iOS 8 Jailbreak Screenshot

Now that Cydia Substrate has been updated, many jailbreak developers are rushing to update their apps and tweaks for iOS 8. But did you know that many jailbreak tweaks, although they’ve not been officially updated, already work with iOS 8?

Inside, we break down 10 jailbreak releases that already play relatively nice with iOS 8, even though they may not have been officially updated. Check out our list, and add your own favorite tweaks in the comments to share with other readers. Full video after the break.

Note: Cydia’s purchasing system is down right now, and some of the items below, though not many, are paid apps. With that in mind, you will not be able to download any paid apps unless you’ve already purchased them in the past. This will be resolved once Saurik finishes updating Cydia for iOS 8. Also, not all apps and tweaks will work on the 6 or 6 Plus as of yet.


A staple jailbreak release. This is the tweak that you use to show what jailbreaking can do to those who are uneducated about jailbreaking. Barrel allows you to have use awesome transitions between Home screen pages.

StatusHUD 2

This tweak allows you to relocate the volume level indicator that appears in the middle of the screen to a more appropriate place—the status bar.


Interested in theming the iPhone’s battery indicator? If so, then Alkaline can do it for you. It comes bundled with three different themes, and more can be had via Cydia.


This is a desktop utility brought to the small screen that lets you warm up your screen to match lighting at night. For me, it’s an absolute staple on my Mac, and having it on my iPhone is a luxury that I tend to enjoy. If you do a lot of work at night, give f.lux a try, and tell me that it doesn’t make the experience more enjoyable for your aging eyes.


Lots of people, including several of iDB’s own, feel that the animations between switching apps is too slow in iOS. NoSlowAnimations fixes this issue by speeding up animations considerably.

Virtual Home

Virtual Home uses the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor to emulate presses of the Home button. Use it to invoke Siri, or use it to open the App Switcher. It’s a cool tweak that really highlights the potential of Touch ID in a jailbroken environment.


Zeppelin is a bit like Alkaline, except instead of theming your battery indicator, it allows you to theme your carrier logo. The tweak comes bundled with a heaping helping of carrier logos out of the box, with plenty more to choose from on Cydia.


Although I haven’t actually tried any WInterBoard themes that work with iOS 8 as of yet, the WinterBoard theming platform does work with iOS 8 right now. All it’ll take is for some of our favorite theme developers to update their themes, and we’re set.


This is one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks of all time, and for good reason. SwipeSelection allows you to swipe on the iPhone’s keyboard to move the cursor to an exact location while in a text field. It also allows you to swipe from the Shift key or Delete key to precisely select text.


Rounding out our list is JellyLock7. Of all of the tweaks listed, this one seems to be the most gimped thus far on iOS 8. The purpose of this tweak is to add an Android like Lock screen launcher to iOS. While the base launcher works, adding additional app shortcuts to launch does not as of yet. Stay tuned for an update.

This has been a list of 10 different jailbreak apps and tweaks that work on iOS 8 fairly well for the most part. For a bigger list of all compatible tweaks, check out our big list of jailbreak tweaks that work with iOS 8.

Are there any tweaks that I omitted from the video that you think I should have included? What tweaks and apps do you recommend trying? Please leave a comment below.

  • George Gabunia

    I cann’t install cydia :X please help me :X i am making everything step by step but i don’t have cydia icon on my screen :X please help me :X

    • Fevostone

      Make sure you do a full restore b4 jailbreaking

      • George Gabunia

        i have MAC and i cannot install pangu after restore :X

      • Fevostone

        Look for that post.

    • Rafael Costa


  • TwinSon

    here’s hoping Elite7 and ZoohBoy get updated quickly.

  • Jason Mauai

    Can anyone confirm MyWi is working with the iOS 8 jailbreak?

    • yermum


    • WonkieInc

      It’s not

  • George Gabunia

    can you give me the link?

    • craig

      ive just added it but its waiting to be approved

    • waqass

      http://www.idownloadblog com/2014/10/23/how-to-jailbreak-ios-8-x-with-pangu-on-mac-os-x-using-a-virtual-machine/

    • waqass

      http://www.idownloadblog com/2014/10/22/how-to-install-cydia-on-ios-8-video/

    • waqass

      http://www.idownloadblog com/2014/10/22/how-to-jailbreak-ios-8-1-with-pangu-1-0-1-video/

    • waqass

      add . and remove space before com

    • yermum

      Phuck stop being so lazy. Just go look back a couple if articles. He just posted it TODAY.

  • Bugzy

    Can you set a passcode on the iPhone 5s without making it crash after Jailbreaking it?

    • yungcinnabun

      NOOOO don’t do it Itll boot loop ur phone make sure u keep touch id and pass code off if u already did it just plug ur phone into iTunes and restart while holding home and lock button to get into recovery then hit update NOT restore when iTunes asks and it’ll keep all ur data and just remove the jailbreak

      • ur serious

      • Yes he is serious. I’ve already had to restore my iPad Air 2 once because of this issue. There are many issues with the jailbreak right now hence why it’s only meant for developers and people that are reasonably good at fixing things if something goes wrong (because at least one thing will go wrong

      • Kyle

        Sadly I just learned this the hard way. Time to restore and try again 😀

      • Zac

        Help dude. I started restore and update and saw ur comment. So I held the home button and lock button while connected to the computer. Now the computer can’t detect it.

      • yungcinnabun

        Plug it in and hold the home button and lock button it’ll power down keep holding both this whole time til it starts back up in recovery mode probably about 15-20
        seconds then it should ask if u wanna restore or update just hit update if it doesn’t ask then just hold shift and click check for update and it should let u pick which ispw you want to load goodluck

    • yermum

      You csnt

      • Alex Kitchener

        You might wanna edit this?

    • Jonathan

      Nope, you’ll get a bootloop. I’d wait for a Pangu update to solve that. (I don’t think it’s Cydia/Cydia Substrate)

      • Bugzy

        Thx. Will wait on an update.

  • Beta382

    >Cydia’s purchasing system is down right now

    This is misleading and somewhat incorrect. Cydia’s purchasing system is working just fine. Saurik is currently refusing to allow purchases on devices running iOS 8 or above until such a time comes that enough core packages are compatible. This is not a result of something being “down”, and is completely intentional.

    A quote taken from reddit (someone quoting the red warning text on top of the Cydia homepage):

    >We haven’t yet turned on the ability to buy products via the Cydia Store on iOS 8; that will come later when more of the core platform packages have been updated and tested to work.

    • It’s down, and disabled. I don’t think that’s misleading at all.

      • Beta382

        “Down” implies that it isn’t accessible from anywhere, or that it isn’t working at all. This isn’t the case (for example, it works just fine if you are on iOS 7 or below). Saurik is currently not allowing purchases to be possible if you have a device running iOS 8; this is very different than Cydia’s purchasing system being “down”.

      • XZavier

        There is no reason to read this if you are on iOS 7.1 or below so how about you calm down and leave Jeff alone, ok buddy?

      • SoylentGreen

        Are you the chinese police? Free speech & all that, the idea yhat the article is ‘misleading’ is absolutely correct, or misleading to some at the least, after reading i took it as read that there was some incompatibility or etc that caused it to be ‘down’ this perception could be easily avoided if it was just stated that saurik had it deliberately turned off because it is not financially viable to enable it for ios8, but its more ‘PC’ to say its down until theres more fluidity for the end user, these ppl would let saurik have intercourse with their wives to avoid saying anything that might even slightly look like saurik is just a ‘wizard of oz type character’ – just follow the yellow brick road, off to see a wizard, turns out its a sixties throwback hiding behind a curtain….

  • KarwanGhaffari

    hhhhh 9.5 work with iOS8 thanx

  • TwinSon

    MovieBox up and running?

    • Warmachine69

      yeah :]

  • habib

    Come on, Sentry team! I can’t wait for Auxo 2! 🙁

    • Sentry

      It’s going to be at least a week or so, from my understanding of QusicS, there’s a ton to re-write in the code. I really appreciate you and everyone’s patience and support, he’s doing his best to get it updated as soon as possible. 🙂

  • Tom

    Has anyone tried mapsopener?

  • Liam

    Thanks for the video Jeff, i’ve installed 6 of the apps from it so far all working great on iOS 8.1 for my old S4

    • TwinSon

      “on 8.1 for my old S4″….Explain yourself.

      • Liam

        nothing to explain i have an old phone that still does what i want it too, due an upgrade soon as nearing the end of a 24 month contract so thought i’d give jail breaking it a go just to see what it offers compaired to a jailed device. since im new to this any apps/tweaks you’d recommend?

      • TwinSon

        “S4” is a Samsung Device. Did you mean 4S?

      • Liam

        haha yeah sorry 4S, never noticed i had it the wrong way around.

      • TwinSon

        Personally I have found MovieBox to be an absolute gem. Between being a fulltime student, employee, and active gym goer, I don’t have a ton of time to watch shows I like. MovieBox allows you to watch a ridiculous amount of shows, even from premium channels like HBO.

        BiteSmS for messages, Winterboard if you like Theming.

  • Freddy Born

    does virtual home with the new ipads?

    • Naman Jain


  • disqus_Rj595JnNPI

    Switched off my jailbroken phone and it won’t boot up again.. I jailbreak’d several times to find out when this problem starts.. It seems to trigger after installing tweak from cydia.. No additional repo was added.. Installed only swipeselection and it gets stuck at reboot, another time I installed only noslowanimations tweak and same thing happened… Jeff?


      Same shit happend to me. I get stuck at apple logo after rebooting. The worse thing was safe mode won’t work! Faaaakkkk!!!

      • Romain d’Andigné

        did you activate a passcode or touch id ? it could be the problem


        Yeah i figured it was this

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Hey be careful with this JB, after you successfully jailbreak your device do not set a passcode/fingerprint, because after that if you reboot the device it will stay in a bootloop and you will have to restore. /: /:

    • yungcinnabun

      No you don’t have to restore just plug ur phone into iTunes and put it into recovery mode and hit update and it’ll just remove the jailbreak and keep all your data

      • Pedro Fernandez

        Nice tip, thanks

      • Kyle

        Could have used this a few seconds ago. Oh well! Thank you for future reference.

  • Zuhair Aslam

    A nifty tweak called Power Tap is working just fine.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    I have an iPod 5 on 7.1.2 jailbroken. Will it lag a lot on 8.1 with a jailbreak? I seriously need to upgrade lol. :3

    • Kyle

      I have the iPod touch 5 as well, if you don’t have a lot of intensive tweaks it should be fine otherwise you might want to wait a bit. Also this build is mainly for the developers and the people who have time to fix their devices when they go in to a boot loop etc. Meaning you may or may not want to upgrade and jailbreak just yet.

    • Naman Jain

      Chill.. It won’t.

  • Guest

    Cydia Substrate for iOS8 is not complete yet. After a reboot, you may have to respring to get tweaks working. For this I recommend “Respring” by BigBoss (it’s ver 6.0.1). After installation, there should be an icon on your springboard. Hope this helps.

  • TheDarxide

    Cydia Substrate for iOS8 is not complete yet. After a reboot, you may have to respring to get tweaks working. For this I recommend “Respring”. After installation, there should be an icon on your springboard. Hope this helps.

  • droid3000

    any reason jellylock wont take? as soon as i install my phone is stuck in safemode

    • roy leibov

      i have this problem too and i want jellylock so badly

      • droid3000

        Any solution yet?

      • roy leibov

        yes try jellylock delux version

      • droid3000

        What am I searching for?

  • Gamervictim

    StatusHUD 2
    Is not full working

    • Brian Davis

      Yep, I’ve ran into issues, when you change the volume, or switch to vibrate, it crashes fullscreen apps. For ex. Clash of Clans…

  • Do you add your voiceover in post processing?

  • Andre

    Did someone say SwipeSelection?!?!?!?! Jailbreaking ASAP! Gahhh I’m in heaven…

  • czarczarczar

    Anyone not being able to send pictures after installing Cydia ? All I see is “Tap To Download” whine I add a picture to a message

    • MS

      Yes, you will need to go to your Photo Library to send pictures for now.

      • czarczarczar

        Thanks , I wonder why that happens and if there’s going to be a fix for it

  • NP92

    Yeaaaa trans lockscreen :)))

  • TheBoi23

    Does Message Customizer work in ios 8.1?

    • Zuhair Aslam

      Yes and no. Yes it works, but after you edit the settings of Messages Customizer once and you open the messages app and then close it, it’ll keep on crashing the messages app everytime you try to open it. So I would advise just waiting for an update on it.

      • TheBoi23


  • czarczarczar

    Anyone having issues with sending pictures now ?

    • mlee19841

      yea its a weird bug. It happens before you install cydia. It does it after you use the pangu jailbreak. You can’t send recent pics you have to go into the photo lib. and send it from there.

      • czarczarczar

        Yes really weird I wonder if they will fix it

  • Zuhair Aslam

    PowerSoundDisabler is working.

  • Lance Baker

    ayeris is working quite well. I’ve missed it. Especially for that Instagram icon.

    • czarczarczar

      Is it really working ? No issues ?

  • HamptonWalley

    Ok, thanks, it is just made clear jailbraking is nonsense.

  • Echo Maala

    How do i fix apple boot loop without restoring my device?

    • anonymously

      No you don’t have to restore just plug ur phone into iTunes and put it into recovery mode and hit update and it’ll just remove the jailbreak and keep all your data”


    Stuck on Apple boot logo after i installed WinterBoard. Still trying to restore my phone…….

    • mlee19841

      you can try to restart the phone first with the volume up trick.

      • KGNTSTNY

        Like how? Please advice…

      • Olen Acero

        Try to connect you stuck iphone to your computer. Do a force restart (Home + Power button) then once the iphone apple logo show up hold on the “+” volume for about 2-5 minutes and your device will show up with all cydia tweaks disabled.

      • bell

        did it work for you?

  • Jameel Ali

    Winterboard works together with ayeris theme. Flex 2 works. Apple file conduit 2 works for me replaces afc2add…

    • Sandro Michailidis

      Ayeris is working but doesn’t theme my dock and some stock icons like clock on my homescreen any idea why ?

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    Still waiting patiently for a complete 1 step Jailbreak Version.

    • mlee19841

      Shouldn’t be much longer. Since they have cydia updated and a jailbreak. Just needs to be packaged together.

  • Zzyzxd

    I need forecast! Better than any of those NC widgets.

  • Gavin Strachan

    Winterboard bricked my iPhone 5s when i rebooted it, an idea why it did?
    Just for the hex of it, after i jailbroke my phone for the second time, i decided to try winter board again and it bricked it for the second time.

    • Gavin Strachan

      I figured it out, if you restore your phone and use iCloud to restore the backup Reboots will brick your phone.

  • NavarroBJJ

    i can confirm that noslowanimation make ur iphone to crash

  • Mark Christian

    StatusHud 2 made the apps crash.

    • gittlopctbi

      It’s working fine for me. iPhone 5.

  • Peter

    Hi there anyone tried bitesms on ios 8 yet ?

    • gittlopctbi

      Doesn’t work and will not have an update for several months. 🙁 Read on another post on a story here an email someone received from them stating that it usually takes several months to update to a new iOS and not only that, their head programmer resigned. Oy!

  • Jiovane Martinez

    Is vwallpaper working???

  • timoever

    Don’t install f.lux. 🙂 My iPhone 6 is permanently orange now. Neither disabling nor removing the app reverts my screen back to original tints.

    • gittlopctbi

      The install instructions said to reboot as well as respring. Maybe that will help. You might want to go into Cydia and read what it said because there were other things too that I don’t recall.

  • Caleb Edwards

    Whenever i download a tweak, the icon doesnt show up on my springboard. no MxTube icon or a F.lux icon yet they were installed. any fixes?

  • ahmed kamil

    localipastore its aolso working

  • Edward Florian Seitan

    Op, you really need to put on the list “LockSafety”!!! It`s free, and it works perfectly fine with iOS 8.xx. This tweak prevents iPhone to be shut down while on lock screen!!! That means that if you lose your iPhone, or get it stolen, nobody can shut it down… (unless they know about the DFU method, or something like that) But I really think it`s a must have for any iPhoners out there!!! Cheers!