Cydia refresh: 33 new and updated tweaks to check out

Cydia Expert mode iPhone 6

In case you were too busy trying to burn the calories you gulped down over Thanksgiving, you might have heard that a new jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 was released over the weekend. The TaiG jailbreak created the surprise, and to be honest, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around this release. But we’re not going to complain.

In the meantime, a lot of new jailbreak tweaks were released and updated. Some of them could be considered minor tweaks. Others definitely offer deeper functions. As we’ve been doing now for a few weeks, we bring you most of these new or updated tweaks in one convenient place so you don’t get lost into the mess that Cydia can be when it comes to discovery.

New tweaks released this week

AdaptiveCC – resizes Control Center so it takes less screen space (free).

AdvancedSettings8 – tap and hold the Settings app icon to bring up advanced settings (free).

AlwaysFirstSwipe – always brings up Notification or Control Centers when first swiping in a fullscreen app (free).

AppelLocker – allows you to unlock apps with your face ($0.99).

AppHeads – a new take on multitasking inspired by Facebook ChatHeads ($4.99 – review).

Automa – a smart tweaks that remembers the options you chose for popup alerts ($1.99).

CCfix 8 – a fix for Control Center sometimes not opening from the Lock screen (free).

Centrum – brings OS X Yosemite Notification Center layout to iPad ($0.99).

DathUI – customize various aspects of your device’s user interface ($2.50).

Facebook Messenger Essentials – lets you tweak a few aspects of the Messenger app (free).

Instagram No Bar – removes the Status Bar from the Instagram app (free).

LockStatusClock – replaces the Lock screen Notification Center grabber with the time (free).

NoLongPressKeys – disables the long press key actions on the stock keyboards (free).

noNoSimAlert 8 – removes the “No SIM Card Installed” alert when there is no SIM in the phone (free).

NoPhotosCollections – removes the Photos Collections tab from the Photos app (free).

Pyx – adds animations to cards in the App Switcher ($0.99 – review).

Safari No Bar Fullscreen – removes the Status Bar in Safari (free).

Safe Alarm Pro – lets you set custom alarm volume, vibration, snooze duration, and more ($0.99).

STUCalendar – replaces the Slide to Unlock text with the current date (free).

WatchBoard – the best Apple Watch-inspired Home screen replacement so far ($3.99 – review)

WiFried – fixes Wi-Fi problems on iOS 8 devices (free – post).

Tweaks that were updated this week

BioLockdown – protects apps, settings, and Control Center switches with Touch ID ($2.99 – past review).

BounceNotify8 – makes dock icons bounce when there is a pending notification (free)

HandsFree 2 – answers phone and FaceTime calls just by waving your hand above your device ($0.99 – past review).

iTouchSecure – easily fill out password fields using Touch ID ($4.99 – past review).

Lyricsxplorer – add or edit songs lyrics in the Music app directly from your device (free).

NCMemo – a quick note widget for Notification Center (free).

NowListening – shows a banner notification with info about the song currently playing, and more (free – past review).

PowerBanners – changes low power alerts to unobtrusive banners (free – past review).

Programmable SMS – lets you create, edit, and delete Activator actions to send text messages (free).

Smartwatch+ – a utility app for Pebble users ($4.99).

Virtual Home 8 – uses Touch ID sensors as a Home button replacement ($1.49 – past review)

WinterBoard – lets you safely and easily apply themes to your iOS device (free).

I won’t pretend this is a comprehensive list as I have probably missed a few new tweaks and have definitely not listed all updates in here, so feel free to chime in in the comments section below with your own additions.