Apple has acquired the powerful automation app Workflow, reports TechCrunch. The outlet received a statement from the developers, as well as Apple, confirming the deal, but the financial details are not yet known.

For those who aren’t familiar with the app, Workflow is similar to the popular IFTTT service in that it allows you to create custom recipes to perform complex tasks. The app was designed by former jailbreak developers.

Here’s a statement from Workflow’s Ari Weinstein:

“We are thrilled to be joining Apple. We’ve worked closely with Apple from the very beginning, from kickstarting our company as students attending WWDC to developing and launching Workflow and seeing its amazing success on the App Store. We can’t wait to take our work to the next level at Apple and contribute to products that touch people across the world.”

And here is Apple’s comment:

“The Workflow app was selected for an Apple Design Award in 2015 because of its outstanding use of iOS accessibility features, in particular an outstanding implementation for VoiceOver with clearly labeled items, thoughtful hints, and drag/drop announcements, making the app usable and quickly accessible to those who are blind or low-vision.”

TechCrunch says the deal was finalized today, and both the app and the small team will be joining Apple. While the company tends to shutdown acquired apps, Workflow will remain active and even go free later today.

Source: TechCrunch

  • So can we assume that iOS 11 will have new automation functions built in.. those automations could maybe sync to macOS 11 (yeah hoping they call it that)..

    • I would definitely not assume that.

      As a matter of fact, I am wondering what Apple will do with not only the app, but the team behind it.

      • you never know.. of course they will somehow merge the assets of Workflow into iOS.. allow developers to call for actions through WorkflowKit or something… maybe home kit automation.. “when I get home, open TV, turn on living room lights, turn heat on, play my favourite Apple Music track..”

      • AMB_07

        That IS the real worry, people rarely think about the team behind the apps.



  • ericesque

    I’m going to take a minute to be wildly over optimistic and imagine Workflow with even tighter OS integration. I have many scripts that should be completely automated, but due to OS restrictions, require an extra tap or two on my part (see: sending a text message requires me to manually tap send after Workflow drops me into Messages). It’ll never happen, but dreaming just feels good sometimes.

  • Chang in Charge

    Some of the actions that are used to compose automations have already been disabled, i.e. google street view actions, google maps actions, uber actions. This being my favorite app for the last two years it really felt like this was going to happen sooner or later. This app was way to innovative for this team to not get acquired eventually. Hopefully this level of automation makes its way into iOS. Not counting on it though.

    • Rowan09

      If Apple acquire them that’s the plan. Just like they added train directions after acquiring 2 companies, I would expect the same.

  • Tdt

    Could it be the beginning of a new integration in iOS? What I’d want (or someone’d want) is the possibility that Apple could open its OS to new functionalities without the Jailbreak… Is that an “utopia”?

  • Jamessmooth

    It always seemed like a company Apple may buy. Personally I’m not a fan, but with Apple getting a hold of them, I’m excited.