Looking for a quick way to disable all alarm clocks in the stock Clock app at the same time? Allarm—a clever mix of the words All and Alarm—is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to do just that. It places a handy toggle switch at the top of the alarm clock tab in the stock Clock app. Toggling this switch allows you to quickly disable all alarms simultaneously.

Since this jailbreak tweak is baked into the stock Clock app, there are no preferences or options to be found in the stock Settings app. Once you install Allarm, simply head over to the alarm clock tab of the Clock app, and you’ll see a brand new Toggle All Alarms toggle at the top of the page.

You can also use Allarm to enable all of the alarms that you have configured at the same time. This is good if you’re weird like me, and like to have multiple alarm clocks set to ensure that you wake up on time.

Allarm is compatible with iPhones and iPod touches running iOS 8. Do you think that this tweak has a place in your tweak repertoire? Sound off down below in the comment section and let us know.

  • I’ve had this tweak for a couple of days now, in principle, it’s good. But there’s a nagging glitch where having only some of my alarms turned on, and then using this to enable them all and then disabling them all will actually mean it leaves one or two still enabled.

    Jeff, I too have a dozen and one alarms saved, one for every 15 minutes between 04:00 to 13:00

    • gittlopctbi

      If you want to avoid the nagging glitch of this tweak and 100% be sure that all your alarms are turned off, see my post above…

      • Thanks, I do use the Siri trick but as I wake up at 4am, I don’t want to wake the girlfriend with “Siri, disable all alatms” “Did you say “post to Facebook?”” Haha

  • iKnowAppleBest

    Haha first alarm goes off at 12 am. And then you wait 6 hours for the next two that go off 30 min apart.

  • gittlopctbi

    Why do we need this tweak? All you have to do is invoke Siri and say, “Turn on (or off) all alarms.” Done. You can also say, “Delete all alarms.” After confirmation, done. Siri is also the fastest and easiest way to set alarms.

  • Rodion

    You can always use “enable all the alarms” Siri command.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Laziness Reached its height.

  • Tim

    Good tweak, Safe alarm Pro offers a whole lot more. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Ali

    I preferred AlarmControl as the toggle was integrated next to the + button, but that doesn’t work on iOS 8 (for me, although the dev says it still does), so I have been using this instead since a few days. Gets the job done though.