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In case you were too busy trying to burn the calories you gulped down over Thanksgiving, you might have heard that a new jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 was released over the weekend. The TaiG jailbreak created the surprise, and to be honest, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around this release. But we’re not going to complain.

In the meantime, a lot of new jailbreak tweaks were released and updated. Some of them could be considered minor tweaks. Others definitely offer deeper functions. As we’ve been doing now for a few weeks, we bring you most of these new or updated tweaks in one convenient place so you don’t get lost into the mess that Cydia can be when it comes to discovery.

New tweaks released this week

AdaptiveCC – resizes Control Center so it takes less screen space (free).

AdvancedSettings8 – tap and hold the Settings app icon to bring up advanced settings (free).

AlwaysFirstSwipe – always brings up Notification or Control Centers when first swiping in a fullscreen app (free).

AppelLocker – allows you to unlock apps with your face ($0.99).

AppHeads – a new take on multitasking inspired by Facebook ChatHeads ($4.99 – review).

Automa – a smart tweaks that remembers the options you chose for popup alerts ($1.99).

CCfix 8 – a fix for Control Center sometimes not opening from the Lock screen (free).

Centrum – brings OS X Yosemite Notification Center layout to iPad ($0.99).

DathUI – customize various aspects of your device’s user interface ($2.50).

Facebook Messenger Essentials – lets you tweak a few aspects of the Messenger app (free).

Instagram No Bar – removes the Status Bar from the Instagram app (free).

LockStatusClock – replaces the Lock screen Notification Center grabber with the time (free).

NoLongPressKeys – disables the long press key actions on the stock keyboards (free).

noNoSimAlert 8 – removes the “No SIM Card Installed” alert when there is no SIM in the phone (free).

NoPhotosCollections – removes the Photos Collections tab from the Photos app (free).

Pyx – adds animations to cards in the App Switcher ($0.99 – review).

Safari No Bar Fullscreen – removes the Status Bar in Safari (free).

Safe Alarm Pro – lets you set custom alarm volume, vibration, snooze duration, and more ($0.99).

STUCalendar – replaces the Slide to Unlock text with the current date (free).

WatchBoard – the best Apple Watch-inspired Home screen replacement so far ($3.99 – review)

WiFried – fixes Wi-Fi problems on iOS 8 devices (free – post).

Tweaks that were updated this week

BioLockdown – protects apps, settings, and Control Center switches with Touch ID ($2.99 – past review).

BounceNotify8 – makes dock icons bounce when there is a pending notification (free)

HandsFree 2 – answers phone and FaceTime calls just by waving your hand above your device ($0.99 – past review).

iTouchSecure – easily fill out password fields using Touch ID ($4.99 – past review).

Lyricsxplorer – add or edit songs lyrics in the Music app directly from your device (free).

NCMemo – a quick note widget for Notification Center (free).

NowListening – shows a banner notification with info about the song currently playing, and more (free – past review).

PowerBanners – changes low power alerts to unobtrusive banners (free – past review).

Programmable SMS – lets you create, edit, and delete Activator actions to send text messages (free).

Smartwatch+ – a utility app for Pebble users ($4.99).

Virtual Home 8 – uses Touch ID sensors as a Home button replacement ($1.49 – past review)

WinterBoard – lets you safely and easily apply themes to your iOS device (free).

I won’t pretend this is a comprehensive list as I have probably missed a few new tweaks and have definitely not listed all updates in here, so feel free to chime in in the comments section below with your own additions.

  • Vatsal Manot

    I’ve got one word: Meh.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Reading your previous comments I see you know only one word : Meh.
      I’ve got three words: You are boring.

      • Cody

        I don’t understand why this guy is always commenting “meh”

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        He must be a goat.

    • Varun Soi

      We know its you what’s special?

      • mrmaster198

        can you show me where you found it?

      • mrmaster198

        nvm found it

      • Varun Soi


  • Don Bido

    what about appsync ??

    • JayDee917

      What about it?

    • AppSync Unified from Karen’s Pineapple Repo is what you want. It was last updated two weeks ago according to the changelog so doesn’t really belong in this post…

      Also in case anyones judging me (not that I care) I only have it installed on my device to use the GBA4iOS emulator…

      • Don Bido

        100000 thank’s

      • Guest

        but not working too 🙁

      • Don Bido

        working like magic 🙂

      • Dani Hayes

        I use it to sync old app versions I accidentally deleted so I can keep using hacks for them.

    • iDB will never cover tweaks that are related to piracy

      • Niclas


  • You can add MiniPlayer to this list 😉

    One of my favourite jailbreak tweaks which this week was updated for iOS 8…

    • Chris Buck

      Do you happen to know IF any tweaks conflict with miniplayer? I cannot get it to launch with many different activator setting tries. Does not show up on right side (or anywhere) screen to drag it open.

    • mike

      Know if MP works with Apple’s Remote app? Emailed the dev and got no response.

      • No it doesn’t (at least I don’t think it does). It would be cool if it did though since I quite often use the Remote App…

      • mike

        Yeah that would be really sweet. I would only use the tweak on my iPad, as I feel like the iPhone’s environment wouldn’t fit it. Unfortunately I don’t store music on my iPad though, just use the remote app to save space and time. I update playlists way too often hahah

  • ahmed

    Any news about when Vertex might be updated?

    • I’m still waiting for Velox, the app that came out, everyone paid for, and the developer ditched it and left it to the dogs

      • Andrew

        Velox was da bomb back on iOS 6. Can’t say I miss it too much now, though.

    • Andrew

      I can’t wait any longer :s I’m struggling without it.

  • Bob roberts

    in springtomize 3 the status bar section is not working but everything else is on!! def need 3g unrestrictor and airblue sharing the 8.1.1 jb is so smooth

    • TonyVee73

      On my iPhone 4S, Springtomize doesn’t work at all on 8.1.1

      • Chocolatewe

        :O uh oh im half way through restoring

  • David S

    when is ActionMenu going to be updated to run on 8.1?

    • Sebastian Godek

      Very good question. I wish it’s working on iOS 8 …
      Hopefully it will be updated soon 🙂
      I am also missing GRIDLOCK 🙁

      • FasiYoo


  • droid3000

    anyone still having an issue with jellylock? it still puts my phone in safemode everytime i install it

    • Kris

      Its working fine on my iPhone5 iOS 8.1 … install JellyLock7 with NoLockBounce

      • droid3000

        yeah that didnt work either

      • S Baker Hightower

        dont use app shortcuts

      • droid3000

        What do you mean by that?

  • The Time Traveller

    Still no Veency update 🙁
    Wish to whatsapp on my mac

    • intellectual traits

      I’m waiting too

      • The Time Traveller

        It’s out. And it’s amazing!

  • motti

    An idea: being about to sort tweaks by it’s ios compatible versions… All we need now it’s Saurik reading this. All in all cydia is awesome!!!

    • I think a more effective action would be to remove all of the ancient tweaks that are long forgotten and never updated.

      • Manjot Singh

        nah, there might be people on older devices so removing wouldnt be good, and that wouldnt be done by saurik, it would be individual repos… but still not a good idea

      • Or iOS specific sections/tabs within cydia although I could imagine that would be a bit of a ballache for whoever would have to sort it

  • Abdo

    Waiting for asphaleia and airblue sharing to be updated 🙂

    • Tim

      Airblue sharing works, you can send and receive files. Only problem is the import function so all files are just stored in the Airblue Sharing Folder, I think that’s gremlin framework which needs an update for the importing function.

  • Diance

    This is off-topic. Just wanna know if there’s anyone else getting the warning message and practically not charging when you use 3rd party lightning cable on iOS 8? It was perfectly fine on iOS 7 and I’d been looking for tweaks and similar workarounds for days but they were all to no avail

    • Johannes Mertens

      Try mikoto on angelxwinds repo. Look at the springboard Section.

      • Diance

        Downloaded and tried, still didn’t work on my phone. Thanks for the heads up anyway! Did it work on yours?

      • Johannes Mertens

        I only use amazons Lightning cables, which are Certified by Apple.

        But as far as i know if your cable still doesnt work After installing And Activating mikotos cable tweak it could be for Safety reasons. Look at the Note under mikotos toggle.

    • TonyVee73

      I have an Amazon Lightning cable and a Belkin Lightning cable and they work perfectly on my iPhone 5s.

  • Toon


  • Abdulla Hussain

    Is there any alternative to Infinidock ?

    • Not that I’ve found this far. Why would you want one? Infinidock works perfectly

      • Max

        Does it really???

  • Vvbreaker

    WatchBoard everyone!

    • TechLove

      Are you jobless? 😮

      • Vvbreaker

        Lol never said it was me who did the layout, it’s from Reddit.

    • Andrew Breyen

      whoa. My watch-board looks horrible, and the icons wont go where I want them to go when I drag them 🙂

  • TonyVee73

    Springtomize has been updated to support 8.1.1

  • Jay N Patel

    caution before updating: Springtomize doesn’t work on 8.1.1.

    • TonyVee73

      It seems to be working fine on my iPhone 4S

    • Chris

      It was updated yesterday with 8.1.1 support, it was again updated today with fixes.

    • nfinite

      springtomize gives me crashes on 8.1.1..

  • Dylan Tyler

    Does anybody know if these tweaks work on 8.1.1

    • Chris

      Most tweaks do but anything modifying the springboard might not, I have seen people listing tweaks in reddit so best to go check the jailbreak channel out.

  • iUser2012

    iCleaner has been also updated on Nov 29 with iOS 8 and iPhone 6(+) support

  • deepdvd

    I enjoy these posts. Thanks Sébastien!

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Great post Sébastien! Keep them coming! Loving them!

  • Keith S

    Does anyone have a good replacement for iPrivacy??

    NOT iBlacklist though.

    • Blacklisting is built into iOS now, is there anything specific that you’re after that you can’t accomplish with the stock option? (just curious)

      • Keith S

        more because it keeps the message for later review. iPrivacy was the best at locking photo albums, conversations, etc.

      • fernando

        how can you blacklist in ios

      • In recents and in the contacts list press the info button and scroll down to the bottom of that contact/recent and block this caller is there as an option

  • HeavyComponent

    Always looking forward to these posts to see what I can use.

  • CryptoCoin420

    I wish there a way to filter out anything that is not updated with iOS8 or whatever version you are on, I mean whats the point of being on ios8 and there are iOS 4 tweaks still available that come up in a search. Just a way to filter searches would be great.

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Any news on HapticPro ?

    • Chocolope Jailbreakush

      nvm found it.

      • mrmaster198

        Can you show me where you found it?

      • mrmaster198

        nvm found it

      • mrmaster198

        wait i lost it can you show me again

      • mrmaster198

        nvm found it

  • Rodney Coleman

    I paid for a few most I just got the hacked version

  • Any good free adblock tweaks for Safari?

    • Johannes Mertens

      BASIC adblocker. Google His repo.

  • Rigs101

    Any bite sms alternatives I dont want to pay $10 for another sms tweak only to have it stop working for the next jailbreak something cheaper

  • hnam311901

    Hello, Is there any tweak for Control Center that won’t make my phone crash ? I need screenshot, 3G/4G function 🙁 all other tweaks i test always make my ip6+ crash. Can some1 help me? Thanks alot

    • nfinite

      i’ve been using ccsettings.. works great..

      • hnam311901

        Is there anyway i can seperate 3G and 4G toggle ? my carrier does not have 4G so it always freeze my phone for like 2 mins if i toggle LTE up

      • Lallan

        Exact same issue I’m facing too . Please lemme know if you find something .

    • TonyVee73

      I’m using FlipControlCenter without any issues.

  • Cesar D

    I’m still waiting for flurry’s update

  • Latest winter board has so many issues. An update is needed badly! I went back to “15” version until it’s fixed.

  • MSiqueira

    Does anybody know what’s the difference between Virtual Home (that’s working fine in iOS 8.1) and Virtual Home 8, besides the apparent wish to monetize with a previously-free tweak …?

    • votdfak

      Few major differences… you can use reachability, additional tap to lock, timeout tap to unlock, etc…

      • MSiqueira

        Seems like worth a try. And it’s a great tweak after all…
        Thanks for the answer!

      • votdfak

        You’re welcome. Amazing tweak. Just be sure to update to the latest version, to avoid battery drain.

      • MSiqueira

        Purchased and installed VH 8 for 5 days now, without regrets.
        Good work must be praised, no matter what.

  • abdullah adhami

    where is Auxo until now ! !

  • Christopher Michael Cetinich

    Anyone know of an alternative for Canopy ?

  • A man

    Nice, thanks!

  • Cob


  • AshWin SuryaWanshi

    Springtomize is not support for new jailbreak 8.1.1!!!
    i need update

    • Chris

      It was updated twice yesterday, confirmed as working by many people including Filippo.

      • AshWin SuryaWanshi

        yeah!! its working now.. i tried it on first day jailbreak of 8.1.1 on that day in coming to not supported for your iOS .. now i just reinstall that package now its work awesome.. thanks chris!!

      • AshWin SuryaWanshi

        but some of springtomize options are not working properly

        like > hide status bars icons is not working and also rest of other

  • David chavez

    When is auki 2 and auxo or bitesms going to be updated

  • Kris

    Touchbar, Maximization, Dated are updated too !

  • Kris

    Auxo 2 …. most awaited !

  • Sachka

    Does anybody know any working tweak to enable Bluetooth keyboard activator shortcuts?

  • jalexcarter

    How the hell is BiteSMS STILL not updated!?!?!? Like cmon man!

    • Unicorn Drank

      I am wondering the same thing.

    • Ryan Rebar

      I read somewhere their main developer quit a few weeks ago and its going to take a lot longer now

      • ShawnTXDFW

        I read that too. Someone said up to 9 months or more if I’m not mistaken. Quite sad. BiteSMS is one of the main reasons why I JB to begin with.

  • Shahzad Malik

    Waiting for Safari Upload Enable

  • Keith S

    Unlimited icons in folders??

  • GaugePrower

    No update for Messages Customizer yet 🙁

  • ShawnTXDFW

    Is anyone else having problems with Safari crashing all the time. Can’t figure out what’s causing the crash. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • James Bailey

    It would be nice if they would update bitesms !!!!!

  • deedi

    need bitesms to be updated and working with ios8. i’m holding up because bitesms. anyone in the same boat?