tvOS 10 Dark Mode Apple TV screenshot 001

Dark Mode has come to your Apple TV courtesy of the new tvOS 10 software. Indeed, Dark Mode makes sense on big screen TVs as it adjusts the appearance of backgrounds and menus throughout the user interface to make movie posters, icons and other information easier to read at night.

It’s a great enhancement, particularly for those people who may prefer a darker background to fit a home theater environment or darker rooms over the bright and fresh Apple TV interface. Here’s how you can quickly toggle between tvOS 10’s default Light appearance and the new Dark Mode.

You can select a dark background for your Apple TV in two different ways.

How to enable Dark Mode in Settings

1) Go to Settings → General → Appearance and select a new Dark option to change the appearance of backgrounds and menus to a much darker color scheme.

tvOS 10 Settings Dark Mode Apple TV screenshot 001

To revert to tvOS’s default appearance, select the Light option instead.

tvOS 10 Settings Light Mode Apple TV screenshot 001

Alternatively, ask Siri to enable Dark or Light mode.

How to enable Dark Mode through Siri

1) Press the Siri Remote’s Siri button and say, “Enable Dark Mode”, or just “Dark Mode”.

tvOS 10 beta 3 Siri enable dark mode Apple TV screenshot 002

To switch back to tvOS’s default bright interface, invoke Siri and say “Light Mode”.

tvOS 10 Siri Light Mode Apple TV screenshot 001

I definitely prefer the Siri option versus having to poke around Settings.

Hands-on with Dark Mode on tvOS 10

Here’s a hands-on video about Dark Mode that my colleague Andrew put together shortly after a developer-only preview of tvOS 10 released back in the summer.

Are you excited for Dark Mode in tvOS 10?

I think it’s pretty cool and have it enabled on my Apple TV at night as I prefer not to be starring at tvOS’s bright user interface when sitting on my couch in a dark room.

  • Y2J

    If they’d give us a dark mode on iOS I’d already have updated man

    • Xee

      Exactly where is iOS dark mode!!!???

  • nova voter

    tvOS dark mode looks so great. stupid minor cosmetic thing, but I love it.

  • raulortiz318

    Looks great.

    But why is there no “Auto” setting. Light for daytime, Dark for night?

    • Techsticles

      Auto would be best but at the very least a quicker way to switch.

      I press “Menu” three times to activate what’s basically Night Shift. Why can’t I change to Dark Mode? Guess that’s version 11.