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Time Warner CEO speaks out about Apple TV

Apple's upcoming plans for the living room, and more specifically the TV space, has been a hot topic at Business Insider's IGNITION conference this week. It was the major focus of analyst Gene Munster's talk, and it was brought up again today with Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of media conglomerate Time Warner...

The SlingBox is worth a look for cable TV or satellite subscribers

I give up. Actually, I gave up. At least temporarily that is.

I tried to be a responsible cable cutter. I ditched cable TV years ago, but I've admittedly let it back into my life. I've been a Netflix advocate, a Hulu user, and I love my Apple TV. Still, I've failed.

I've used a Boxee Box. I've gone as far as to build a dedicated HTPC running Windows Media Center. Now If that doesn't tell you how far I went to kick cable TV out of my life permanently, I don't know what will.

How did this happen, you may ask? How did someone who fought tooth and nail to maintain their status as a permanent cable cutter let the "enemy" back into the household? One word. Sports.

Analyst says Apple TV product is ‘imminent’

Apple TV talk has really died down over the past few months, but the rumors of the device have been pretty persistent over the past few years. Analysts and tech pundits continue to believe that we'll see something in the not-so-distant future.

The latest testimony comes from Jefferies & Co. analyst James Kisner. In a note to investors this morning, Kisner said that after speaking with his industry contacts, he believes the launch of an Apple television product is "imminent..."

Bloomberg says no new Apple TV products in 2012

Despite the lack of evidence, some pundits still maintain that an Apple television set is coming. In fact, just last month analyst Peter Misek told investors that an Apple HDTV was already in production.

There's also been some recent chatter that the company's working with cable companies on a set-top box. But according to a new report, we won't be seeing any new TV products from Apple this year...

Apple’s new set-top box rumored to feature cloud DVR, social integration and more

Yesterday, a scoop from The Wall Street Journal sent shockwaves through the Apple community, claiming that the fruit company is now focused on building a cable receiver of sorts, rather than the long-rumored TV set.

Today, the publication added some new information to its initial report, offering up more details about the set-top box. It's said to feature an iPad-like interface, and is designed to simplify the we access and view content...

Apple reportedly in talks with cable operators over set top box

Speculation regarding the mythical Apple TV set has quieted down in recent weeks. Apple has long been rumored to be working on a full-blown television, but the product has yet to materialize.

According to a new report, that may be because Apple's TV plans have changed direction. The Wall Street Journal is claiming it has learned that the company is now working on a cable box...

Cable TV and DVR could come to Apple TV

Apple has been granted an important patent today, covering two missing features of its $99 Apple TV set-top box: the ability to pull premium programming via cable television networks and display it alongside show information overlaid in menus, plus the ability to record television shows, DVR style...