Auxo Legacy Edition Hero

Good news for those of you who are fans of Auxo—Auxo Legacy Edition, the jailbreak tweak created via a collaboration of Ryan Petrich and Sentry, has been updated for iOS 9. As you might remember, Auxo LE was a release that was built in the image of the original version of Auxo, which was a legendary jailbreak tweak that brought a new multitasking interface to iOS.

No new features can be expected with this latest update, but if you’re running an iOS 9 jailbreak, you’ll be happy to hear that Auxo LE should play nice with your jailbroken iPhone.

If you’re new to Auxo, then just know that it’s one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks to ever launch on Cydia. Auxo Legacy Edition was made as a direct follow-up to the original, but it does incorporate some of the things learned from Auxo 2 and its sequel, Auxo 3.

To learn more about Auxo Legacy Edition, be sure to read our full review.

Auxo LE is available for $1.99 if you’re completely new to Auxo. If you own either Auxo 2 or Auxo 3, then Legacy Edition can be had for an upgrade price of only $0.99.

Have you installed Auxo LE on your iOS 9 device? If so, what’s your experience been like thus far?

  • AngryDingo

    Auxo legacy was nice when it came out, but Seng & Lylac have surpassed it.

    • Diego

      Yes, Seng is much better, I can’t get used to Auxo Legacy.
      Still waiting for Seng get update to iOS 9.

      I don’t know this Lylac, it is good? Same as Seng?

      • iPhoneWINS


      • Diego

        I’ve installed Lylac, but after that my phone got very hot, and consuming a lot of battery.
        I unninstall and the problem go away.
        I don’t know if Lylac is in conflict with another tweak.

  • Blip dude

    Nope, iPhone 6S Plus still on iOS 9.2, and from the looks of it, no iPad support (still??)

  • James Bond

    Everything that is changed is nothing. CC Quick Pro is better. I need features like go to home and lock device.

  • Kurolow1000

    frowny pants problem…cant buy this cool tweak…how to fix this problem??

    • theapple99

      What do you mean by that?

      • Kurolow1000

        it was cydia’s problem after i want to make payment through paypal in cydia…

      • theapple99

        Cydia some times runs into bugs like that.

      • theapple99

        Have you tried rebooting your device?

      • Kurolow1000

        hundreds times…already contact saurik, but he didnt replied…idk how to outcome this issue…

      • theapple99

        Saurik replied about this issue to another person he said

        That error comes directly from PayPal: I can assure you that tons of payments are going through without issue; maybe your sister also uses the same bank or something? You might need to talk to PayPal and or your bank.

  • Dale

    I like the try before you buy theory cause it toke out springtomizer 3. actually took out everything. I was interested cause save button pushing…. on my 6S+

  • locomambo

    i have been using auxo since its beginnings and i can say i am a fan..but some stuff still missing like why i cant go to home screen without pressing the home button defeating the purpose of swiping to go home instead of viewing the app switcher and i know it just came out but that was one of the main points of having a switcher tweak like tage

    • kokeropie

      Agree. Right now Auxo doesn’t compatible with Tage, so I have to uninstall it and wait for the next update. Or Tage update to compatible with Auxo. Both tweaks work like a charm for iOS 8.

  • Hak

    Use a VPN

  • I’ve been impatiently waiting to update 🙂

  • Sleetui

    When an app is updating and pressing on it on Auxo’s Switcher glitches the phone like crazy. Also, overall stability improvements are needed.

  • Does it Matter?

    There is an issue… Some of the apps remain in the switcher even after they are closed (using close all). Settings is one such app that stays open. Anyone else seen this?

    • Micahdebick

      Yes, it is driving me crazy. I emailed them outlining my issue, but no reply.
      I’m going to be forced to uninstall it..

      • Does it Matter?

        Don’t bother mailing them you’ll never get a response. And I don’t know what’s kept you from not removing it. Lylac with all its fault functions way better than ALE.

      • Micahdebick

        Ive realized that recently…
        I had to remove it. the bugs and glitches just got to be way too much. it did more than just apps remaining in my switcher it screwed with my entire backgrounding and appswitcher. it was too much. I had to get rid of it.
        Ive tried lylac, but wasnt overly crazy about it.. imma hold off til Seng updates…
        I just wish I hadnt paid for Auxo. if was was going to throw $1 away, I would have at least thrown it to a homeless guy who needed it more than these devs.

      • Does it Matter?

        Completely agree with you there. I think the repos/Saurik should be more proactive and remove the tweaks that aren’t being updated for a long time and also the ones that are super buggy like this one. Tage is a great tweak but I don’t like the app switcher part, it’s missing some essential features that should be part of any app switcher. Hoping seng or vertex get updated soon.

  • Alexander Figueroa

    After installing this tweak, all my other tweaks are not working ?!

  • Does it Matter?

    This tweak needs a lot of work to make it usable. Given the time it has taken to be called iOS9 compatible, its anyone’s guess when we will have a stable version. Its so frustrating when you have to wait so long for your fav tweaks

  • Luis Carvalho

    I don’t understand way Apple don’t hire them to work in development of the new iOS! That would be nice to have those opinions in the iOs. I know they want to have a simple and universal os system where everybody have kind the same opinion, but I don’t understand way they don’t let us all have options like this app offers. They could even let user opt to this kind of think like the keyboard. You can have the 3th party software you want to use in your phone. cheers and sorry if i’m righting a stupid thing.

  • Micahdebick

    I’ve been having all kinds of issues with my phone since installing. It seems to glitch out my entire app switcher. When I close certain apps, they still appear in the switcher, I have random apps open in app switcher, and I have blank apps in the Auxo app tray. I reached out to A3, but no reply.
    I love their work, but they are so lazy: never updating their tweaks, terrible with support. I’m getting sick of this kind of “support” from them.