iOS 8 Jailbreak passcode fix cydia substrate

At this point in time, running Cydia on a jailbroken iPhone can still be a bit confusing for users who aren’t always knee-deep in this stuff. One of the biggest issues encountered when running Cydia on a jailbroken iOS 8 device at the moment involves using the passcode and Touch ID.

After installing Cydia on a jailbroken iOS 8 device, many are reporting that establishing a passcode sends them into a bootloop. I verified that I encountered the same issue.

Let me just preface this by saying that the problems encountered here are no fault of the Pangu team or of Saurik. This jailbreak is a work in progress, and we’ve been advised that the jailbreak is only for developers at the moment. That said, many of you are adventurous and want to take the plunge as soon as possible; as do I.

In this video, I share an unsanctioned workaround to the boot loop issue. I show you how to establish a passcode on a device with Cydia and Cydia Substrate installed. I’ve tested this out, and have recorded the entire Cydia installation process for your convenience. Have a look inside for the full tutorial.

Disclaimer: Although I can verify that this tutorial has worked okay for me, you are doing this at your own risk. This isn’t sanctioned or recommended by Saurik. You are on your own if you do this. I personally recommend waiting for Saurik to release an updated Cydia build, but it’s up to you whether or not you wish to do this.

Step 1: Jailbreak a clean install of iOS 8.x with Pangu. Avoid enabling any passcode or Touch ID

Step 2: Open the Pangu app and install OpenSSH

Step 3: Download, which contains the files needed to install Cydia and a patch for the passcode bootloop issue

Step 4: Connect to your iPhone via CyberDuck (Windows users can use WinSCP)

Step 5: Drag the two Cydia files to your iPhone’s /private/var/root/ directory

Step 6: Execute the following command by going to Go → Send Command:

dpkg --install cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb

Step 7: Reboot your device

Step 8: Navigate to /usr/libexec/cydia/ and overwrite the file with the patched file included in the file that you downloaded in step 3

Step 9: Reboot your device

Step 10: Open Cydia and perform any updates that are available (you may be asked to reboot upon installation)

Step 11: Open Cydia and install Activator (to test). This will install all of the needed Substrate files as well

Step 12: Add a passcode to your device via Settings → Passcode

Step 13: Reboot your device

If you device rebooted without a reboot loop, congratulations! You just installed Cydia and used a passcode.

Sound off with your thoughts and tips in the comments below. Special thanks to Clayfreeman for the patch.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    doin it right now!

  • (I have made a very conscious decision to not test any new Cydia releases against devices that have performed any of these hacks, and if anyone has any issues with essentially any package of mine after I release the final official version of Cydia, the first question is going to be “did you do an unofficial hack” and if the answer is “yes” you will not receive any help.)

    • Todd Young

      Makes complete sense. Folks just need to be patient for a stable jailbreak.

      • NP92

        Not about being patient, but after uofficial cydia, make a clean install of iOS is ALWAYS Best before doing jailbreak.

        And saurik your King! When are the cydia there? Any idea? Are we almost there?:)

      • cody ppc

        Isn’t it correct to say that restoring your device to 8.1, which removes the jailbreak, will fix and replace any files that these hacks that could have messed up? as long as you don’t brick it, you can always restore back to factor condition. If I’m wrong, please correct me so i don’t make the mistakes in the future.

    • NP92

      Do you have any idea when there Will be a release mate?

    • Saurik, and that’s why I explicitly stated that this was _not_ sanctioned by you under any circumstances. Folks going into this have to know that they’re on their own in this regard. I do recommend that people just be patient and wait, but I’ve had a lot of demand asking for this. Thanks for your hard work!

      • Vince Reedy

        Official hack = oxymoron

    • Tom Canuck

      It’s a good work around though. Anyone who doesn’t restore/rejailbreak once you release a proper fix is a fool and deserves no help. But, until you release a proper fix this is better than advising people not use passcodes. Also, an iPhone without touch id is rough (after having had it prior)

      • My advice is not “don’t use a passcode”, it is “don’t install Cydia unless you are working on doing platform tests: it is not yet ready to be used on your main device”.

      • Yep. That’s what’s been preached since day one. Developers only. And to be fair, this was stated by the Pangu team as well.

      • NP92

        If just folks did a clean iOS install before they were out of Many probs, NOT all. I have sleekcode installed, barrel, appsync, PASSCODE. No errors, also i have few other tweaks.

      • czarczarczar

        Same here , no issues…….Yet

      • titi

        Appsync from witch repo?

      • Keith k

        I think he’s referring to appcake. Appcake has a beta right now, that doesn’t require appsync. Maybe I’m wrong.

      • titi


      • Kassem Ajjan

        Appsync from where ??

      • Mohamed Zidane

        AppSync from which repo?

      • Oscar Barajas

        So he’s just talking about messing around with the Cydia files to setup a password or about using the pangu install and setting up cydia with ssh before it’s officially bundled with pangu?

      • Messing with the files to make passcodes work; I fully support an upgrade path from Cydia 1.1.13 installed manually to the upcoming 1.1.14.

      • Oscar Barajas

        Wait, I’m confused now. So you’re ok with people installing Cydia with SSH as long as they don’t mess with the files to make passwords work or not?

      • WonkieInc

        In a convoluted way, yes you’re correct.

      • Oscar Barajas

        Well he’s the one that said two different things in two different comments. That’s why it confused me.

      • WonkieInc

        Basically he’s fine with people installing Cydia over SSH, why would he not be?

        He’s not fine, however, with people trying to patch core system files to fix an issue in a way that may possibly prevent it being fixed properly by the next Cydia update.

        Everyone should take Beetling’s advice on this one:

        “Hey, this is a bad idea. If you need to use a passcode and want your device jailbroken, it’s much better to use the Pangu jailbreak and just not install Cydia yet, and wait a few days for updates.
        Directly modifying files has a ton of room for problems, and people who do these steps will probably have to restore to prepare for the upcoming updated version of Cydia. What if Apple stops signing iOS 8.1 before you get a chance to restore to 8.1?”

      • Ғцск Оғғ

        Saruik , i deleted my gmail account, i forgot i have connected to cydia, is there anyway i can get account back for my iphone6 plus.

    • czarczarczar

      So is the end of Cydia ?

      • Ali

        Where the heck did you get that from?

      • NP92

        What ???

      • Chris

        Here I sit wondering why your name isn’t “crazycrazycrazy” instead.

      • Huh? What the…How did you come up with this low-intelligence-level question?

    • Riar Jotz

      I’m so surprised to see your Jay Freeman (Saurik) comment.. A legend so glad

    • Is there a ETA for the final official version of Cydia. Can’t wait any more.

    • VitoM

      What about upgrading Cyntact? It’s difficult for Cydia’s creator to update a simple tweak?

    • Walter White

      I think you should update your greatfull fellowers a bit more. Give us a slight hint of the progress of the full – public release – jailbreak.

      I say thank you
      We say thank you

    • Wolfer

      Im using ur Cydia fallowing the instructions given from the first day, and only installed all the tweaks that are officially updated by its owners ass Activator. I think I will pass this trick because I do not want to loose any help I can get from you Saurick and the Pangu Team. I know u are working together as a team I think. So I will continue without the passcode, fingerprint. But can I at least turn on Find my iPhone after the update of Pangu trough its app, few days ago? I had to restore already 3 times and restore then from backup that took me about 3 hrs. Because I have like 3000 pcs, music, 250 apps, etc. do not want to test any new thing until everything is corrected from ur side and Pangu side. Thanks for all ur hard work Saurick. Been fallowing u since a year or more on tweeter and always think without u Jailbreaked iPhone not be the same. Cydia is the best place right now to installe tweaks etc. only think I will love is that repo owners cleans their repo from very old stuff that at this years are usless and for people that do not know about all this can fall installing something that was lets said for a 3gs, and he had a 5s. Braking its phone and sending him to itunes to restore. NOT ME!!! I study computers and love technoly, been jailbreaking since iOS 3.1 I think. 38 years old phycicist here and windows programmer, english is not my first language just in case. Thanks to all that hass been good for the jailbreak comunity, but I hate when some devs or programmers sold for money to the companys, or the gov. God bless u there all. I LOVE IDB TOO!!!! Always read it, my first place all the morning to read what I love. Love my iPhones, iPads, but hate my Shamesung devices!!! Haha they are all inside my drawers taking dust!!! Hated android os since the first day i saw it. Think Sun system(an old comp os) is way better and lynux from a sertain point of viw(if u understand what I mean) God bless u all here, my friends, my haters, and well the people that answers me in good ways but that we do not know each other. God bless us all

    • The only reason I’m not attempting this fix is because once you(saurik) has a fix I wouldn’t want to risk interfering with this mod/hack. Im okay with using it for now with no PW or Touch ID.

  • czarczarczar

    Instead of doing all this, Can’t you just install the jailbreak the regular way and just remove the passcode/Touch ID before u install a new tweak or wait to add a Passcode/Touch ID after u installed all ur needed tweaks?

    • randomkid9600

      at the moment if you put a passcode on your jailbroken device it will freeze on the apple logo when you reboot the device.

      • czarczarczar

        So basically remove the passcode when u need to reboot?

    • Drew Carr


  • Vighnesh Manick

    I just removed my passcode and installed AndroidLockXT

    • Ali


    • Allusion

      Wat version of AndroidlockXT you have?

      • Vighnesh Manick


    • Put device in safe mode –> Oops no passcode!

  • Josh

    That’s weird I just installed a fresh iOS 8.1 on my iPhone 6 then jailbreak it and it worked awesome with the Touch ID. No problem and I even did a restore to my backup and still no problems

    • Lance Baker

      Did you reboot yet?

      • Josh

        Yeah many times

      • NP92

        Also respringed.

      • Josh

        Same here

    • NP92

      Thats what i said ! U2, thats good, from Day 1 pangu came with iOS 8, no probs on my iPhone 6 plus.

  • WonkieInc

    Ah Jeff.

    while I understand that it’s kinda your job to be informative and all, and post all relevant news to the jailbreak scene, I gotta say I disagree with this article.

    As Saurik has basically said, this should not be done. This article should never have been posted. It’s like a million of the other things like this that have been posted on /r/jailbreak of late, it should not be posted, and certainly no one should do it.

    Everyone should take Beetling’s advice on this one:
    “Hey, this is a bad idea. If you need to use a passcode and want your device jailbroken, it’s much better to use the Pangu jailbreak and just not install Cydia yet, and wait a few days for updates.
    Directly modifying files has a ton of room for problems, and people who do these steps will probably have to restore to prepare for the upcoming updated version of Cydia. What if Apple stops signing iOS 8.1 before you get a chance to restore to 8.1?”

    • I understand your concern. Though, I think I prefaced the tutorial with enough warnings to make people aware of the risk, and even went as far as to recommend against it. People who want to do this will find a tutorial similar to this elsewhere anyway, I figure. As far as Apple signing/not signing a firmware, well, there’s always a risk in that for some.

      • WonkieInc

        Yes there were a lot of warnings. But iDownloadBlog is seen as an incredibly reputable, trustworthy site for jailbreak related information.

        So simply because it was posted by Jeff Benjamin on iDownloadBlog, a fair amount of users are likely to completely ignore any warnings and just do it anyway.

        No, you aren’t to blame for any damage or issues they may cause. But in my opinion, and I’m assuming Saurik’s as well as many others, you should have posted a warning against it with no guide.

      • Vince Reedy

        What would be the point of posting an article with no information in it?

        At any rate, thanks for the information Jeff. I am not a developer so I have made the choice to stay away until a public release. There, I have read every article about the iOS 8 jailbreak and despite the instructions how to do it, have made the decision to steer clear. Not that hard.

      • WonkieInc

        I’m not saying to not have information.

        I was meaning an article basically to say “hey guys this hack is out as a workaround for the passcode bug, but it’s dangerous and no one should do it.” and not include a perfect walkthrough tutorial video.

        But anyway, full public release is now out. Go wild!

      • Lakh Jhajj

        We Jailbreak our devices. So we all are hackers in Apple’s eyes anyways. So whats the difference if someone helped us to get the Passcode working on our ios 8 device. Whats the big deal. Who ever wants to go ahead perform this method to get passcode back to working should do it on their own risk.

        Jeff is a reporter , he runs a very informative website and he is very good in his job. And its his job to bring the news out whatever the news is. Yeah he is responsible to tell his readers what are the plus and minus of doing something like this and he did warn in his video and in this post. So i dont think he is done something he shouldnt be doing.

        On a side note , even if the official package from Saurik or Cydia or Pangu is out to fix this , they still say amd warn us ” do it at your own risk”

      • WonkieInc

        A lot of people share a very similar opinion on this matter, including Saurik and Beetling.

        Things like this cause headaches and issues and wasted time for saurik, so why should why have guides on how to do them? Sure, post the information ABOUT the hack/workaround, but I do not believe that a tutorial should have been posted.

        regardless, the official fix is out now so enjoy that!

      • Lakh Jhajj

        Jeff, i am proud of you. You are a very good source for all of us who enjoy Apple amd Jailbreaking. And i wanna thank you for all the effort and hardwork you put in to get us the info we need. You are a very good blogger,reporter,journalist and i love your videos. Keep upthe good work.

        And regarding this post, i personally think you gave what people and your readers wanted. You warned very clearly that this method may not even be valid by the time this post goes up and perform at your own risk. What else can you do. You are just doing your job, and its your duty to bring the information whatever it is good or bad out to the public. And thats what you did. That brings me to say that you are very good at your job. Keep it up. Dont let this get to you.

        Always a fan!!

    • NP92

      If Apple stop sign? How the f… Can that be jeff’s fault, our or someone Else. Jess Said Like saurik. Its NOT a good idea, wait and do it right, and for u guys who cant wait and Want to learn and learn to other time, here how i did it.

      And for u jeff: u are great, u did your perfect job agian.:)

      • WonkieInc

        Never said apple stopping signing was Jeff’s fault lol I copy pasted Beetling’s comment for that part

    • Frostybrutality

      Lets be real here. Many of you are NOT developers nor have done anything like this and rely on websites (like iDB) to get you through things like jailbreaking. When I run into issues programming i venture out to find information. Its normal. Proceed with the utmost caution if you have to have it, but for real, don’t rely on this.

      Now that this has been posted many of you will attempt to do this. Thats Great! You get to use SSH for more than just installing Cydia! However it is a dangerous thing to do especially to your main device. (Im sure this isn’t done on a non daily driver) This can obviously in all (if not mostly all) cases be fixed by restoring. Who wants to keep doing that? Wait for an official fix. Patience is the true gift of a jailbreak.

      Saurik, I am glad you made that decision. It is only fair. The risks have been more than exhausted here and other places.

  • Ponyboy_Park

    it works

  • Rex

    Do it at your OWN risk, and please stop whining!!

  • cubsfan

    is this even saurik

  • Guest

    I’m so surprised to see Jay Freeman (Saurik) comment.. A legend so glad

  • Jayden McDuff

    the Jay Freeman “saurik” that is commenting here is a fake. he is using a clone twitter account

    • Antzboogie

      Are you sure?

      • Frostybrutality

        Do not feed the Trolls

      • Jayden McDuff

        okay, I will try

      • Jayden McDuff

        Yes, check out his profile

    • Eyal Rotem

      it’s not his twitter account, it’s his disqus acocunt.

  • Antzboogie

    Thank you for this I know your just trying to help so I know we appreciate it. We take both advices on what to do.

  • iPodDroid

    “Patience have you must young one”-Yoda

  • Mohamad

    Be paitint !!

  • Fluke Zaa

    Work on Touch id?

  • Jonathan

    Can someone state if “restoring” the device using “Erase all contents and settings” enables you to jailbreak without issues ?

    • Fanboy 

      No, if you did an Over The Air Update then you’ll want to plug it into iTunes and click “Restore”, not “Update”. Over The Air Updates in the past have been known to cause issues when wanting to jailbreak.

      • Alex

        I originally updated to 8.1 over air, then after reading a similar comment on youtube, plugged in to itunes, backed up my phone, then restored the back up, will this prevent these problems.

      • Jonathan

        I didn’t do an over the air update, I did it using iTunes, I just don’t want to jailbreak right now, I’m asking if I would be able to erase all contents and settings and jailbreak then. In case the available version then won’t be jailbreakable…

  • Arno

    i have a .DS_Store file too…

  • Jake Barbour

    thanks jeff even though i use android lock

  • faz

    waaaa, now you can be part of saurik team

  • yungcinnabun

    Has anyone had problems trying to update App Store apps mine go all the way then stop and won’t install

  • Terrence Mobley

    I previously had Pangu/Cydia installed but removed it due to the bugs. After the update to fix these issues I reinstalled Pangu but cydia refuses to install on the latest Pangu version. Anyone else have this problem? Assistance please!

    • kokeropie

      I got similar problem. The way I did install cydia was restore in iTunes, jailbreak with Pangu 1.01, install cydia then update pangu .02. If you update pangu first then install cydia, cydia can’t be installed. At least that is what I experience.

  • Hosam Nasr

    I dont own an iOS8 devices , but looking to the proplem (symlink and stuff) .. This patch can be easily removed without restoring and rejailbreaking .. Then it wont be an isuue when the offical cydia come out , i think Saurik should have mentioned that instead of making a big deal out of nothing .. Community work , people !

  • Cutty636

    I’m using iAppLock with great success, it’s essentially the same as having a passcode, but with no touch id as of yet.

  • Alex

    Will we be able to use Find my Iphone too?

  • Terrence Mobley

    That turned out to be the remedy thanks!

  • Alex

    So if I jailbreak now, but don’t install Cydia yet, I can still use passcode and Find My iPhone without boot loops when I reboot? Yes or No?

  • Daniel Leonard

    My question is if this patch works why has it not been implimented into cydia?

  • Walter White

    Damn , they get me so excited for this jailbreak. I hope it releases tonight , I can’t take this any longer

  • Rawdawgragland

    Jeff, can this hack be accomplished on a device with tweaks, cydia substrate etc. already installed or does it need to be freshly jailbroken to be patched in this manner? I know this isn’t official and it’s not advised but I’d like to at least have the sound mind that if my device is lost or misplaced I’m able to locate it with Find iPhone and that my information is password protected. Great work Jeff! BIG UP Saurik thank you for all that you do!

  • joseph letera

    on my iPhone 5s it dos not go to the boot loop for me

  • Sean Keenan

    Jailbreaking just isn’t worth it anymore

  • Lucas Rey

    Works perfect. Thanks IDB! 🙂

  • californialove

    update pushed for cydia installer 🙂 can now have passcodes!

  • T maC

    Eyoooooo cydia updated passcode etc working 🙂

  • T maC

    Is there any themes working on ios yet?

  • Mona299

    I can see cydia installer in Pangu app!

  • iKhalil

    I’m still in rebooting after restore with a backup security copy in my iPhone 5s 🙁

  • Meera

    i used a passcode with my iPhone without using those steps, now my iPhone isn’t working tho, HELP!!!