If you find it difficult to type on large screen iOS devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6, then HandyKey is a jailbreak tweak that you may derive real benefits from. The tweak, which is available for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, brings the ability to add a one-handed keyboard for right-handed or left-handed iPhone users.

Users who use HandyKey have the option of forcing the iOS keyboard to always open to HandyKey when the keyboard is invoked, or a two-finger swipe gesture on the keyboard can be used to orientate it as needed. Have a look at our video inside for additional details and a hands-on demonstration.

HandyKey works relatively well when typing with one-hand. I tend to keep my iPhone held in my left hand, so I used the left-orientated HandyKey keyboard during my testing.

I found that HandyKey allowed me to type on my iPhone more effectively with one hand. Even though I have big hands, it still takes a bit of concentrated effort for me to accurately reach the backspace key, or any other keys on the far right side of the keyboard. HandyKey eliminates that issue.

But one thing that you should keep in mind is that HandyKey makes the actual keyboard keys smaller. There’s only so much area that’s available for the keyboard, and when you move it over to one side of the screen, compromises must be made with regard to key size. It does take some adjustment to get used to the smaller keys, but I found that I could live with the compromise after some time.


Set HandyKey’s default mode via its preferences

Another thing to note is that the HandyKey keyboard only works in portrait mode, and it doesn’t work on apps that require Root (iFile, Cydia, etc.) access. I don’t consider any of these issues to be deal breakers, since you’re probably not doing much one-handed typing while in landscape mode, or while using Cydia and/or iFile.

HandyKey is available right now on Cydia, and it comes with my recommendation if you’re big on one-handed typing. What do you think about HandyKey? Is there anything you’d change about it? Sound off down below in the comments.

  • Anon 2.0

    What I don’t get is, why didn’t Apple do this first? were they that lazy to put that piece of code in iOS 8.1?

    • nonchalont

      Exactly. I thought for sure that would be a feature to the i6 & 6+.

    • Steven Code

      because they don’t want people seeing that they were fully coying Samsung lol

      • Chetan

        No actually samsung copies from everywhere and this feature was first implemented by Sony then samsung copied it..

      • Eric Castro

        can you really call this “copying” a feature at all? it’s common sense. if you put double-tap on touchID to reach the top of the screen with your thumb, do something about the keyboard as well.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      It’s because when people text nowadays, they use two hands for faster typing

  • Murat Özakat


  • ClaudieX X

    In the middle option is also good because… In my everyday use I realize that being left handed is difficult to reach the P, the backspace and the return key…
    Right handed people problem could be Q, shift key and 123 key

  • GzyOnline

    This is PRETTY fLippin’ AWESOME!! Mann, I <3 MY JAILBREAK community!! 😀

    • Tyler Smith

      calm….. don’t break anything…

  • Tyler Smith

    I can understand this on the 6+ but the six? I am gonna be honest. I don’t have the biggest hands but I have no issue..

  • Aaron

    Why is it jailbreak tweak and not just a third-party keyboard? I mean, the first thing I’m going to do with my 6+ when it comes in the mail is jailbreak it, and I’m liekly to get this tweak, but I just don’t see why this is a tweak…

    • Merman123

      Well there are third party keyboards on the app store that do this. Check out “One handed keyboard” or “Blink”. Not sure how well they work, but they exist out of the jailbreak community.

      • Robin de Groot

        These apps (in the official App Store) can be used with one hand: Blink Keyboard, Squishkey, One Handed Keyboard,

  • Christian Marcelo

    Jeff, so the dictation microphone still works? the developer for the handy key just basically shrunk the keys with no other modifications? is it stable? This is really the only thing I really need as far as jailbreaking my iPhone 6 Plus…I’ve been a jailbreaker in the past but all I really want is as functional iPhone

  • yeah; this is for the plus; no issues with the 6

  • randomGuy

    use two hands to enable one handed keyboard, cool

  • Dapo

    Would be cool if it worked with activator for a better one handed gesture to activate the once handed keyboard

  • Martynet

    I have both 6+ and 6 and there is no need for this on iPhone 6 I think.. It actually feels tiny when I’m used to 6+ :D. And iPhone 4S feels like ULTRA small…

  • M L

    Just updated with activator link update.

  • Aaron

    How does this play with upscaled apps?