Monday morning, Apple somewhat unexpectedly seeded the first beta of iOS 8.3 to developers. Registered iOS developers can download the software through Apple’s Dev Center portal.

The first beta of iOS 8.3 arrives just a week after seeding the fifth beta of iOS 8.2, which is also currently in testing and due for release soon.

BGR said recently that iOS 8.2 will arrive ahead of the Apple Watch launch in April so it’s unclear what new features iOS 8.3 brings to iOS.

The first beta of iOS 8.3 carries a build number of 12F5027d. According to Apple, devices updated to the iOS 8.3 beta cannot be restored to earlier versions of iOS.

For starters, iOS 8.3 seems to lose the beta tag on iCloud Photo Library, indicating Apple’s unified photo syncing solution is about to graduate.

Next, iOS 8.3 — just like the forthcoming OS X 10.10.3 update — supports Google accounts protected with Google’s two-step verification process.

After entering your Google username and password in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, up pops Google’s standard form asking you to enter a six-digit verification code texted to your mobile phone number or generated in Google Authenticator or another iOS authenticator app.

iOS 8 .3 Google Account two-factor

This is a great addition because no longer are you required to generate app-specific passwords in order to use Google as your provider of emails, contacts, calendars and notes in iOS.

MacRumors is reporting that iOS 8.3 includes a brand new emoji picker. First spotted in OS X 10.10.3, it organizes emoji into categories in a scrollable list and introduces new emoji and presumably an option for selecting new skin tones for some nice mutlicultural emojis.

iOS 8.3 emoji layout

According to Twitter user @bobard, the latest OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 developer seeds contain “many good fixes for CloudKit and iCloud Drive.”

Another user posted this CarPlay setup screen said to be new in iOS 8.3, indicating that the software will bring out support for wireless CarPlay connections. The CarPlay item is found under Settings > General, just below Siri, Spotlight Search, and Handoff & Suggested Apps options.

iOS 8.3 Beta 1 CarPlay setup

The feature instructs users to hold down the voice control button in their vehicle to begin the pairing process. Currently, users must connect their iPhone via a USB cable to their car in order for CarPlay to function. Disentangling CarPlay from wires is the next logical step in the evolution of Apple’s automotive iOS service.

On the Apple Pay front, iOS 8.3 introduces support for the China UnionPay network ahead of the rumored Apple Pay launch in the Chinese market later this year.

In addition to iOS 8.3 Beta 1, Dev Center was also refreshed with a matching Xcode 6.3 beta (build 6D520o) containing SDKs for iOS 8.3 and OS X versions 10.9 and 10.10, as well as Swift version 1.2 with “a number of noteworthy changes.”

In addition to including a new version of the Swift language, the new Xcode 6.3 provides a migrator “for moving your code to Swift 1.2,” as per Apple’s release notes.

Speaking of Swift, Apple’s new programming language for iOS and OS X development, it’s growing like crazy.

Since its introduction in July 2014, it’s jumped from number 68 to number 22 in the language rankings from research and analyst firm RedMonk, which gauge how interested programmers are in different programming languages.

We’ll keep you posted as to what major changes, if any, iOS 8.3 brings to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. A report this morning alleged that iOS 9, the next major refresh of Apple’s mobile operating system, will pull a Snow Leopard.

Specifically, it’s described as mostly a bug-fix release focused on increasing performance and reliability of the software while supposedly introducing numerous enhancements to the existing features.

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    And… they’re not even done with 8.2?

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      its close to release

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        But… it not _done done_

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      It’s like Microsoft. Where Microsoft said “screw windows 9, we messed up numbering anyway” Apple sys “screw iOS 8.2, we don’t even care”

      Just my take on it lol

  • James G

    The fact that they keep changing Swift is making it difficult for beginner to developers to keep track! But I guess that’s true for everyone…

    • They are changing Swift according to developers’ feedback, and fix confusing syntaxes. So it’s a good thing.

      Apple is constantly updating their languages, even the decades old objective-c. It’s mostly easy to migrate, but don’t expect to learn once and use forever.

      • James G

        I guess that’s the nature of the game! I’m dealing with it. But, since I’m learning from 3rd party training tools, when they are suggesting code syntax that’s already outdated it gets a little cumbersome.

        But, I think dealing with it is necessary. Especially if they’re fixing confusing syntaxes based on feedback from more experienced developers.

        Thanks for the insight.

    • John

      Can you explain how they keep changing it?

      • James G

        Certain syntax changes. It was very minor but I was looking at some documentation and writing some code and then when I started using the 8.2 beta some of the code syntax was slightly different than on the 8.0 & 8.1 SDKs.

      • John

        Thanks for this… Is it better though? I mean, are these improvements going to be benefit developers who are writing using the Swift language or do you think this will work against Apple?

      • James G

        I’m too novice to know. But as another commenter said they are making these changes based on developer feedback so it’s probably for the best.

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    quick, someone on the beta check if theres signs of the new emojis, or at least placeholders for the new emojis!

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      they are coming, just not there yet

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    Off topic-
    I’m on iOS 8.1.2. How can I jailbreak it now. If I restore it, it will go to 8.1.3, which isn’t jailbreakable. Help. I decided to jailbreak finally 🙂

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      Use the PP tool if you have a Mac. And TAIG if you have a PC.

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        What about restoring? Do I still need to restore?

      • James G

        Only if you updated OTA

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        No you just use the tool. If you are already on 8.1.2 then you’re good. Just download the tool, follow directions and bam! You’re jailbroken! 🙂

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    I know (from experience) that HealthKit was VERY sick post-fifth beta… I know that doesn’t explain this but …yeah, strange.

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    I know it’s a bit early but can someone with A7 devices share their opinion regarding the performance, UI smoothness, keyboards. For example, does Control Center still hangs in the middle of the animation when dragging it up really quick? Or are A7 ipads better? Thank in advance!

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      They won’t. How would it look for the company to be including this on their products.

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        I wouldn’t think Apple would just center their focus around a single emoji. Maybe they’ll include a restriction feature to block the emoji until you unblock it yourself? Just an educated guess.

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    I don’t wanna be “that guy” but can someone post some download links? 5S maybe 😀

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      I was able to find it through torrents.

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    FYI to everyone, Apple is already testing out iOS 8.4 (codename Copper)! LOL, being serious btw not even being sarcastic. But can we complain if it means more stability? Well I for one can because of jailbreak :/ but good job Apple!

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    if you go in itunes and app store and under password settings, there is an option to allow u to require/ not require a password for a free app. but it only works after a first purchase sadly, hope in the future password is not needed for free apps

  • i hope they will add new emoji

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    So if my car has the voice control button on the wheel but not a CarPlay car, will carplay/Siri work? So if I connect my phone to my car via Bluetooth and the car has the voice control button on the wheel but it’s not a CarPlay car, will I be able to use CarPlay or at least Siri?

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    they removed speak slection in ios 8.3 beta