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Digital Clock Icon is a new jailbreak tweak that does one thing: it changes the stock analog Clock app icon to that of a digital clock. But that’s not all. Along with the digital clock, you get an altimeter and a date reading. Digital Clock Icon may be a simple jailbreak tweak, but given its looks and feature-set, it’s sure to find users who value what it brings to the table.

Once you install the tweak, there are no options to setup or configure. In fact, there isn’t even a preference panel for the tweak to be found in the stock Settings app.

After respringing post installation, you’ll notice that the stock analog clock has been replaced with a clock of the digital variety. Above the clock’s time readout, you’ll find a current date reading—a feature that’s handy for those of you who choose to remove the stock Calendar app icon from the Home screen.

Oddly enough, you’ll also find a digital altimeter below the time readout. The altimeter reads the current altitude of your iPhone, and presents a readout to correspond to its current height. It’s a real-working meter, as you can see from our tests in the video above.

Digital Clock Icon may seem simple in nature, but I think it has enough features to warrant a strong look. Especially since it’s a free jailbreak tweak on the BigBoss repo.

Would you consider using it?

  • It’s a great option, but aesthetically not pleasing.

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      seems like designing is not his forte. kudos for the idea though.

  • Needs to be a 12 hour and not a 24 hour clock

  • Choice of skins would make it better.

  • Bnjmn Grlch

    I think it looks really cool.
    But it doesn´t work with Aeternum.
    Anyone knows a solution?

  • Uncle Bob

    Need to be able to change the calendar to having it as day/month instead of that odd way the US have of medium/small/large (Month/Day/Year).

  • Kyle

    Hey Jeff 🙂 I have a question: Why does your show you an available OTA update? Your iPhone 6+ is jailbroken, so how is it possible to receive an OTA update suggestion? I used to remember the times on iOS 5, when I had to install a tweak (called “Software Update Killer” on BB) that made me unable to (accidentally) install these updates. But since iOS 7 the iPhone does not check for updates no more, hence it says “Checking for Update …” all the time.

    • Rob180sx

      The notification came up before he jailbroke. Now he has the alerts stuck on there. I had the same problem happen to me a couple times. You can fix it in ifile.

  • What is that „146M” on the bottom of the icon? It is changing, but I don’t understand what is that.
    Edit: sorry, I did’t read carefully. It’s an altitude meter.

  • blu

    Not working on my iPad 2 on iOS 7

  • Guest

    Now this is useful tweak! Great!

  • JayDee917

    I like how you write “it does one thing:” then follow it up with “but that’s not all.” Lol

  • gresh14

    Why not the option for a 12 hour clock?