Do Not Disturb Enabled

Like its iOS counterpart, Notification Center on the Mac features a Do Not Disturb mode for suppressing notifications at inopportune times. The great thing about Notification Center on iOS is that it can be quickly enabled via a handy Control Center toggle. But did you know that there’s a quick and easy way to enable Do Not Disturb mode on your Mac, as well?

How to quickly enable Do Not Disturb on Mac

The normal way to enable Do Not Disturb on the Mac is to open Notification Center using the menu bar button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, pull down on the Notification Center to reveal the Do Not Disturb switch, and set the switch to the on position.

Do Not Disturb Mac OS X

The quick and easy way to enable or disable Notification Center is accomplished by doing the following:

Step 1: hold the Option (⌥) key on your keyboard

Step 2: click the Notification Center button in the menu bar while continuing to hold Option (⌥)

When Do Not Disturb is enabled, the Notification Center icon in the menu bar will turn a light gray color to signify that notifications are being suppressed. Conversely, when Do Not Disturb is disabled, the menu bar icon for Notification Center will appear as its normal color.

DND Enabled Mac

DND enabled

DND disabled Mac

DND disabled

As is the case with enabling Do Not Disturb using the long way, notifications remain suppressed for a day, and after that Do Not Disturb is automatically disabled if you do not do so manually before then.

Do you use Notification Center and Do Not Disturb mode? If so, do you plan on using this handy shortcut?

  • Jorge Bello

    You can also assign a command key to it. I have mine as command + D.

    • Very nice.

      • Chris Tangler

        you can also just click on the notification center button in the top right corner and swipe up to show the DND toggle

      • Jorge Bello

        Thanks for the acknowledgement Jeff.

    • How do you do this? Is it a third-party app or can this be done natively on OS X?

      • Jorge Bello

        Its native, You go to System preferences -> Keyboard -> Scroll to mission control -> You’re going to see this option “Turn DND On/Off” Just go to the right of that and assign whatever command. Like i said, i have mine as Command + D.

  • Shawn

    Oh wow this is an amazing tip. Thank you.

  • John Parkes

    “OS X Tip: You can hold the option key (⌥) + click the notification centre icon on OS X to quickly toggle Do Not Disturb mode.” < This entire article could have fit into the tweet that linked here.

    • So can pretty much any other article, book, thesis, etc. Why not respond with something worthwhile instead of condescending comments that add nothing to the conversation?

      Romeo and Juliet: They both die.
      E.T: He lives and goes home.

      See what you’re missing?

      I usually don’t respond to these comments, but I have to call you out on this one.

      • John Parkes

        Sure, you could condense those books into 5 words, but then everything about them would be lost. You could condense this article into 5 words and nothing would be lost. See: Hold option, click notification centre.

        I’m not trying to be condescending and I love this website, and love your series of OS X tips.

      • Yes, but there is background, and history, and the reason why you would use Notification Center. It’s more than just saying “do this”. This isn’t a glossary, it’s a blog, where we share thoughts and opinions along with the “good stuff”

      • diggitydang

        I found the WHOLE article useful and was actually looking for this TODAY!!! I didn’t realize you had to pull the NC down to reveal DND, so I really appreciate knowing BOTH methods!! I thought that I had to actually open settings to do it from the system preferences!

      • Chris Tangler

        what, ET goes home….lol

  • Utrarunner5

    I did not know you could do that by holding the option key and clicking. That will make my life so much easier when showing someone something but i don’t want my notifications to be distracting. Also I notices something in 10.10.3 beta you can now toggle DND in both the Today Section and the Notifications Section.