ios 8.2 beta 3

Apple has seeded the third iOS 8.2 beta to developers this morning. The release comes a week after the second iOS 8.2 beta, and follows last week’s public launch of iOS 8.1.2, which brought about a fix for disappearing ringtones.

The new 8.2 beta can be downloaded either over-the-air, or via Apple’s developer portal, by all registered iOS developers. It’s unknown what new features the firmware will bring, but it will enable support for Apple’s WatchKit.

It’s also unclear when iOS 8.2 will be rolled out to the public. It’s rumored that we’ll see 8.1.3 released at some point with bug fixes, and much of Apple’s dev center is about to shutdown for the holidays, so it’s likely still months away.

At any rate, we’re installing the beta now and will pass along any notable changes. If you see something we’ve missed, feel free to email us at or leave a note in the comments section below regarding the change.

  • Fanboy 

    iWatch, iWatch, iWatch!

    Everyone chant with me.

    • El Matador

      it’s “Apple Watch”

      • Jason Baroni

        Genuine enough to see Tim Cook calling it “iWatch”.

      • Fanboy 

        Actually its “Watch”

      • You pronounce “” as Apple, ˈa-pəl verbally lol

    • Ian Leon

      I’ll chant with you if you say it right.

  • Rares

    Great, another one :/

  • Eikast

    It’ll probably be released the day the Apple Watch is released since the main point of it is Apple Watch support. Usually iOS X is released 2 days before iPhone X, but that’s because previous iPhones can use the iOS X update and developers need to roll out the updates for iOS X.

    • Ian Leon

      I love this iOS X idea

      • marco1993

        Apple might do that in 3 years time

  • Phil Randle

    Good update so far, been testing ‘Swift Key Keyboard’ with each update, this is the best it has worked so far, almost native.

  • Ian Leon

    anything new with this update?

    • Cole Mahoney

      Changes to health app

      • Ian Leon

        Thank you.

      • Cole Mahoney

        I am using this on my main device it run flawlessly. I have not had any glitches or bugs.

      • Ian Leon

        How is performance and stability ? Is it generally usable? What device are you using?