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How to watch or stream the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Watch or stream the World Cup

There are two ways to watch all 2022 FIFA World Cup games. In the US, you will be able to watch the World Cup on your TV through your cable subscription. If you don't have cable, you will also be able to stream games from a few streaming services.

The best way to watch the World Cup on cable will be on either FOX or FS1. The best way to stream the competition on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or any streaming device will be on either the FOX Sports app, or by subscribing to live TV streaming service such as fuboTV.

PremiumPlay enables AirPlay streaming in apps that normally don’t support it

If you own an Apple TV, then you might be familiar with Apple’s convenient AirPlay streaming feature. With it, you can wirelessly stream content from your iOS device(s) to your Apple TV for enjoyment on the big screen; unfortunately, some apps prevent you from doing this.

Enter PremiumPlay, a new jailbreak tweak created by iOS developer Tony Kraft that enables AirPlay streaming in apps that typically wouldn’t support it.

Apple hires former Time Warner Cable executive to work on cloud services

Apple has hired former Time Warner Cable executive Peter Stern as a vice president working on cloud services, reports The Wall Street Journal. Stern left TWC earlier this year after it was bought out by rival Charter Communications.

The new VP will report to Eddy Cue, who oversees businesses like the iTunes Store and Apple Music. Mr. Stern has deep knowledge of the cable industry's economics, and relationships with a number of major media companies.

Read this if your new Apple TV is messing up your TV or receiver

Strange things started happening to my TV since first plugging in my new Apple TV a couple weeks ago, and while I didn't immediately connect the dots, it quickly became apparent that the new device was the culprit. After a bit of digging and a lot of commonsense, I figured out my problems and how to fix them. As often, the solution was just at the click of a button.

Apple reportedly offering to share TV data to entice content partners

Apple is offering to share data with programming partners to get them on board with its rumored streaming TV package, reports the New York Post. The outlet claims that the company is willing to share details such as who its viewers are, what they watch and when they watch them.

This type of information could help programmers better target shows to viewers and advertisers, who are increasingly chasing niche audiences. It also sounds like an about-face from Apple's current policy, which Tim Cook has frequently touted as a positive, to not share its user data.

Cable companies sue Apple’s ‘Rockstar Consortium’ over patent conspiracy

Three years ago a consortium consisting of Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry and several other tech giants purchased thousands of patents from communications expert Nortel. They have since tried using the patents to sue a number of other companies, with little success.

Well this week the group, aptly-named the Rockstar Consortium, got a taste of its own medicine. Five US cable companies, including Charter Communications and others, filed a lawsuit against the shell corporation for engaging in what it calls an illegal patent conspiracy...

Comcast’s new ‘Xfinity TV Go’ app lets you watch live TV on the go

Comcast customers will be happy to hear that the cable provider has launched a new app today, Xfinity TV Go, for iOS devices. It's actually a rebrand of the previous 'TV Play' app, with a number of new features.

The most important, though, is the ability to stream live television from your iPhone or iPad while on the go. That's right, as long as you are on a Wi-Fi network (not just the one in your home), you can watch TV...

Apple hires cable executive to work on ‘something big’

Apple has hired cable industry veteran, and former CableLabs executive, Jean-François Mulé for a new engineering director position, according to a new report from Multichannel News. He was the company's SVP of Technology Development.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mulé has been working at Apple since late last month. And in his job description he notes that he is "challenged, inspired and part of something big." So what's he working on? Let's take a look at his background...

Time Warner CEO says it’s discussing streaming video deals with Apple and others

This is kind of interesting. Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Telecom and Media conference today, Time Warner's CEO Glenn Britt told investors that the cable company is in talks with a few tech giants, including Apple, over video streaming deals.

Britt says the deals are similar to the one Time Warner inked with Roku back in March, which allows subscribers to stream 300 cable channels to the Internet-connected set-top box. And his comments suggest we could see a comparable package land on the Apple TV...

Cable-free access to HBO Go app is ostensibly under consideration

Not sure about you, but cable operators sure bother the hell out of me by not letting me watch shows on iDevices unless I subscribe to their terrestrial television offering. Why do these companies presume everyone owns a TV? While the App Store hosts a bunch of apps from the likes of ABC, HBO or CBS, you must be a paying TV subscriber to stream shows (you already paid for) to your devices.

I like Time Warner-owned HBO's shows and am subscribed to them through my cable TV provider and now we're hearing that the company is considering reversing its stance and reportedly offer online subscriptions to cable-cutters in the not-so-distant future...

iDownloadBlog challenges you to join our March Madness pool

Again we hit the hallowed time during the year when the world exalts American college basketball players as if they were gods. Millions of dollars in lost productivity across the US puts a further damper on the economy as we all turn from work to watch basketball.

At iDownloadBlog we relish the opportunity to participate in this worldwide assault on productivity – not that we will stop bringing you the best Apple news for a month. Join us beyond the fold to learn how to monitor the action from your favorite iOS devices and sign up for the iDownloadBlog tourny pool...

Surprise, Intel faces roadblocks in securing content for its Apple TV contender

Yesterday, news broke that chip giant Intel, frustrated with “everyone doing a half-assed Google TV", is prepping its own set-top box and  cable service for an introduction at the CES show, which runs January 8-11 (iDB will be there!). The report noted Intel “has a plan to overcome licensing hurdles” by rolling out the TV service gradually, on a city-by-city basis.

Today, The Wall Street Journal throws its proverbial credibility behind the rumor, but also explains that Intel, just like Apple, has found that Hollywood is proving to be a much tougher nut to crack...