Cloud Drive Explorer 3

The concept behind iCloud Drive usage in iOS 8 has always seemed to be a tad unclear. Would iOS 8 come with a native Finder app? Would all apps have access to iCloud Drive?

Now that iOS 8 has been released, the answer to those questions have gained a lot of clarity. Nope, there is no native “Finder” app for browsing the contents of iCloud Drive. Yes, third-party apps can access iCloud Drive content, but they don’t necessarily have to.

If you want an app that’s solely designed around perusing the contents of your iCloud Drive, then Cloud Drive Explorer is something to consider. It’s available free of charge on the App Store, but it does have some significant limitations as well.

For starters, Cloud Drive Explorer can only be used to view the contents of iCloud Drive. Don’t expect to be able to save files, modify files, move files, or anything else like that. It’s purely for window shopping.

That said, you can use Cloud Drive Explorer to open files in supporting apps, so it has that going for it. It’s more of a one-lane highway that goes in one direction, than anything else. Finder, this is not.

But if you simply want to view the contents of your iCloud Drive, and things like creation date, last modified date, size, etc. Then Cloud Drive Explorer may be deep enough to meet your needs. You can download Cloud Drive Explorer from the App Store free of charge.

What do you think?

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    I don’t understand why Apple didn’t create a native Finder.

    • #Yussef van de Dag!

      Why the h*ll they would?

      • Jose Antonio Gomez

        Because is more practical.
        Because I woud prefer to use iCloud Drive instead of dropbox for my personal documents giving me a better syncronization.
        Because I have an iPhone and I prefer use a native Apple program.

      • Mehran

        I am waiting for new OSX which should provide a FINDER access to iCloud. I can’t wait to migrate all my data from DropBox and Google Drive and Microsoft drive to iCloud.

      • Nath_12_22

        me too!

    • Yeah, that’s a key feature (a native file manager) missing in iOS…

  • Matt Taylor

    I think it’s not a very well written app! Seems very buggy and not very feature rich! Deleted it a few days ago… Hopefully a better alternative will materialise…

  • massimps

    I can’t believe this article was written with so little knowledge. What about GoodReader? You can import from any iCloud drive folder, you can export to any iCloud drive folder, and you can open any available file IN GoodReader.

    For example: I downloaded a zip file of a live music performance on my iPhone. It saved in GoodReader on my iPhone, and then I exported (from within GoodReader) to my main iCloud drive folder (not tied to a specific app). GoodReader allows you to do the things that this article mentions not being possible in Cloud Explorer. I highly recommend Jeff Benjamin do some research on GoodReader and amend this article explaining it IS possible save, modify, and move files.

    P.S. A birdie told me that iCloud drive hasn’t had a Finder app released yet because OS X Yosemite isn’t even out yet. Expect an Apple solution in the next month.

    • Dean Johnson

      He was talking about this specific app. He never mentioned you can’t edit it with any app

      • massimps

        The title of this article is, “How to browse the content of your iCloud Drive from your iPhone or iPad”. Why only mention one app that lets you look at your iCloud drive and do nothing else? That’s useless.

      • @massimps, It was because I wasn’t talking about Good Reader. It’s an article about this particular app. Obviously, other apps can manage iCloud Drive, that’s why iCloud Drive exists. The idea of this post was to provide users with a free, easy to use, iCloud Drive manager, that did one thing, and one thing only—interface with iCloud Drive.

        I’m not going to go on some tangent about a document manager that a). cost money, and b) is well beyond the scope of this post. I’m sorry if that somehow “offends” you as it seems to have done. Wow…

      • massimps

        You didn’t present it as an app review, you didn’t provide any alternatives, and you didn’t post an app that does anything actionable for a user of iCloud drive. I’m just trying to figure out the point. Wow, an app that you can look at what’s in your iCloud drive?! I’m blown away… this is just poor journalism if you’re going to write an article about browsing your iCloud content and not present alternatives that allow you to do more with it (even at a cost). But you’re not a journalist, just a blogger so I should indeed give you the benefit of the doubt on that.

      • Okay, well thanks for your feedback. I’ll try harder next time (no sarcasm) I’m serious. Appreciate your comments.

      • Someone pee’d in your cornflakes? I got the gist of the Jeff’s story. The way you berated him sounds almost as if you were a paid advertiser for G&*dR$$der. Which is a crap app that does not “play well” with other iOS apps. But hey! That MY opinion. He let you have yours. Not satisfied? Write your own column. . . moron.

      • Matt Taylor

        Wow at you dude… Bit touchy today aren’t we!? Somewhat childish response to some constructive criticism…

      • You think so? Maybe I’m missing something here. Sorry if it seemed childish. I didn’t think it was childish at all, but again, maybe I’m missing the point.

      • Matt Taylor

        Not digging at you Jeff just saying, part of your comment came off a little juvenile and at the very least, unprofessional!

        “I’m sorry if that somehow “offends” you as it seems to have done. Wow…”

        We all have our bad days though! Hope you feel better…

      • hell0san

        I don’t agree. I found this brief overview of the mentioned app very useful. I was wondering if there was an app like this and now I know. I’d prefer a native finder from apple, but hey, I take what I can get. I use goodreader as well but I must be stupid because I do not find the aforementioned feature in it. Sure you can upload documents in goodreader to iCloud but there’s as far as I’ve seen no way of browsing the drive in it’s entirety.
        Keep up the good work, Jeff. I’m looking forward to hearing from you in a video which iPhone 6 to get. Plus or minus?

      • massimps

        Manage Files > Import or Export… pretty simple as I mentioned in my first post.

      • therealjjohnson

        So you calling looking at the list to import and export from the viewer? Sounds like this is an import and export app. Thats its main function vs the app in this article which main function was to view.

      • @JeffBenjam:disqus, the only thing you are missing is the simple truth of the matter: You did nothing wrong, and definitely nothing that merits an apology.

        Some people are just wired in a certain way that makes them criticize any and every effort made – by somebody else. I read your review, and automatically understood the purpose it aims to serve. No criticism here.

        Well, only one bit of criticism: People who come out of the woodwork to attack your work and you personally aren’t even worth acknowledgement. Had the tone and rhetoric been different, something to the effect of “Hey Jeff, what about such and such?”, or “Hey Jeff, why’d you leave out such and such?”, or even “Hey Jeff, I’d love to read a more in depth article about this issue, one that provides multiple solutions” – then that would have been an acceptable way to give a subtle hint of criticism whilst avoiding coming off as an attack.

        Thus the only point you are truly missing is this: Haters gonna hate, so keep calm and carry on.

      • therealjjohnson

        I thought his response was spot on and exactly what i was thinking. He is not “touchy” for responding to someone who is calling him a “shotty Journalist”. Sounds as if the other gentleman should start his own blog.

    • If you’re going to comment on every post to mention that “another app can do that,” then you’re going to have a lot of work.

      Not all posts are reviews. Not all posts are meant to give a comprehensive list of apps that can do a specific task. Most posts are just highlighting an app for the one thing it does. This is the case for this one post, and really, this is the case for most app-related posts we and other blogs write.

      • massimps

        This one post doesn’t introduce anyone unfamiliar with iCloud drive with a good way to interact with it. What does looking at iCloud drive really accomplish? What’s the point of something that can’t open the files present? Why not CALL IT AN APP REVIEW? The title of the article is a how to, and there’s no information on actually interacting with the content in a meaningful way. I have no problem with saying, “here’s a great free option” but to give a VERY incomplete look at options available to users is in poor form. This is just not helpful and if I didn’t know the options myself (such as Documents or GoodReader), I’d find this article completely unhelpful in interacting with my iCloud drive.

    • hell0san

      What’s wrong with a brief overview of an app? Besides, I cannot find this browsing of iCloud drive in my goodreader app.

  • Tom

    I use Documents by Readdle does same, but you can edit, view, and upload documents.

  • Dan

    too little too late, I tried Apple drive but I decided to go with Google Drive, 2$/month for 100GB was all I needed

  • Luke Mulholland

    Works great, could do with a bit of work. Plays my video files and previews images thats all i wanted.

  • jack

    LOL iDB Documents already does that + actions.. for free

    • David DeAngelis

      What is iDB Documents?

  • Unicorn Drank

    I am more then ok with Documents by Readdle.

  • Damian

    Is there a way to access the content on iOS 7

  • Sucks that iDevices still lack a native file manager, relying on cloud storage (i.e. third-party external storage) is a no no…iFile is the missing link, Apple should do their usual great artist move; hijack iFile, limit it to say only the documents, pictures, and music folders, and call it a “new” feature…perhaps in iOS 12.

  • Justin0000

    You can reach iCloud finder mode via every browser… apple still won’t merge those features because their ideas are running when the’ll have nothing new they will allow it and will say that this is the greatest change since the iOS invented..