LockGlyph Lock screen

LockGlyph is a brand new tweak available on the Cydia store that brings the Apple Pay confirmation animation to the Lock screen. If you own a Touch ID enabled device like the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 Plus, you can unlock your device using fingerprint authentication, and enjoy a nice Apple Pay-inspired animation and sound during the process.

I’ve taken a spin with LockGlyph on video. Check inside to see some of the tweak’s pluses and minuses.

The big plus with LockGlyph is how good it looks. The Apple Pay confirmation animation is pretty slick, and this tweak allows you to see said animation, and hear the corresponding sound, every time you unlock your device.

Unfortunately, the animation isn’t very practical from a timing standpoint. Using LockGlyph adds another second to a second and a half extra to the unlock process. For many, that will be a deal breaker. It certainly is for me.

The good news is that you can quickly enable and disable LockGlyph from the stock Settings app via a handy kill switch. No respringing is required when toggling the animation on or off.

LockGlyph Kill Switch

If you want to try LockGlyph, you can do so free of charge. Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo to try it out today. Once you do, be sure to leave a comment down below with your thoughts on the tweak.

  • Jesse

    Would like if I could mute the sound without the mute switch.

    • I emailed the developer about that and he said he would add the option within 24hrs. Maybe even speed settings in the future too.

      • Jesse

        Seems like a really responsive developer, I know I don’t respond that quickly when people email me about apps/tweaks.

      • Well I found out about this tweak on another site earlier today. Took him about an hour to respond which is still pretty quick.

      • It must have been a popular request, I too emailed the dev asking about that

      • The update is live now. Faster unlock and sound options.

  • john diaz

    Nice tweak but it slows down the unlocking process by like 3-4 seconds

    • Ali

      Maybe 1-2 seconds. But it has the cool factor!

      • Jesse

        Not when your in a hurry!

      • Ali

        Can’t wait a second? If you can’t, then don’t install it. Simple 🙂

      • Jesse

        Or turn it off, it’s cool just not for practicality.

    • Evan

      Yep, submitted an update that allows you to shorten the animation.

  • Chocolatewe

    ty jeff

  • Rock Lee

    Tried it, removed it. Don’t get me wrong, the animations look very nice and all. But it just takes more time to unlock the device. The animation takes up a little time as well. I want to unlock the screen as fast as possible (while being safe), that’s the whole point of TouchID. With this tweak it just takes a little more time before you’ll get to the homescreen. So, yeah it looks cool. But kinda is pointless as I want to unlock my phone as fast as possible.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      It has been updated to feature a new option to configure the animation speed.

      • Kelvin Lieu

        how do i access these options

      • CryptoCoin420


  • Chris

    Like others the delay made me remove it.

    • Chris

      One thing I found while testing this tweak is that it can trigger safe mode if you press your home button and trigger Touch ID at the same time.

      • Slacker

        Doesn’t happen over here.

      • Chris

        It only happens in very rare cases

  • Chinch07

    This is something that should be a no brainer for Apple in stock iOS. Although a lot of times if I press the home button and leave my finger on it when the screen is off, it doesn’t show me the lock screen and just goes right to my homescreen.

  • Serge Bodin

    Very nice tweak. Very generous of the developer to make it free.

  • mike

    I love the concept. Using this in conjunction with the Quick Unlock from Virtual Home really ties my new phone together. Definitely recommend Virtual Home to anyone with TouchID.

    • Kingmoe738

      Thanks. Didn’t know about this tweak and installed it after I read your post. Have been playing around with it for 10 minutes and already love it!

    • Chris

      Quick unlock however doesn’t work as the lock screen has to be visible for LockGlyph to respond.

      • mike

        Works perfectly for me. Just hold your finger on the TouchID button, Virtual Home activates the screen, and LockGlyph responds. If it’s not working for you, maybe try toggling some settings.

  • This tweak needs a control center / flipswitch toggle!

  • Quang

    I love this tweak! 🙂

  • Joseph

    Would this work on the iPad Air 2?

    • Chris

      It works on any Touch ID enabled device.

    • cc62

      Yes it works but in landscape its not visible tough.

  • Varun Soi

    But why for ios8 only why!:(

    • ✌️

      Sadly everyone is going to forget about IOS 7 pretty soon. No more capability

      • Varun Soi

        But i don’t want to update to ios8 yet Because mosty useful tweaks are not compatible yet..but i am afraid for ios8.1.1 release.!

      • ✌️

        I’m in that same position

      • Varun Soi

        Exactly we should make a final decision now before release of ios8.1.1!

      • James G

        With Pangu for Mac now out, there really is no point in waiting. All the tweaks you use on 7.1.2 will probably be updated for iOS 8 really soon but 8.1.1 is right around the corner and will end the current jailbreak.

        So your options are:

        Stick on 7.1.2…with what you’ve got, and without all that iOS 8 brings (and jailbreak tweaks will continue to add to 8.0 and above only)


        Upgrade to 8.1, jailbreak, and wait for your tweaks to get updated.

        But if you wait too long, you won’t have a choice any longer.

      • ✌️

        When’s the next jailbreak if we decide to stay on 7.1.2 ?

      • James G

        If we’re lucky, 8.2 or 8.3 which are rumored to be released in the early months of 2015. But it’s very possible that another one won’t come until iOS 9 next fall.

        iOS 8.1 is a pretty stable release and supports all current devices up to the iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3. iOS 8.2 will probably come out when the Apple Watch hits.

      • ✌️

        Did you make up your mind ?

      • Varun Soi

        Its really hard but i really appreciate what james said..i think we should make a move!

  • jake kneller

    The tweak has updated and added the option to turn off the sound and the check mark

  • The sound and check are nice; I bet there is a way to speed it up

    • CryptoCoin420

      Springtomize needs updating and i bet it will speed the animations up! I just turned off the check mark, much better.

  • Paul Edmund

    I don’t see much of a delay. I’m keeping it.

  • Rob

    Much better after the update, I removed it quickly after installing yesterday because of the lengthy animation and no ‘sound off’ option. Would be even better if you could adjust the size & position of the animation

  • Pablo

    Funny, once I emailed Surenix (after the release of Asphaleia) suggesting him this idea, just more Asphaleia-like (obviously without the tick, etc.)…he never even answered back

  • Josh

    installed it today, it has option to disable sound and also has a option to disable to the animation. I like it and the extra second or so doesn’t bother me….

  • rahal singh

    luv this tweak!

  • Erick Hernández

    i cant download any tweak from cydia, is empty!???

  • Set Over Set

    Lockglyph doesnt work for me…. anyone know of any conflicts with anyother tweaks? Iphone 6+ ios8.1.2… just jailbroke a few days ago…only a handfull of tweaks so far

  • Shuvra Podder

    this works on iPhone 5 too, as a tap to unlock device. WOW!!!!!

  • djess

    i downloaded this tweak and now has blocked my iphone 5s, ios 8.4
    its asking for passcode. pls help me

  • Fabio Santos Da Silva

    Don’t install it! I took a while to realize that such app was slowing down and compromising my iphone 6 plus performance