Apple wants Windows and Android customers to use its iWork productivity suite as well so they announced that now everyone can use Pages, Numbers and Keynote web applications through the iCloud Beta web interface, even if they don’t own Apple devices.

An Apple ID account is still required to access Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iCloud, but the big news is that people can now create an Apple ID on the fly.

As noted by MacRumors, the announcement was made yesterday on the beta.iCloud.com website, indicating that these web apps may soon be accessible through the regular iCloud.com website, too.

For those who’d like to use the web apps but don’t have an Apple ID, the iCloud Beta sign-in page now offers a new option to create one on the fly, as show below.

iCloud Beta Apple ID sign up process

They’re giving each account created via this process 1GB of complimentary iCloud storage for use with the productivity software. The change indicates Apple wants a piece of the business market.

Pages, Nubmers and Keynote were rebooted last year across iOS and OS X following the introduction of their web-based counterparts at WWDC 2013.

Software streamlining across platform has taken its toll on the productivity suite, however, having resulted in numerous feature removals.

Over time, Apple has issued several updates gradually adding some of the missing features such as interactive charts and improved collaboration, new languages and fonts, and much more.

If you don’t see the message on beta.iCloud.com, that’s because the changes may not have propagated yet. I’m located in Europe and just logged in to beta.iCloud.com but didn’t see the notice.

Do you use iWork for iCloud web apps?

Source: MacRumors

  • Skoven

    No i never use iWork, and properly never will. To accustomed to MS Office, as i’m sure most people are.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I made the switch to iWork a couple years ago. As of this week I have switched back to the MS suite. Dropbox integration is a done deal for me. I hate the way files are managed though iWork, and it’s very slow in comparison. Though iWork issems easier to learn, I’m prob not going back to them.

  • Competition is always welcome…though wouldn’t ever use it until it’s available as an offline application…never gonna happen? Never gonna miss it.

  • Andrew Breyen

    Can apple ids that are not created thru here get the GB?

  • MKB4k

    What about building imessage, icloud, pages, numbers, and keynote apps for android?