We heard before that Apple might integrate augmented reality features into iPhone 8’s Camera app and now KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has provided fresh details about a “revolutionary” front-facing camera system that will “bring an innovative user experience” to Apple’s first OLED iPhone.

In a note to clients, obtained by AppleInsider, the analyst writes that a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving sensors on the FaceTime camera will help the next iPhone provide features ranging from 3D sensing and modeling to advanced biometric authentication combining facial scanning and Touch ID fingerprint recognition.

Apple’s proprietary system will use technology from Israeli 3D sensor startup PrimeSense, which the iPhone maker acquired in November 2013. As a reminder, PrimeSense helped develop the original Microsoft Kinect technology.

PrimeSense technology will bring depth and location detection to the next iPhone’s FaceTime camera as its sensors were designed to detect the invisible infrared light signals reflected from objects.

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The new FaceTime camera will be supplied by Sony while iPhone manufacturer Foxconn and its subsidiary Sharp will provide the infrared receiver with a 1.4-megapixel resolution, Kuo has it on good authority.

Those components will allow for a range of features that are currently impossible on iPhone’s existing FaceTime camera that lacks the hardware to support depth sensing.

For starters, you’ll be able to take a 3D selfie which could be used in augmented reality or replace the head of a character with that of a user in a new wave of 3D games, presumably using new APIs that will support said capabilities.

Other potential applications include the rumored two-step biometric verification system based on facial and/or iris recognition that Kuo predicts to be used in conjunction with the traditional Touch ID fingerprint scanning, not replace it completely.

The analyst speculates that Apple’s bespoke infrared transmitter will be based on vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser technology from Lumentum. The new FaceTime camera should help improve the quality of 2D photographs and selfies, too.

As such, Kuo speculates, the tech will make its way into future iPhones as a potential replacement for the somewhat bulky dual-lens camera on iPhone 7 Plus.

The analyst is adamant that Apple will have at least a two-year head start in 3D sensing over Android handsets because its proprietary technology is reportedly very advanced.

“Future iPhones may come with a similar system for the rear camera,” he noted.

What do you make of all this, guys?

Source: AppleInsider

  • Tayo

    meanwhile we can’t even get 3 way facetime calling

    • John

      That sounds a bit kinky. 😉

      • diggitydang


    • igorsky

      Meanwhile, your needs/priorities aren’t everybody’s needs/priorities.

      • Neither are gimmick front camera AR additions. This is for kids and upcoming techies, not for long term users. But Apple seems to have gotten completely away from long time users and just goes for the quick gimmick these days. I’ve seen zero reason so far to purchase iPhone 8 based on all the rumors. Their track record has shown they are not supporting their hardware with proper software updates. So when someone says multi-user facetime calling, that’s a prime example of something that should be included which would help a lot of long time users. Same with 3D touch.. or how about watch faces and proper customization of complications on the Apple Watch.. none of which have been updated properly. Portrait mode on the 7+, still not working as advertised either. Apple needs to take a step back and get back to software, hardware means nothing at this point except to toss in a new gimmick to keep the instant cash coming in.

      • Can you please tell us more about “gimmick” AR additions to iPhone 8? I’m definitely eager to learn more about that as you seem to have seen it in person. Why else would you conclude that augmented reality on iPhone 8 would be gimmicky, sight unseen?

      • burge

        But you could say that multi-user FaceTime calling is gimmicky. Just because it might not be what you want doesn’t mean it’s a gimmick. After all Apple designed a phone that could do more than call/text. Everything else that came with it and added by updates and new devices could be called a gimmick by your reasoning.

      • That’s what I just said, you guys aren’t reading what I wrote correctly.

      • burge

        That’s not what your implying with this

        “Neither are gimmick front camera AR additions. This is for kids and upcoming techies, not for long term users. But Apple seems to have gotten completely away from long time users and just goes for the quick gimmick these days etc etc etc”

      • Rowan09

        I would disagree because the iPhone 7/7+ is the most powerful smartphone on the market hardware wise. Since Apple is competing with the hundreds of other smartphones they can’t just neglect these features as well.

    • Michael Sweeney

      Or conference FaceTime.

      • Rowan09

        I guess Apple isn’t looking to enter into enterprise with FaceTime or doesn’t see the reason. I won’t be surprise if IOS 11 give us this feature.

      • Michael Sweeney

        That would be nice to think apple would do something like that, but iOS 11 is too close. Looking at apples trends, they make incremental updates, so I strongly believe that that feature wouldn’t be in iOS 11. A jailbreak tweak; maybe, but stock, no.

      • Rowan09

        That would be an incremental update and IOS 10 was a big update not incremental like you make it seem.

  • Daniel Amir

    That KGI analyst knows more things about the iPhone 8 than the people making the iPhone 8.

  • Jamessmooth

    I am VERY excited about this phone!

  • Matt

    Everyone one in the comments needs to chill out, the only thing confirmed for iOS 11 is conference FaceTime calling

    • burge

      Nothing is confirmed yet Apple haven’t said boo to goose except it will probably be called iOS 11 and that’s only based on what previous versions have been called.

      • Matt

        Transcribed voicemails were the first rumor of iOS 10, which came true. Mark my words, if nothing else, the next major software release will have this

      • burge

        The word “rumour” has a totally different meaning to the word “confirmed”.

        Nothing has been confirmed and what your reading is all rumour.

  • nonchalont

    GOOOOOOO SAMSUNG!!!!! …please just don’t “blow” it.