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Episode 80: Apple’s Q2 earnings call, more blatant Samsung copying, Microsoft is opening up, BestBuy changes its stance on Apple Pay, and Apple pushes to kill free streaming music tiers.

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  • George

    A Samsung galaxy s6 is $684 for a 32gb phone compared to a 16 gb iPhone 6 that is $699. Google is simple, use it sometime.

    • At launch, it was going for over $800. I was looking at buying one. And the price still varies wildly for the SKU you mentioned.

    • Bart

      You left out the fact that the Shamstung isn’t worth half as much if you have an actual brain.

      • George

        Actually it is, the s6 is amazing. You should try something before you trash it.

      • Bart

        It’s an amazing rip off. That’s the ‘next big thing’ by ShamStung standards.

        Samsung Pay? Wonder where they got all their ideas? Perhaps we can pretend we are so stupid as to not know its a total rip off. Look at any Samsung phone prior to iphone. They had the little red and green call and hang up buttons.

      • George

        I wonder where apple got an idea to make a phone, how the hell do you think technology progresses? I bet you also support apple trying to bankrupt spotify and all the other music streaming services.

      • Bart

        Samsung BS has you thinking they did something, that’s cute. They are ok at manufacturing, that’s about it. They are not innovators, by any stretch of the imagination.

        Copycats. That’s their reputation, the world over. Especially in Korea!

      • mobilemann

        George, i know you think you’re more open minded than the people you’re responding too, but just so you know, it’s obvious from any impartial by standard that you are both the same coin, just the opposite sides.

        fanboys, fanboys everywhere.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I just liked the part where Sebastien said “Samsung is always trying to be Apple and they will never be. Samsung will always be the CHEAP brand.” I had that on repeat for a while as it was rather funny and true. Something I kept saying to myself all the time that Samsung just can’t get out of this hole that they’re in, in being the cheap brand made out of “the cheap stuff.” Priceless.

  • Bybymax

    hi guys. Congrats for that great show. I have been particularly interested in the chat you had on Apple Pay and I have a question about it. I live in France and we don’t have AP for now but we already have a lot of NFC receivers (if that’s how it’s called) as all our credit cards have chips and more and more have NFC chips. The thing is we cannot pay for things over 20€ (around 23/25$) through NFC. Question is : does Apple pay allow payments over that amount of money ?
    Thx in advance for your answers.

    • Thanks for listening. Yes, Apple Pay will allow over that amount with no issue.

      • Alberto Espinal

        But jeff maybe it all depends on the banks because if it is not accepted more than $25 is because the banks dont allow that not 

      • Bybymax

        Indeed, the banks don’t want more than 20€ just in case you got your card stolen as no ID is asked for the payment, and you don’t want the theft to empty your bank account 😉
        But with AP on my AWS, I was wondering if we could overrule this as you need a passcode on the AW to use AP, no? and if your AW is stolen, the next person using it is going to be asked for the code. I really hope that AP makes its way to France soon as I use my NFC bank card quite a lot but I’d love to do it right from my wrist (well, my watch is not to arrive before June ;p )
        Thx for your answers guys.

    • Ultimately, it is something that will have to be negotiated between Apple, and French banking institutions. I’m not familiar with the banking laws in France (although I’m French) but it may very well be a law to block any NFC payment over $20.

      • Bybymax

        Thx. Looks like it is as all my friends who have an NFC card have the same limitations but we have different banks.

  • Interesting, thanks.

  • Steven Honey

    CODY, if you ever go to the HEB in Hewitt, they just got all new apple pay/contact less payment terminals. They aren’t activated yet, but I asked the manager and she said it should be ready soon. No date.