Apple reportedly offering to share TV data to entice content partners

Apple TV (teaser 001)

Apple is offering to share data with programming partners to get them on board with its rumored streaming TV package, reports the New York Post. The outlet claims that the company is willing to share details such as who its viewers are, what they watch and when they watch them.

This type of information could help programmers better target shows to viewers and advertisers, who are increasingly chasing niche audiences. It also sounds like an about-face from Apple’s current policy, which Tim Cook has frequently touted as a positive, to not share its user data.

The Post says Apple is taking a more hands-off approach with programmers. “They’re allowing a lot more decision-making by the content owner,” said one source familiar with the talks, adding that Apple has told potential partners, “it’s up to you, whatever you guys want to do.”

In addition to these new tidbits, the report echoes much of what was said in the WSJ report yesterday. Apple is in deep level talks with Disney, CBS, Fox and Discovery about supplying content for its slimmed-down streaming TV package expected to launch in the fall for around $20.

While rumors of Apple’s plans for the living room have been bouncing around for years, and have ranged from TVs to advanced set-top boxes, it’s believed the company has decided to move forward with less ambitions plans. Insiders are expecting it to announce the service in June.

Source: The New York Post