unstable. Wait for a complete jailbreak or upgrade to 10.2.1 while you can.

      • mickey

        Fairly stable here on 10.1.1 7+. It takes some fiddling around and the right combination of tweaks. There were days I would see a crash every few hours but that was with all the tweaks I wanted installed. Better to start off slow and test stability over time (days not hours). Of course there are some people that claim instability without any tweaks installed. All I can say is research and give it a try if you’re willing. Worth a shot if you are thinking of upgrading anyway.

        Substrate fix by r3st1tou on Reddit (has daemon fixes over the standard fix).
        Cydiarespringfix by gmoran

      • Iskren Donev

        Thanks a bunch! I’ll try those out!

      • Link to the fixes?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Do not upgrade to iOS 10.2.1. Even if you don’t use Yalu on 10.1.1, do not upgrade. A lower firmware is always better for jailbreaking, and Luca repeated this advice even when saying he was leaving. You can try out yalu1011 with the Substrate fix. Some people love it, some say it’s unstable. But even if you don’t and you wait around, upgrading is not the way to go if you care about jailbreaking at all. Thanks for reading!

    • Dunamis

      I’ve jailbreaked my Iphone 7 on 10.1.1 with substrate fix and all runs great. Installed a few tweaks and alls good.

  • MMA Rules

    I haven’t jailbreak since my 6s, I was one of those that was impatiently waiting when there was a new jailbreak, i loved it. Then the wait for the last jailbreak made me loose interest, even My Ipad is on 10.2 and I haven’t done it yet!

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      Yalu102 is very stable now, I’d recommend trying it out if you like. Cheers!

  • Lloyd Bentley

    Thank you, Luca. Grazie Molto!

  • “For now, those of us who have one can continue to enjoy our iOS 10 jailbreaks thanks to his work”… except for people like me who has a iPhone 7 Plus, thus the only jailbreak available is yalu1011, an unstable, glitchy mess that Todesco has been holding off in stabilizing and completing since January.

    I’ve used the beta version during January, but I’ve left it off afterwards in hopes of a completed version to be released. Now that Todesco quit, I’m upgrading to 10.2.1. He was a great hacker, but how he handled yalu could’ve been MUCH better.

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    Replaced my jailbroken 6S for a unjailbreakable iPhone 7 iOS 10.2. Can Prometheus at least travel to the past and undo this?!

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      No way I’m afraid. You need blobs for iOS 10.1.1 for that. Stay on 10.2 and save blobs from now on…

  • Rahimo

    Thank you Luka ! you made my 6+ looks and feels better 🙂 You will be missed! and I think you are the last iOS jailbreaker in history of iOS jailbreaking! thanks again .. really

  • Adriano França

    Let’s be honest, he was never on the jailbreak scene.He made a jailbreak and we have to be grateful for his work but I never expected more from him. He could have release other iOS jailbreak, but he never did. So what made you think it would different now.He had launch a tool for an public exploit, never on it’s on researches.

  • Jerry

    I’m on 10.1.1 iPhone 7 plus can I use Yalu?

    • Dunamis

      I’m on iPhone 7, not the plus though. On 10.1.1 and so far its been great. I’m most certain the plus is supported aswell.

      • Jerry

        Will check it out thank you!

      • I don’t recommend it. Yalu1011 is VERY unstable on my 7 Plus. Like, crashing at random times and having to use a substrate fix which Todesco LITERALLY SAID NOT TO unstable. Use at your own risk.

  • Dunamis

    He’s probably been bought by Apple. That’s all apple has seem to be doing now, waiting for someone to show there skills and apple are buying them. If your getting offers that you cannot afford to turn down, then who’s going to say no. I doubt anyone really. We need a hardcore jailbreaking team who hate apple and would never take any offers from them. Ha! “wishful thinking”. Thanks for what you did with Yalu102, gutted you didn’t add iPhone 7 support for yalu102 like you said you was, but im grateful all the same.

    • Nathan

      Well yeah. It was said in a Forbes article that he is apart of their bug bounty program.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Thanks all you stupid jailbreakers… cause another good one to leave. Idiots

  • AngryDingo

    I swear I hate some jailbreakers. Hate them. They do no work on the jailbreak, pay no money for the jailbreak, feel entitled to the jailbreak RIGHT NOW, and they harass everyone who is working on said jailbreak.

    Hate them.

    • Anonymouse

      That’s what makes AngryDingo angry! That and Lindy Chamberlain blaming a dingo for taking her baby

  • Tony Pop

    Is there a stable jailbreak for ios 10.0.2 ? If yes, can anyone give me a link from where to download the tool ? What i’ve found didn’t worked till now and I’m new with all this stuff. Ty in advance.

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      You can try Luca’s yalu1011 tool, but you will need a substrate fix for it. Search jailbreak Reddit for info on the fix. Yalu1011 is at beta 3 and can be found at Remember, you’ll need to do some reading to learn about how to use it, how to enable substrate, and how to keep it stable. Don’t rush. Good luck!

      • I don’t recommend it. Yalu1011 is VERY unstable on my 7 Plus. Like, crashing at random times and having to use a substrate fix which Todesco LITERALLY SAID NOT TO unstable.

  • demolitionny

    RIP jailbreaking

  • White Michael Jackson

    Damn im still on ios 9.0.2. And not going anywhere.

  • Steve Harold

    Luca may come back we don’t know. I have stormed out of work before I quit only to come back apologize and continue working. He probably just got really frustrated that the bad jailbreakers harassed him and made him go off the deep end. Luca if you read this, please come back for us who care and respect you. Just dump Twitter and don’t read what everyone says. Just do what you want to do and ignore the haters. Don’t let the actions of a few ruin you.

    • Chris Wagers

      He never really wanted to release public jailbreaks anyway. When he does some people act like they aren’t grateful and besides that it’s work (from what I’ve heard) putting it all together. Just my 2 cents. I agree with jakeopp it might not be dead but it pretty much is. It has helped Apple in terms of development though and that’s a good thing. But along with Luca I’m done as well. Not developing jailbreaks but using them.

  • cd d

    Jailbreaking is fun , I’m an old dude that finds every computer thing fun 🙂

  • cd d

    20 years ago I was 24 years old 🙂

  • Derrick Tyson

    I believe Apple was the reason Luca walked away from jailbreaking. With every iOS update, jailbreaking just got harder to accomplish. Wondering why we haven’t seen an untethered jailbreak? It’s because of all Apple’s iOS updates coming seeming back to back. A never ending cycle of trying to create a jailbreak. I stopped jailbreaking long ago. It’s not worth it anymore in my opinion.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Wish i was still on iOS 8, my iPhone was a perfect jailbroken iPhone back then.

    • Mariano Martinez

      I am on 8.4 jailbreak. I hear this is the best jailbreak but i have apps that cannot upgrade because its update is for 9 or 10 ios. Is there any way to bypass that tequirement being on 8.4 jailbreak? Another question, is there any way to restore a 8.4 jailbreak so as it to run fresher? Thanks

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        Yes you can indeed use semi-restore tool to restore your firmware without loosing the jailbreak or use the cydia app ‘CydiaEraser’. Both works kinda same, i personally prefer CydiaEraser.

        And for the other question, no you need to update iOS to run the iOS 9and iOS 10 apps.
        But don’t update, i miss iOS 8.4.

      • Mariano Martinez

        thanks for your replay. There are so much apps which only can update having newer ios, i thought i was very old on firmware but i will keep ios 8.4 as your recomendation but will try to clean it as i see it a little slow compared to when i did the jailbreak. What are ther differences between cydia eraser and semi-restore? i read somewhere that semi restore is more easier

  • Seeing all of these comments talking about jailbreakers being horrible, disgraceful, stupid little twats makes me feel horrible and responsible. Does me tweeting at Luca asking if yalu102 would be patched to support the iPhone 7 Plus on 10.1.1 or if yalu1011 would be updated make me a terrible person? Does me patiently waiting for a updated yalu1011 only for Luca to quit make me a terrible person? Does me saying that the release of yalu was terribly executed make me a terrible person?

    Does being a jailbreaker make me a terrible person? Like how the media portrays gamers as horrible sexist people? Is it all hopeless? I want an answer, because this makes me want to hurt myself (seriously).

    • Anonymouse

      First rule in life, ‘don’t believe everything you read in the media’. Hence why the term ‘fake news’ exists.
      Second rule in life, ‘don’t believe every comment you read in the media’.
      Third rule in life, ‘don’t have a dorky windows avatar and expect people to believe you’re an ios patriot’. 🙂

      • Yeah, but it still makes me feel conflicted about this scene. It seems like this community filled with people who just call people names, either “crybaby”, “disgraceful”, “bitchy”, etc. from BOTH sides of this argument. And in the middle of all of this is people like me who just want a jailbreak, even if we need to wait a while. And those people seem to be the ones saying that jailbreaking is dead.

    • AngryDingo

      “Does me tweeting at Luca asking if yalu102 would be patched to support the iPhone 7 Plus on 10.1.1 or if yalu1011 would be updated make me a terrible person? Does me patiently waiting for a updated yalu1011 only for Luca to quit make me a terrible person?”

      If you asked him only once, then no. Anyway, what makes you think people were talking about you? If someone complained about a rash of shoplifting in your local market, if you haven’t shoplifted, why would you think they were talking about you?

      “Does me saying that the release of yalu was terribly executed make me a terrible person?”

      Not a terrible person, but I’m betting it shows an ignorance because you have no idea what it took to get to the release nor how it really could have gone better? It could have been the best way possible to release it for a variety of reasons.

      • I did only ask him once about the iPhone 7 10.1.1 thing. I didn’t get an response. After that, I patiently waited for an update. About the terrible execution thing, I can guess what Luca must’ve went through with this. He was basically a noob in actually releasing a jailbreak. I just think that doing a closed beta with only top tier jailbreak developers allowed before it became stable would’ve been better (he does have enough connections to do so, like how winocm did it with p0sixspwn (at least, that’s what I’m guessing, as she did provide Jeff a version of it a few months before release)). He’s a great hacker, but he did not have the experience that geohot or the evad3rs had in releasing a tool.

        I wish Luca the best of luck in the future. And who knows, both versions of yalu was released under WTFPL, so maybe someone else could create a unified, stable version. Plus, I’m hoping that the jailbreaking community could reunite, because it’s just sad to see it become THIS polarized over the years. But, if this community remains divided, then, to quote the Doors, “This is the end, my only friend, the end.”

  • Yiawhui Loi

    Does it means that ios10.2 jb will not make it out of beta?

    • Joaquim Barbosa

      It’s fine to use now, there would be nothing added out of beta except a Mixtape Player anyway. It’s finished and stable.

  • Joaquim Barbosa

    You don’t want to just use the beta Yalu1011? Some people find it stable enough, others complain. You could give it a go I guess…

  • Tiago Duarte

    My Iphone6 is still running iOS 8.1.1 What did I miss? nothing…All Apple has improved so far is about 40% of what I already have since then. When a solid JB comes I’ll update. If it doesn’t there is no real problem.

  • Citizen Z

    Hi, im new to the whole jailbreaking world since i just switched to iOS. I was one of the jailbreakers on android who would just manually root the android kernel. Now i was too lazy to do this on iOS because all their files are encrypted. But i have been reading on luca todescos facebook posts and the bug he was using was the KPP bypass flaw.Now i would like to let you know he turned his back on ios jailbreak but he jusy recently tweeted that he has found a jailbreak for sonys PS4. i will try to contact him and get the method of jailbreaking ios 10.3.3 and hopefully release a tool on the deep web when its finished. right now i think the only way anyone could jailbreak ios 10.3.3 is by sitting still on a laptop watching ios system log move and react to the different actions the user decides to do. I will ry my very best to do the above but until then i cannot certify that a jailbreak will be released