Apple Watch start workout

A second generation Apple Watch is rumored to embed not only cellular connection for network connectivity without its paired iPhone, but also a dedicated GPS for accurate workout logging without the need to carry the handset. That’s assuming you believe a sketchy report published this morning by 9to5Mac and credited to an anonymous source with unproven track record.

The same source also said that the Workout app on the Apple Watch 2 would gain the ability to track swimming.

Assuming this is true, the ability to track swimming might suggest a much higher level of waterproofing in the next Apple Watch.

“This was an anonymous source with absolutely no track record, so could be complete BS, but their IP address is at least located near Apple HQ and it came with some seemingly reliable info, so we’re going to put it out there,” cautions the report.

The current Apple Watch is splash and water resistant, but not fully waterproof.

9to5Mac also corroborated an updated story this morning from the reliable Japanese blog Mac Otakara saying the iPhone 7 would in fact come in a Space Black colorway resembling the Space Black Apple Watch, not in Deep Blue as originally claimed.

As for the iPhone 7’s rumored digital Home button which supposedly sits flush with the front plate, 9to5Mac has learned that the non-moving button “will feature haptic feedback to simulate a click, using the same approach as Force Touch.”

Source: 9to5Mac

  • John Smith

    How about that battery life…

    • Mike M. Powell

      Mine is fantastic, takes 2-3 days to fully die off “normal” usage

  • pnh

    “That’s assuming you believe a sketchy report published this morning by 9to5Mac and credited to an anonymous source with unproven track record”.

    But you made an entire story out of it?

  • Anonymous

    I know there is no evidence to support the claim, however, both these features i had assumed would come in the next apple watch. If they prove true, I personally feel i made the right choice by spending more money on the frist gen, in hopes for the second gen to be for works. Currently i use my apple watch for running and biking, but i wont swim with it. So this is good news for me…. It just shows those features are desired at a minimum.

    • Impreza

      So you’re the source it seems. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Hahahaha, boii oh boii you sure got a brain!!!

  • jalexcarter

    What are some good waterproof cases for the apple watch? all i’ve mostly come across is the catalyst, it has some pretty good reviews. any other options out there???

    • Anonymous

      Dont get the catayst… Works good… But the case will break if you take it off and on frequently.

    • ray robinson

      no need for a case… i’ve swam with mines from day, no issue.

  • Gabriel Anaya

    What I really want for the second gen Apple Watch is better battery and more powerful perfomance. If they do come out with a GPS supported model, I hope they also make a non-GPS model. I don’t mind having my phone on me all the time anyway and I don’t need the price to increase along with a bigger bill every month to keep that thing connected.

  • Kyle McNulty – Mclovin341

    I hope to God Apple don’t add a camera into the watch. love wearing it to work and won’t be allowed if it has a camera (due to working in a bank)

    • Gregg

      Solution: keep the one you have.