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Due to strong demand for the iPhone 6 Plus, which continues to exhibit a 3-4 week delay on the Online Apple Store, Taiwanese suppliers have reportedly pushed back plans to produce a rumored larger iPad with a 12.9-inch screen to 2015, according to people familiar with the matter cited by The Wall Street Journal Thursday.

The so-called iPad Pro was originally scheduled to enter mass production in December, the financial newspaper added. Moreover, mass production of a new MacBook Air model with “a higher resolution” screen should commence in December, as per WSJ’s sources.

Terry Gou, the Chairman and founder of Foxconn, the world’s top contract fabricator which assembles iPhones and other Apple devices, recently visited his company’s Zhengzhou plant “to monitor the production” of the iPhone 6 Plus closely.

As the iPhone is Foxconn’s bread and butter, Gou decided against spreading his company’s resources thin as it continues to struggle to make enough new iPhones to meet strong demand.

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“The top priority for the supply chain is to meet the overwhelming demand for the larger screen iPhones,” said a source, adding that the output of the iPhone 6 Plus “remains unsatisfactory.”

“It would be challenging for display makers to split resources and spend a few months to ramp up production for a new larger screen iPad now,” reasoned the source.

Foxconn is reportedly facing issues hiring enough workers to assemble the new iPhones. At its Zhengzhou plant in northern China, more than 200,000 workers are assembling the devices. Last week, a report claimed Foxconn went on a hiring spree to cope with high demand for the new handsets.

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WSJ’s report contradicts yesterday’s story by DigiTimes, Taiwanese hit-and-miss trade publication, which said Apple commissioned contract manufacturer Quanta Computer to start building the ultra-thin twelve-inch MacBook Air in small volumes this month, with output expected to increase gradually beginning November.

Keep in mind that Apple usually sources components from multiple suppliers and does not award manufacturing contracts exclusively to a single fabricator in order to mitigate risk. That said, it’s entirely conceivable that small-volume production of the Retina MacBook Air is indeed underway at Quanta, with Foxconn joining the party at a later stage.

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DigiTimes also said that Samsung is supplying ultra high-resolution screens for the iPad Pro. The device is said to feature a 12.9-inch display with a sharper resolution, rumors and evidence discovered in iOS 8.1 code indicate.

Support for split-screen multitasking supported by a speedier A8X chip with 2GB of RAM is said to be in tow, too. All will be known soon as Apple is holding a media event a week from today, presumably to introduce new iPads and maybe refresh its Mac lineup.

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  • FrankJL

    If apple makes a 12″ ipad and does not change the experience leaves it like the protoype above. They can hold the biggest L of life.

    • Forlani

      Change the experience how? I’d same, make the experience better. I love the 11″ Air but have always considered the bezels too big. Its wasted space. If Apple can put a 12″ retina display, remove the fans & make it even lighter thinner & at least keep the current battery life, to me, that would be perfect. Touch ID would also be a nice ‘touch’ 😉

  • Matt Taylor

    Ah man, I don’t know if I should get the iPad Air 2 or wait for the larger iPad pro now 😐 Still cracking the iPad 3 so a few extra months ain’t going to kill me I guess… Also very dependent on the upcoming specs really! No ram upgrade, no sale! And if these devices are busting higher resolution screens the cpu/gpu is going to take a big hit! Especially if Apple only improve it marginally like they did in the iPhone 6… May well be the iPad 3 all over again… And I like many have already been burnt by Apple :-/

    • Harold

      Im so mad…. i got my iPad air 3 months ago and now they are coming with those new iPads!!!! I’m dying! but i can’t spend more money… i got the iPhone 6 plus, that was 500 bucks with the case and apple care included and also got the 32 gb iPad air, another 600 bucks. ill end up broke if i keep buying the latest from apple. I want that watch so bad so i might buy it next year. But i can’t stand my iPad reloading the tabs ALL THE TIME…. theres nothing that bothers me more than that.

      • Isaac

        Always buy new iPads and iPhones in the fall and Macs in the summer. That’s always been my method. You’ll always be up to date.

      • Harold

        I bought it before starting college. Its the only device i use for my classes, i even have all my books there. The only downfall it has is the ram.

  • Muhammad !

    I always wished if I could take my 15 inch MacBook Pro screen off and use it as an iPad ! Wouldn’t that be cool !!!

    • DevXav

      Yeah.. That would be nice..
      I have a 13′ MacBook Air but would like to do that sometimes..

      But, you know.. Microsoft has a solution to that.. That new Surface does it.. The sad part is that it’s a different product from a company, but still it’s a really nice idea!

      • Vince Reedy

        Yeah but who wants BSOD on a tablet

      • Nguyễn Cherish

        i want buy it…

    • Kurt

      15″ is the size I’d probably most like.

    • NeftyCorrea

      Lol for that just get a surface

  • Tommy Gumbs

    This rumor creeps back up again. I suspect Apple TV articles will start popping up in the few months again. YAY

  • Osama Muhammed

    am i the only one thinking that tablets will take over desktop sometime soon ?
    everything is being well optimized on tablets now, to equal desktop, and probably soon to be better than desktop.. you think ?