Epicenter Passcode

Finding the stock iOS passcode interface to be a bit boring? If so, then keep your eyes peeled for Epicentre, an upcoming jailbreak tweak that adds a gorgeous new interface to the passcode Lock screen.

Epicenter replaces the stock passcode interface with a beautifully animated setup that looks like it was inspired by a traditional rotary phone. It features a preference panel with several options for customizing the look and security of the passcode entry interface. Watch our full video preview to see how.

Once you install Epicenter, you’ll need to set a passcode to begin using it. After doing so, you’ll see the new passcode interface on the Lock screen.

Users have two options for inputting passcodes—by tapping on each number, or by dragging the numbers to the center of the interface. Once a correct passcode is entered, the center button turns green to indicate a valid entry; it’ll turn red on bad passcode entries.

Epicenter contains a handful of options to customize the look and feel of the tweak. First and foremost there is an overall kill switch for quickly enabling or disabling Epicenter.

Two sliders exists inside the tweak’s preferences for changing the size of the buttons and for changing the corner radius. You can adjust the corner radius to make the buttons more square or round.

Epicenter prefs

You’ll also find an option in the settings for scrambling the number positions and for using the same button locations even if the numbers are scrambled. These are good options to consider to prevent people from peering over your shoulder and stealing your passcode.

My favorite part about Epicentre, besides its clean looking interface, are its animations. The animations are really well done, and add character to the tweak. Watch the video and have a look.

Epicenter has already been submitted to the BigBoss repo and thus will be available soon on Cydia for $1.00. In the meantime, sound off in the comments and let me know what you think about it.

  • Steven Bravo

    What is the lock screen wallpaper?

    • TotallySerious

      search up iphone wallpaper eiffel tower raindrops, it should be the first one

      • Steven Bravo


      • TotallySerious

        you’re welcome!

  • mariocampie17

    Hello, Can someone tell me what stacksocial is and if it can be trusted? and how it’s related to iDB if it is?

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Lots of spam. Completely trustable and a huge company that I have bought from. Just be careful with spam.

      • mariocampie17

        Thank you

    • iDB is just an affiliate from that site, everything that iDB sells comes from that website, very trustable, I have bought many things from there too

  • Looks really nice the animations and all but i don’t know if it would sell for someone who uses touch id a lot. Great tweak though

  • blu

    I like lockscreen changers, but with touch ID, just not needed for me, especially for $1.
    I do wish Apple would enable the scramble numbers option, my kids are not careful who is watching them at school and are always having to change their passcodes.

  • So do I chop my thumbs off after getting this tweak? Why would I bypass the fingerprint sensor?

  • Hmm, i restart my iphone once a month and use the fingerprint sensor to unlock my phone, so this ist pretty but pretty useless – for me

  • CA3SAR

    I like the hidden placement of numbers, is there a tweak just for that on our stock lock option?

  • Seems really inconvenient. I don’t want the process to take longer when ever I want to unlock my iPhone.

  • Andrea Verocio


  • iDude

    this will just complicate the unlocking. people are already used on the location of ‘pin’ keys that they could click it without looking. i’ll pass.

  • Nicole

    Someone please help.
    Downloaded this and got locked out of my phone, Won’t let me use the correct password at all?

    • Nicole

      I sorted this.
      Boot in safe mode, enter Cydia, uninstall epicentre and reboot/respring.
      iOS 8.4 iPhone 6.

      • Haroon Ali

        But for me I had time passcode and it asks me for a passcode again? Anyy help?

  • kunal

    hi.. i have downloaded this tweak called epicenter. and now this tweak is letting me open my phone please help

  • Annalisa DieRose

    help me!!! my phone doesn’t convalidate me my password.. what must I do???? I do not know what I must make!! :”'(

  • Terry Vanderpuke

    I just downloaded it, 100% junk, don’t waste your $1.00, won’t install gives errors