TypeStatus for Mac

You may know TypeStatus as the jailbreak tweak that adds a “now typing” indicator to the status bar on iOS, but did you know that you can do the same thing on your Mac? TypeStatus for Mac allows you to quickly see who’s currently composing an iMessage via a handy indicator positioned on the OS X menu bar.

Installing TypeStatus for Mac only takes a few steps:

Pre-requisite: Before doing anything, you must disable System Integrity Protection on your Mac.

Step 1: Download EasySIMBL, extract it, and move the EasySIMBL.app to the /Applications folder on your Mac

Step 2: Open /Applications and run EasySIMBL

Step 3: Check the “Use SIMBL”

Step 4: Visit TypeStatus.com and download the TypeStatus for Mac DMG file

TypeStatus Mac

Step 5: Double click on the TypeStatus.DMG file to mount the volume

Step 6: Drag the TypeStatus.bundle file into the EasySIMBL window


Step 7: Restart the Messages app

From this point forward, you should see a “now typing” indicator show up in your Mac’s menu bar when someone is in the process of typing you an iMessage. Along with the indicator, you should see the name of the individual that’s typing the message.

As someone who’s a big fan of the original iOS jailbreak tweak, I recommend using TypeStatus for Mac if you’re a heavy iMessage user. What do you think about having a now typing indicator located in your Mac’s menu bar?

  • Omar Al-Bazergan

    Have had type status on my mac for about a week now. Absolutely love it I love how I can customize my mac with EasySimbl fyi just look on youtube for cool easysimbl tweaks for your mac!

    • Indeed; SIMBL opens up a whole can of worms. I plan on having some posts on SIMBL soon.

      • Ooh, I’d love that to be a feature for an upcoming week.

      • Jamie Tilden

        Your phone number is clearly visible in this video

  • Omar Al-Bazergan

    And also Jeff fyi I got a popup from google saying to developers that if your using openID 2.0 try to transfer over to openID Connect before April 20th,2015 just a tip I dont know if you’re aware of it or not :D!

  • Denis Zsebi

    Hey Jeff,

    I am wondering how to enable that app preview, which showed up at 2:27 when you pointed at Messages App.

    Thank you!

  • Eikast

    Wow. This just makes more sense on a Mac than an iOS device. This will allow me to switch to the iMessage app when I see that someone is typing (that way the notification doesn’t get sent to my iPhone then to my Pebble).

    Good looking out Jeff.

  • Not working. Wish it did, looks great.

    • Please contact us at support@hbang.ws, we’ll try and work it out.

      • Restarted the computer and it seems to be working now. When someone with a nickname is typing to me, I don’t see their name.

      • Please email us and we’ll investigate.

  • Brad

    Anybody tried this out on a Hackintosh yet? I’d assume it works just fine since I already have iMessage working and cellular call forwarding.

    • Shouldn’t be any reason for it to not work; if not do let us know at support@hbang.ws.

      • Brad

        Can confirm, works properly on my Hackintosh running 10.10.2

        My windows partition is getting awfully lonely thanks to groups like yours.

  • Anil Özkan

    I installed this tweak like you sad. But it doesn’t work for me. If I write a iMessage from my iPhone 6 to my Mac there is no “typing” indicator in iMessage App available 🙁

    • Brad

      write a message from your mac to your phone. Then reply to that message from your phone. Go back and forth twice.

      I think there’s something slightly goofy with imessage when you’re messaging yourself.

  • flybynight

    Great tip. Thanks. Looking forward to some more SIMBL tips.

  • Muzz_Tech

    Any reason why this isn’t working anymore? I’ve been using it forever but recently it has stopped. I’ve removed everything and installed again, but it still is not working. Any ideas?

  • Chase Wharram

    I can’t seem to get it to work… I’ve followed your instructions exactly and nothing. Could it be because I’m on the El Capitan beta? Does it work with El Capitan??

    • SaeRemmurd

      I’m having the same issue on El Capitan. I think we have to wait it out.

  • Josh Davies

    is this safe for macbook pro?