Today, Comex made good on his promise and released an alpha build of Substitute—the hacker’s polarizing new Cydia Substrate replacement for jailbroken iPhones. Back in January, it was revealed that Comex was helping the iMods team—a crew that is working on a Cydia replacement—with some of the necessary fundamentals to get the project off the ground.

One of the most needed pieces of a Cydia replacement is a Cydia Substrate replacement. Without Cydia Substrate, or something like it, then a Cydia replacement doesn’t make much sense. Not only has Comex pledged his support for the project, but he’s just brought one of its most important puzzle pieces to reality.

After saurik voiced his frustration and disappointment with Comex’s involvement in the Cydia replacement project, and defended his use of closed sourcing, it’ll be interesting to gather his feedback from this latest revelation.

Comex’s Substitute project, while available for testing for those who “know what you are doing”, is still very much in its alpha stages, and should only be used by those who are comfortable in such an environment. That said, there is now an alpha .deb that can be tested, and developers can even check their existing project’s compatibility with Substitute.

Substitute may not seem like much to someone who simply downloads tweaks, but this news could have far-reaching and long-lasting effects on the jailbreak community as a whole. saurik has stated previously that he wishes to step away from the public spotlight with regard to responding to criticisms and the like, and he has even discussed the idea of leaving the community as a result of the competition aspect.

Cydia Update

Cydia received a recent visual refresh

To be fair, saurik has rolled out some new Cydia features, something that some have deemed as being a response to the a potential usurping attempt. Although it could seem that way, I think it’s safe to say that Cydia’s latest changes were long in the works before Substitute came on the scene.

Although there’s no way to know for sure what Substitute’s availability in an alpha form will mean at this early stage, we should look towards the development community for a response. They are the ones that are really on the front lines of any fundamental changes like this, so it’s really their response that will lend the most feedback on the direction that Substitute and the overall Cydia replacement idea is headed in.

What do you think? Do you think that creating a Cydia replacement is the right move for the community? Do you think that having more competition is a good thing?

  • Merman123

    Definitely excited for the future of jailbreaking 😀

    • Brian Brown


  • Hot12345

    How the new cydia substrate looks then?

    • Agru


    • Me


    • Josue Feliciano

      It looks awesome. Uses 3D, and cutting edge graphics.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    if it has a working iradio ad blocker, unlimited skips, and scrubbing tweak i’d switch. tried all others and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

    • Evan Drenner

      try a cydia tweak Flex 2

    • Jake Barbour

      There’s a tweak called True iRadio which has the iRadio adblock (skippable if they do pop up) unlimited skips, and it has scrubbing which works on the latest jailbreak iOS 8.2 beta 2. (tested)

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Hah! That’s the one I’ve been using! Skips good, scrubs good. Once in a while the ad block stops working completely. Clean 8.1 install on an iPhone 6 with just that tweak on and it still gives me ads here and there. Very annoying. Dem 30 seconds ads -_-

      • Jake Barbour

        Yeah, could use an update but gets the job done for the most part.

  • Competition -> Motivation -> Inspiration…

  • Jason Ward

    Always had Saurik’s back due to the amount of work he has done for the jailbreak community, but competition and multiple options are always good. As stated, Cydia has had a facelift since the threat of competition came out. Competition pushes everyone to be the best, and as modders/customers we all will win.

    I will stick with Cydia unless the ‘substitute’ is able to cut down, maybe even possibly eradicate, the amount of piracy that Cydia doesn’t seem to fight against. Piracy is causing many of our talented modders to not create and release new tweaks due to the amount of profits they lose to piracy. If the ‘substitute’ can make the community better, than I am all for it.

    • Croak

      Well put sir.

    • Merman123

      That’s actually one of their main goal, so we shall see.

    • pegger1

      It’s an impossible task to fight piracy. And anyone who pirates was never going to pay for it anyways, so it’s not really lost profits.

      • Digitalfeind

        I pirate as try and buy. I’ll sometimes pirate AppStore apps for Flex for people and end up buying about a half of those. Supporting the devs is always a priority for me if I use the app/tweak.

    • Cydia having a facelift? The recent design refresh is such a joke.

    • AverageSouthNigga

      We need piracy what about the developers that release an app that costs $5-$10 then just stop updating it after a few weeks and leave with everyone’s money that’s why its bullshit there’s only a few developers who stay up to date with bugs most of them take money and run and leave people with a half assed app which is even worse to me than people stealing software I always pirate then if it actually works and I see they stay on top of bugs and updates then I’ll buy it but either way piracy will always be here so u might as well get over it

    • The Guy

      That makes no sense about piracy….wtf does Cydia have to do with what a repo has on it, Cydia allows any developer/user to have their own repo and we can add the ones we want, if we leave it up to this substitute to decide what I can have on my phone then its no better than Apple which defeats the entire purpose of a jailbreak, to be able to do what I want with my phone.

      Its complete and utter nonsense to think that you can eradicate or cut down piracy…I have a much younger brother who can’t/never will purchase anything on his phone, if he pirates, the developers lose nothing because he was never going to purchase anyway… so the whole argument about cutting down piracy is pointless. The vast majority of pirates either don’t have the money or means to purchase, so nothing is lost for the most part.

      The main issue is those developers that make a crappy tweak or insignificant tweak trying to charge for it and then they roll out once they have enough money, abandoning the tweak. Happens more than one may think, so screw this substitute. Saurik has done and exceptional job over the years, I get what I need and the job is done…wtf is the complaint, I don’t live in Cydia…its very rarely open.

  • Eikast

    If Google didn’t release their Android phones, there’s a good chance that we wouldn’t have the iPhone as we know today (vice versa). Competition is always good. For Android phones, XDA is filled with competition. A lot of people who compete developing different kernels for phones, different ROMs, different ways to mod devices (XPOSED).

    Competition is good.

  • TheShade247

    I thought comex got hired at apple….

    • Mark Kramer

      That was an internship years ago. Try keeping up on the news.

  • Bhuvan Kalra

    Revolution in the works. Sooner or later there is competition and Saurik has to accept that.

    This may be good news for Cydia as they can’t fool around anymore because when you play the Game of Codes you either win or you die.

    • Rowan09

      He already had competition with Rock which he purchased. Competition is not always good and in this case it might hurt us. I don’t believe developers will program for both communities and this might be where it will hurt the community.

  • Welcomer

    Great Post . I liked it.

  • Bob

    Guy in the pic looks like he masterbaits a lot lol.

    • Mark Kramer

      You can almost spell that word. Unless you think he’s got mad fishing skills.

  • JulianZH

    the current cydia is a mess and unorganized.

  • SoylentGreen

    So Saurik is basically making a veiled threats when he says he will “down tools” if this imods project poses any serious threat to his business, it makes me lol thinking things like, he wants to be an oligarch with Monopoly status on a retail outlet for tweeeeeeeks ☺
    Part of me says Quite Right, you built it, sweated your brain to solve insane coding anomalys, integrated yourself that far into ‘the scene’ that you are the veritable ‘king’ of said scene to a large proportion of jailbreakers. You naturally want to protect your shizzle, you fight all wars for your shizzle, after all you brought it on an epic journey, from the spark of an idea in the grey matter all the way to it being on hundreds of thousands of iPhones. Ofcourse your first and maybe only reaction to news of some others making something that may make your ‘baby’ redundant is likely to cause you to panic
    If it does not appear in the software lifecycle data flow diagrams for cydia that a competitor might step in and end the software, then it’s likely gonna make you less than pleased if such a thing occurs, that’s why I completely understand the ‘dolly out of the pram’ reaction.
    The thing is
    The very act of putting a software out there that becomes the most popular software in that field is going to attract competition, entrepreneurs in search of cash, and you jump off a proverbial cliff the second you make it public,even if your motives are not profit driven, you cannot ignore the fact that it must be a massive income generator ( anyone have detsils of cydia turnover or last quarter profits? A FOIA request can obtain these numbers, but I’m Sure they’re available to the public) and people being people will start to see that your making plenty of cash and start to become cynical about the community aspect of your rhetoric, especially if you refuse to acknowledge that it’s a big money maker. We all seen the 20 minute makeover cydia received when the other app was teased and Saurik realised (that with comex onboard this just got a lot more real) there was a serious contender making its way through the labyrinth with the intent to usurp the current ‘king’, if that was any business of Mine, i would pour as much cash that was feasible into a re-vamp of the software till at the very least it was as good as i could afford to make it, but we need to bear in mind that cydia has been dominant for many years, no major re-jigs, prospective competition that has been bought out allowing a pretty easy ride.
    then the emergence an actual credible threat with known code wizard comex on-board building the key stone of imods app is going to knock your socks off & maybe (hopefully) this latest development will cement the idea in Sauriks mind that a cydia revamp is pretty much ‘inevitable’, to be better than prospective competition is a highly recommended way to ensure you retain your market share. Personally i would like cydia too keep on doing what it does, but i think the much needed improvements and ironing out of creases is pretty much a must do asap for Saurik if he wants the essays he writes and the other things he says to marry up with the reality of the situation or i think many people (eventually all) will move onwards leaving cydia to be consigned to the history books of jailbreaking.
    It also seems that Saurik is only prepped to fight for his app in direct reaction to credible business threats and even then it appears half hearted, a little bit of html re-jigging, some veiled threats in the form of walking away from the hassle of actually having to work for cash that normally flows like tap water with minimal work required, do not a winner make.
    People inherently do not want nor like change especially to functioning things. Saurik should capitalise on this asap, with the correct management and people he could ‘seal the deal’ right now, making cydia so good that iMods either realise they are wasting their time or they become a curiosity, remove the sting from a scorpions tail then it’s not going to inflict damage, people might want to take a look, but adopt it as a replacement for the only thing they know, i don’t think so, but imho, if some pro-active development emerges from SaurikIT then this could be over before it begins, but if their is only essays and what i see as a lazy opposition then some would say you just don’t deserve a business that is the market leader in its class, if you can’t find time or cash to make it as good as it can be when that business is under threat then you should walk away and let the keen, anxious to please, developers furnish the ‘community’ Saurik apparently ‘loves’ with an installer that is better,
    This is about cash, community is only mentioned in the same sentence because that’s where the cash originates from. If there’s No community there is no cash to be made. Simple economiTRIcKs,
    Anyways competition can only improve things for the consumers, so here’s to the future and hopefully we will see a ‘match ready’ Saurik come out punching big, not an out of shape journeyman throwing essays and sentiment to garner support to justify just ‘not doing very much’

    • FwgKnight

      Looks neat.

      • SoylentGreen

        Half a point for effort ☺

    • Endriu Andrei

      You forgot a potato bro…damn

      • SoylentGreen

        Bandwagon, original,
        I’d normally say duckduckgo those words, but you’re better using Google bro….

    • XZavier

      Couldn’t of said it better my self, I agree with almost everything you said, the one thing I don’t agree with though is that you said “people inherently do not want nor like change especially to functioning things,” in some aspect this is true, but if it’s done right most people will like the change. And as you have seen from this community a lot of people “want” a change.

      • SoylentGreen

        For sure, if implemented correctly ☺
        I guess the people who give it TL,DR must not learn very much in life, lol, full spectrum stupidity, only do the monosyllabic innit bre style, unLucky ☺

  • Brian Brown

    Cydia is beocming more optimal day after fay. But hey, a free alternative with a great UI (Saw beta pics). then why not?

    Im in *

  • singhay559

    I just hate the fact that some tweaks in cydia doesn’t get updated in a timely manner.

    • Mark Kramer

      And you think they’ll get updated faster using a cydia alternative? Lazy is as lazy does.

    • XZavier

      This isn’t because of Cydia or Saurik

      • singhay559

        Yes I know. We all know it the dev part on that.

  • More choices the better.

  • Jerry

    No pics?

  • love the idea

  • iPhoneWINS

    ij will stay with cydia… iI wish he worked on a proper back grounding tweak instead dammit

  • FRostIFreeze

    Jailbreaking is wrong! Don’t listen to these dumb asses or you’ll mess up your device! Plus its illegal!

    • George

      It isn’t illegal dumbass.

      • FRostIFreeze

        Check again “Dumbass” jailbreaking an iPad is illegal.

    • SoylentGreen

      Hmmm, per chance you just escaped from north korea?

  • Dante Arellano

    Fuckk no making ligal cydia evry body will be happy

  • Jake Barbour

    Good for Comex, excited to see what iMods brings to the table. I am sticking with Saurik though, there shouldn’t be competition but expansion.

  • Chuck Finley

    Saurik = Butthurt that anybody would dare challenge his monopoly.

    Competition is good and his butthurt shows even more when he says he’s going to leave the community because of it. He’s like that kid that whines and takes the football home.