Apple TV Standing

So you thought the new 4K television you paid ridiculous amounts of money for during Christmas was going to be supported by Apple soon enough? Sorry bud, maybe a couple more years.

Apple scoopster John Paczkowski of Buzzfeed reports that when Apple’s next-generation Apple TV is released to the market later this year, it will lack 4K video capability, even as the television industry grasps onto the new technology that provides a more detailed and immersive viewing experience.

Apple is skipping the 4K video support reportedly because of the lack of 4K capable content available for streaming. While Netflix and Amazon have supported 4K for more than a year, there’s not much to watch – leaving 1080p still the go-to. One source put it best to BuzzFeed: “4K is great, but it’s still in its infancy.”

The report comes after it’s been reported the A8 system-on-chip found inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is capable of playing 4K content. If Apple used a similar chip in the Apple TV, wouldn’t that be an easy feature to include?

It’s worth examining that 4K content is expensive to stream. Apple is asking its content partners to handle all of the content streaming for its new web television service. Just spitballing here, but perhaps Apple is just waiting for mass 4K adoption and could someday flip the switch on 4K content if a capable chip was on board.

It’s been widely reported that Apple’s plans for the television are going from a “hobby”, to a serious product in its lineup. Not only will it have a web television service with multiple content partners, but an App Store and slimmer design, if rumors point to be true.

Reports have pegged an unveiling of Apple’s new television plans at the World Wide Developers Conference in June, with the new web television service launching in September.

In its typical fashion, Apple declined to comment “on rumor and speculation.” So just sit tight for a couple more months, will you?

Source: BuzzFeed

  • Roderick Lathon

    Is there any word for this next generation Apple TV still being the hub for the homekit? And has there been any updates on the HomeKit?

  • Kr00

    Like Buzzfeed are a credible news source. You need to drug test this guys before even reading what they claim to write. That said, why would Apple consider a 4K ATV when there’s little to no content available at the moment while bandwidth world over can’t support HD streaming now (min 40-50mbs)? First things first. H.265 (HEVC) compression and coding needs to become the standard, the content needs to be either re-encoded or edited to support H.265. There needs to be enough content to want in 4K. Bandwidth across the globe needs to meet 100mbs to stream the content, so until all this happens, what the point of having a box without the content and bandwidth to support it? Apple will just be standing there with their dicks in their hands waiting for the world to catch up.

  • Dan

    4K TV’s are no longer ridiculously priced.

    • Alberto Espinal

      I know Mr. Dan but not many people are going to change their 1080p TVs because they just got their new ATV 4k! So until 4k is all the way in Apple is not going to support it! Have a great day!

      • Dan

        Cool story Mr. Alberto Espinal. You have a great day too!

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Yeah. It would be nice to have a 4K Apple TV but just like everyone says, its still being adopted. I just purchased my first 4K TV a couple weeks ago and find that nothing is viewed in 4K because of the lack of support and bandwidth. More than most of the time the TV only shows as viewing in 1080p or lower. Not surprised that they won’t have 4K capability though. Also purchased an Xbox One at the same time and didn’t even realize that it didn’t support 4K either. The only time Ive seen anything in 4K was in Netflix on just ONE animated short. Hopefully support for 4K grows soon. Would be nice to enjoy the capabilities of a 4K TV in all its glory.

  • Benedict

    In the frist place – Who needs an Apple TV when you have a 4K TV which has something like SmartTV including Apps like Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Watchever for streaming in 4K?!