Cydia Installer 1.1.20

As we noted to you guys upon release, Cydia 1.1.19 was a major upgrade for Cydia. As such, it was inevitable for a few bugs to surface with all of the under-the-hood changes.

In Cydia version 1.1.20, saurik has addressed many of these bugs in what he is calling a bug fix release. If you’re encountering problems while using Cydia, it’s definitely suggested that you upgrade to the latest version as soon as you can.

Cydia 1.1.20 Update Change log

Here are the fixes employed by saurik:

Section hiding fix

At times, Cydia would crash when trying to hide sections under the Sources tab.

Ignore Upgrades was…ignored

On each package page, there is a Change Package Settings section for managing the individual package. Inside of this section you’ll find an Ignore Upgrades switch, which lets you ignore when the package is updated, and won’t include it when selecting Upgrade All. This should now work like intended.

Change Package Settings Ignore Upgrades Cydia

Fix Half-Installed Package now works

When a package install fails and is left in a half-installed state, Cydia can fix this for you. This functionality was broken in Cydia 1.1.19, but in 1.1.20, it should be working again.

Inaccurate storage reports

Cydia allows you to view how much room your have for new packages by going to the Cydia tab → Storage. In the previous version of Cydia, it reported erroneous values. This has now been fixed.

So those are all of the fixes included with Cydia 1.1.20. But there is one more additional item included on the 1.1.20 change log, and it’s actually an item missed in the 1.1.19 change log…

Cydia Storage

iTunes backups store third-party Cydia sources lists

Whenever you perform an iTunes backup on your jailbroken device, Cydia will now include your third-party source list in said backup. This means that if you backup your jailbroken device on iTunes and then restore, you can put the backup on your device and jailbreak again. Cydia will then have your list of third-party sources included, which will save you from having to enter them all again.

What do you think about saurik’s recent campaign to improve Cydia? I know I really appreciate it, what about you?

  • Long Live Saurik 😀

  • CsSxPlay3r

    Is anyone else experiencing a little lag after jail breaking? I jailbroke on 8.3 and 8.4 on my iPhone 6+ and it seems when launching apps, when it maximizes, it’s not smooth animations. Like its a bit laggy. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Nate Mullet


    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      Yeah I am experiencing a little lag in music app

    • Haraesh Jayalingam

      Each time i reboot i see some lag, but only for a few seconds and i guess thats normal. on rare occasions it might lag a bit but around 98% its smooth

    • Marciano Mulder

      It’s a substrate bug i’m guessing. Try using safe mode to see if it disappears. I have the same issue in the Instagram app for example. Works normal in safe mode yet really laggy in the normale jailbroken mode.

    • Shinonuke

      My iPhone 6, iPad Air, and iPad mini 2 lags between animations too…like apps witch or folder open/close

    • CsSxPlay3r

      Well I’m glad I’m not the only one with the issues. And I know about the noslowaninations but it’s still laggy animations

  • Adrian

    Can we all just plz donate $1 to Saurik? Every JB I donate $5 to him, I know the actual JB tool devs make money, but Jay rarely does. Appreciate his hard work, donate $1

    • Mark S

      Or buy something on Cydia today…

  • he feel threatened by imods thats why he suddenly start working on cydia again

    • Mark S

      I would agree with that. I won’t pretend to know what saurik does when we don’t hear about things like this but I FEEL cydia has been neglected for ages. But now it looks like we’re finally getting the band back together again.

      • Francisco farias

        It’s bout time right? Cydia has never been improved until now. I remember my brother jailbreak his iPhone 3G, it was very magical but until years pass, Cydia was still the same except when iOS 7 came out that’s when Cydia change to flat and the icon too, and now THIS. To me, I still feel like Cydia is very outdated.

  • Id really love it if Saurik created a Win/Mac app to coincide with Cydia to manage tweaks, themes, sources etc.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Just successfully jailbroke my iPhone 6 on 8.3 with latest TaiG tool. Anyone having issues with Notification Center not remembering settings after a reboot or respring? For instance, I always disable Today Summary and Tomorrow Summary (i remove them from NC). but upon a reboot or respring, they always reappear. Tried hard-reboot, same issue. I restored as a FRESH new device, no restores from backups. Any help would be great, much appreciated guys. Anyone?

    • Same here. iPhone 6 clean restored to iOS 8.3 and jailbroken with TaiG 2.1.2 (updated to 2.3 via Cydia), the Today and Tomorrow Summary sections keep reappearing after reboots or resprings even when manually disabled.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Glad I’m not the only one, thanks for responding mate! I read on Reddit somewhere that it could be related to PrefrencesLoader not being updated for 8.3/8.4 so that might be why. Someone suggested to just sit tight for a fix through cydia or something. I hope this issue gets fixed soon it’s really bugging me. Let’s keep each other posted on this. Thanks again.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Mine only reappear after a reboot, respring or hard-reboot. And it’s bugging the heck out of me. I also read again that even folks on 8.4 have the same issue. Though they’re jailbroken, I’ll check on a stock iOS 8.3/8.4 device to see if this is also the same.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Tried on a stock iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3 and this issue doesn’t exist. I think the TaiG jailbreak causes this issue. I’ll try to tweet the TaiG team, hopefully they release a patch or something.

      • sir K

        I checked all my tweaks. it seems activator has something to do with the bug. try uninstalling activator. and “today summary and tomorrow summary” will be removed even after reboot or respring. its either you’ll live with it and wait for activator update or uninstall activator. hopefully this helps.

    • This is also happening on a device running iOS 8.1.

      The issue wasn’t present until I updated Cydia Installer and Cydia Substate to the latest version, so it doesn’t seem to be an iOS 8.3-8.4 specific problem, but rather something to do with Cydia.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Interesting. Before making the jump to 8.3 I was on 8.1 jailbroken with Pangu8 and there no issues whatsoever. I did ask some people who are on 8.3/8.4 jailbroken and they faced a similar issue. Also for some reason 8.3/8.4 breaks some Spotlight search functionality. For example, before I would just put in a character like a . Or a – or / and I’d get a full list of my apps, now I only get one or two or a few. Also another bug with dark keyboard key popups being translucent when reduce transparency is turned ON. These 2 bugs have nothing related to TaiG or anything jailbreak as I tried these on a stock iOS 8.3 device and had similar issues. But the notification center issue is annoying and is caused by TaiG or something in the jailbreak process.

        Tried tweeting Jeff multiple times on Twitter since yesterday and again once this morning but never got a reply. Also wrote to him via reply here on IDB comments section, no reply either.

    • GadgetQueenn

      I’m having this very issue with Today and Tomorrow summary reappearing after a restoring or reboot. I’m on 8.4 jailbroken with Taig 2.3.
      Not sure if this has any relation but I activated family sharing with myself to be able to hide purchased apps on the AppStore and that stopped working too. Once I hide the app, it reappears.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        You’re the 4th person that I asked who also has the NC Today/Tomorrow Summary reappearing after reboot/respring. Contacted the TaiG team, no reply, contacted Jeff a couple of times over the past 3days, no reply either (here and on Twitter).
        About the Family Sharing thing, can’t comment on that because I don’t use it. But it’s definitely safe to say that the TaiG jailbreak definitely messes with some iOS settings not remembering to stay set the way you want it after a reboot or something. I just wish and hope that Jeff will at least take the time to comment on these issues if they do occur with him since he’s the only IDB member that we know who’s jailbroken. Also because he does carry some weight when it comes to jailbreaking since IDB is arguably the most prolific jailbreak reporting hub on the Internet and he almost single-handedly reports on jailbreaking on IDB and so his comments and feedback could influence the TaiG team or any other team to fix their issues with their tools. But I have yet to get any word from Jeff or TaiG and it’s been almost 3days and 3 tweets/comments to them from my part.

      • oohwah

        I hav the same issue with Today and Tomorrow summary reappearing after a restoring or reboot, any solution???

  • iKhalil

    Just awesome!

  • dnice

    maybe its just me but i def feel like since upgrading to 8.4 and jailbreaking, my battery seems MUCH better. yesterday i had apple music radio going for 3 hours hooked to a bluetooth speaker while playing basketball and my percentage went from 65% to 61% when before it would have been dead…

  • Ryan Gybson

    i am having wifi issues ever since i jailbroke my iphone 6+ even after updating to iOS 8.4 and cydia 1.1.20. i cannot install any package on cydia due to the NetDB error and whenever i open cydia and it refreshes, i get the “failed to fetch http//:apt.saurik……..” error. please help

  • Al Fresco

    Does Cydia Auto-Respring now after installing tweaks?
    My phone just went back to the home screen after performing an “essential upgrade” in Cydia. Wondering if I should respring again.