Tweaks of the week

Despite Cydia’s dry spell, which is due to the lack of a jailbreak on the latest iOS firmware, jailbreakers are remaining diligent and Cydia continues to kick with new releases.

In a recent poll, about one quarter of our readers said they would not upgrade to iOS 9.3 until there was a jailbreak. For those that are continuing to go on with their jailbreak, we’ll continue to have coverage of the best releases.

In this roundup, we’ll go over the best jailbreak tweak releases to hit Cydia this week!

As always, we will begin our roundup by showing you what our favorite releases this week were. Then, we’ll outline the rest of this week’s releases. Without further ado, here’s what this week had to bring for jailbreakers:

Our favorite releases this week

Palert – $0.99

Palert tvOS inspired alert UI for iOS

One of our favorite releases to hit Cydia this week is Palert, which ports tvOS-inspired alerts to the iOS platform.

Palert is a great because it works so universally among all kinds of alert-styled notifications. Whether they’re text entry alerts, AirDrop alerts, or notification alerts, Palert will mask them to have a tvOS-esque style to them.

This is one of the first pioneering tweaks we’ve seen that brings a flavor of tvOS to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, so if you’re daring enough to try it, you may want to learn more about the tweak from our full review and demo video first.

Exsto – $0.99

Exsto is a really cool release that changes the way you interact with apps from your Home screen folders on your iPhone.

Instead of having to tap on the folder icon and then page through all the different pages in that folder, Exsto makes it so you can tap and hold on the folder icon and a radial app view launches where you can immediately open any app from the interface.

Just drag your finger over to the app you want to launch, and release your finger, and the app will open.

For more information about Exsto, the way it handles notifications, and how to configure it, be sure to check out our full review!

Other releases this week

CopyBundleID: Makes it super easy for you to copy the Bundle ID of an app (free – review)

IfFound3 (iOS 9 & 8): Makes it easier for a good Samaritan to get your phone back to you ($0.99 – reviewvideo)

miniTime: Lets you shrink and customize the Lock screen’s date and time (free – review)

WAQuote: Enables the quote feature in WhatsApp betas (free)

WAQuoteMessage: Another tweak that enables the quote feature in WhatsApp (free)

WhatsApp Reminder: A tweak that schedules reminders for WhatsApp (free)

That wraps it up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup, but if you’re itching for more, you can also check out last week’s roundup to see if you’ve missed anything important.

What were your favorite jailbreak tweak releases this week? Share in the comments!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Apple should implement TV OS notifications to IOS as well, because Palert looks really awesome and native!

  • Timothy

    Palert is honestly the most perfect style-changing tweak I have ever installed. It’s gorgeous and I haven’t encountered any bugs. 10/10.

    • Agreed, awesome interface and does not hog memory.

      • Darshan

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      • She’s been fighting for this cause since 2010, if Im not mistaken. Therefore the ‘intent’ argument is nullified.

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      • Darshan

        Intolerant debate was political for sure and nothing wrong in it except they tried portraying whole country as intolerant. Atleast in case of bhumata brigade I am not sure. It was never reported before.

        P.S. Whole anna’s movement was political even if he wasn’t politically involvement. He was used as pawn by others. Same could be applicable for this brigade.