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A pair of videos have surfaced this week offering a good look at real-world multitasking performance of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus relative to competition, while demonstrating the speedy 802.11ac wireless networking Apple’s implemented on both devices.

The results suggest that the new iPhones offer nearly three times faster Wi-Fi performance than the iPhone 5s while beating out Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and HTC’s One M8 handsets in app loading times and task switching.

App loading times and multitasking

Created by YouTuber PhoneBuff, the following video focuses on real-life performance of the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). The non-scientific benchmark simply measures the time it takes each device to load a bunch of apps and popular games, and then switch between them.

The iPhone 6 came in first at one minute and fifty-five seconds. The M8 was second and took one minute and forty-five seconds to finish loading and multitask between the 30 apps. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was the slowest at nearly three minutes, which can be partially blamed on Samsung’s slow TouchWiz user interface skin on top of Android.

To me, the clip really highlights the value of Apple’s tight vertical integration.

The fact that Apple designs its own chips, batteries, display, LCD drivers, the operating system, the apps and online services lets it optimize its mobile products for buttery-smooth performance the iPhone is known for.

In short, we now have a proof that the iPhone 6 with just 1GB of RAM outperforms flagship smartphones like the HTC device which has three times more RAM, allowing it to load more apps that the iPhone before purging others from RAM.

iPhone 6 (SunSpider benchmark, AnandTech 004)
Chart via AnandTech.

For the sake of completeness, the video really highlights the architectural differences between Android and iOS, as apps for Google’s platform rely on Java, not the fastest of virtual machines around.

Wi-Fi performance

Using a custom app to measure Wi-Fi throughput of the iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 5s when connected to a 2013 AirPort Extreme base station, iClarified was able to highlight the speed gains offered by the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The iPhone 6 Plus recorded Wi-Fi throughput of 278.5 Mbps versus the iPhone 5s which topped out at 101.1 Mbps. Of course, real-life data rates will be lower due to a number of factors that affect Wi-Fi performance, including the distance to the base station, the frequencies used, network congestion and so forth.

Wi-Fi speed improvements offered by the iPhone 5 are substantial, as evidenced by iClarified’s video embedded below.

Also known as Gigabit Wi-Fi, 802.11ac Wi-Fi delivers three times the throughput of the previous 802.11n standard featured on the iPhone 5s. iClarified said both devices were freshly restored to iOS 8.0 and connected to a 2013 Apple AirPort Extreme placed 1.5 meters away.

Each phone used a 5GHz-only network and no other devices were connected to the wireless network at the time of the test.

iPhone 6 promo video (A8 chip 001)

In addition to faster Wi-Fi, the new iPhones support more LTE bands than any other smartphone and offer other perks such as 150MBps LTE-Advanced via carrier aggregation, an industry term denoting the bonding of two 4G networks together in the area for a big boost in performance.

Let’s not forget that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus include Wi-Fi Calling for making phone calls over Wi-Fi networks and Voice over LTE for crisper phone calls with simultaneous web surfing while on the call.

Apple was able to deliver these nice connectivity features by replacing Qualcomm’s MDM9615 chip used in prior iPhones with a MDM9625 part. That chip is fabricated on the sophisticated 28-nanometer production process, making it not only more power-friendly, but also smaller and faster than its predecessor.

The MDM9625 supports multiple mobile broadband technologies, including carrier aggregation and true LTE Category 4 with data rates of up to 150Mbps.

iPhone 6 apple pay easy way

On the downside, it lacks support for Category 6 LTE that some high-end Android handsets have, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A and the LG G3 Cat. 6.

Other benchmarks worth checking out

Bottom line: your iPhone 6 is the snappiest iPhone yet and the fastest smartphone on the market overall, 1GB of RAM be damned.

So what do you guys think of the videos?

I was stunned that the iPhone 6 beat out HTC’s One in multitasking performance.

[iClarified, PhoneBuff]

  • hkgsulphate

    what the 5s is just behind the 6???????? LOL

    • BoardDWorld

      The 5S is still an exceptional smartphone. With the exception of the iPhone 3G no iPhone shows it’s age after 1 year. Actually since the 3GS you will get 3 very good years…

      • hkgsulphate

        actually I used my 3GS for 4 years X)
        been using my 5s for a year
        no lag at all <3

  • Anthony Snyder

    So this proves that RAM is utterly useless in real world usage.

    • Boogaloo Burrito

      Cool story bro. Apple has you believing that software can replace hardware, next thing, you’ll be trying to download RAM. LMAO.

      oh but please tell us how a 64 bit processor helps the phone. Please do, oh wise hardware guru.

      • Samsung seems to think it does as their lineup will soon have 64bit processors as well.

      • AppleFanboy

        Benchmarks don’t lie. This video doesn’t lie. Even though the iPhone has the lowest RAM of all the devices, it still managed to cache the apps properly while the GS5 had to reload them all when it had way more ram.

      • Matt Taylor

        Because putting apps in to a hibernated state that uses very little ram and reloading them upon relaunching them is software based… iOS is more efficient and better written! BUT… Let’s see a test on how many browser tabs each device can keep open at a time before force refreshing them… That would be a very different story I think!

      • BoardDWorld

        But, BUT, BUT!!! Hurt…

      • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

        I don’t see the part where you disprove his argument.

      • ericesque

        It’s the part where he says, “Cool story bro”. It’s Android’s trump card as it invalidates any argument it is invoked against.

      • Rowan09

        When did Apple try to convince anyone this is true? There are limitations to software but there is no need for quad core chips or 4GB on a smartphone right now for launching apps and surfing the Web.

    • Dan

      Yeah… useless. That’s why i can’t have more than 2 tabs open at once without the pages reloading. Oddly, my wife who has my old Note 2 can have several tabs open at once go go back and forth between them.

      • Believe it or not it actually depends on how long you wait between switching pages.

      • Dan

        Just made several attempts, didn’t seem to change anything

      • Out of curiosity what pages / websites are you browsing? If it’s anything but rich interactive websites that utilise heavy amount of javascript it should be able to be kept in the background for a decent amount of time unless you’re switching apps (which makes sense since if you exit Safari the pages should be killed to prevent extra battery drain in the background).

      • Dan

        well an example is the chive, or apple trailers, other photography sites as well, several idb pages even. refreshes even if if I don’t exit safari

      • This is probably why then. You could probably have at least ten or twenty wikipedia articles open at a time but sites rich in media will end up having to be reloaded and there’s no way around that…

      • Adnan Aslam

        download OPERA then…!

      • Dan

        Just made several attempts, didn’t seem to change anything. I’m leaning more towards graphical content.

      • Yes it depends on the page. I don’t mind the reloading though. The devices are pretty fast..

      • Dan

        yeah I don’t mind it on my phone, but I use my iPad to surf the web at home, usually like to open several tabs (idb and technobuffalo), impossible to switch between them without refresh

      • There may be some factors we aren’t considering because I have both loaded and can switch back and forth with out reloading. I also have 9 other pages loaded in other tabs.

      • Kurt

        I have iDevices since 2007. Never once have I had a iDevice that can do all that. iDB and another website or two. Thats it. Safari crashes every few days and sometimes multiple times a day. Then there are the system crashes. All due to low memory, if they diagnostics aren’t lying. lol btw, this is from an iPad Air. Safari has always been poorly written. So I’m sure the crashing of the browser would be fine if I switched to another browser but I wonder if the pages in memory would too. But I don’t think so. What browser do you use?

      • Im using safari on the 6. It has something to do with the time because it will refresh sometimes if I wait a while but not every time I switch.

      • Kurt

        More RAM is needed. It’s not about time. The low ram can’t handle the OS and the webpages. Some of the most taxing work a computer will do is through the browser. Webpages nowadays have so much going on with them. Mostly, I can’t have more than 2 pages. 3, and the Air is refreshing.

      • May depend on the content on the pages as well because as I said it does not reload every time.

      • Kurt

        Going back and forth and they are refreshing each time. Maybe it would help if I close all my apps? I have four apps open. Probably a problem with Safari and lack of RAM

      • I have no idea, I have quite a few apps open too. the only differences we have is iOS 8 on an iPhone 6 compared to an iPad Air and not sure of your OS.

      • Kurt

        iOS 7 here. I can’t wait to get iOS 8 so I have 1Password and the like working as they do on other OSes. Hurry up jailbreak~

      • PANGU FTW!

      • Kurt

        My wife has 13 tabs open now on her Note 3. It’s a beast (the phone that is)

      • Rowan09

        All those tabs don’t reload? My Note 2 never has 2 GB free even with all apps closed, it’s always 900MB at most.

      • Kurt

        I’ll go through them later. Note 2 is a beast also. You can stream five HD videos with no lag. On the sixth vid frames begin to drop. Not practical, but a cool test.

      • Rowan09

        What do you mean by stream 5 HD videos?

      • Kurt

        Flash videos if I remember correctly. I believe all vids were streamed. But maybe one was with pop up player so that one wasn’t streaming.

      • Rowan09

        They don’t support flash anymore unless you can get the apk online (which I have on my Note 2), but it only works with the stock browser. Streaming videos depends on the wifi or mobile network and less with the phone. I rarely use mine and everyday at least twice gmail crashes on me. I only have 2 of them because someone lost one when it was first released and the screen was destroyed, so I fixed it and kept it since I wouldn’t make any money selling it. The other one I own was given to me from my brother and it’s also damaged.

      • Kurt

        Damaged this, crashed this. Sounds like you’re talking about an device.

      • Rowan09

        I fix electronic devices and I’m telling you what I experience on a phone I only use for Clash Of Clans (second account). I really want to see how the HTC One is but no one seems to lose those.

      • Kurt

        I don’t really care so much for Android. So I never thought much about HTC One, plu it’s a metal phone. Bit you might like it. Many people do. Its the best looking metal phone out there

    • Ian Leon

      this just proves that iOS is really good at optimizing ram usage.
      Android not as much.
      The current problem the industry has is that RAM needs a constant source of power in order to sustain information.
      More RAM = More battery drain.

      Samsung just shoves a ton of ram in the phone so that people who think themselves “computer geniuses” because they know what RAM is, buy their stuff.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    “The iPhone 6 came in first at one minute and fifty-four seconds. The M8 was second and took one minute and forty-five seconds to finish loading and multitask between the 30 apps.”

    Wouldnt that mean the M8 came in first then?

    • Anthony Snyder

      He didnt speak right… English.

  • Rami Tabaa

    That was HUGE!

  • stoopisdoop

    Sup now Android fanboyz ??!

  • Kurt

    Do a 4K video comparison
    Do a split screen multitasking comparison
    Do a swapping out a battery comparison lol

    Etc etc

    • stoopisdoop

      U wot m8? Ur ‘n the wrong blog m8!

      • Kurt

        Hate metal phones

      • stoopisdoop

        U wanna fight mate ?

      • Kurt

        iPhones still have a ton of copying to be true competitors to the Note line.

      • stoopisdoop

        C’ mon m8 show m’ ur skillz

      • jake kneller

        Okay well in all fairness android phones have always been popular because they copied the biggest competitor look at android before iPhone 2g they lookedike the blackberrys then iPhone came out and they all started using apples touch screen no apple didn’t invent the touch screen the just made the best one that could work on a small device

      • Kurt

        I’m not biased. Android, especially Samsung copied Apple like crazy and it helped them big time. If you are not biased too, you would admit Apple is now so behind and is copying Samsung too. But most people on this site would never go against their idol, Apple (not saying you would as I’m not familiar with your posts).

      • BoardDWorld

        Oh Kurt, always on the defence. Just be happy…

      • Jailbroken iPhone 5C for you.

      • Kurt

        Too small. :-p most important is screen, then apps, then camera. iPhone Plus has two of the three and pretty close the third too.

      • stoopisdoop

        Ur gay or wot ?

      • This is all a matter of opinion of course. There’s no phone perfect for everyone and I’m guessing Apple has started to realise this hence the multiple different phones in their lineup know.

      • Kurt

        They should have kept a phone that is in the 4 inch range. Obviously I mean a new iPhone. Choice is a good thing. Little by little Apple is submitting to that fact.

    • Javier Peralta

      gr8 b8 m8

      • stoopisdoop

        U bloody wot m8 ?

    • Rowan09

      Do a 240fps slow-motion comparison
      Do a S-Voice to Siri comparison
      Come on Kurt. Lol

      • Kurt

        Apple would win. I’m not biased.

    • Cameron Chao

      you post a comment like this then you accuse everyone of “Trolling” you. Do you realize how butthurt you sound?

      • Kurt

        Butthurt? I’m not biased like you. I wrote that comment with in minutes of proven the iPhone doesn’t outperform other phones. (because it only out performs in certain situations). Does that hurt your feelings when I say that? or your butt? lol Actually I don’t care about your rear-end so don’t answer that.

      • Im on your side but Samsung logos are metallic and shiny sometimes too.

      • Cameron Chao

        lol, i was trying to say that they arent Apple logos.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Jajajjajajajajaja looooooseeeers go away!!

  • That’s when the wifi is working on the 6’s. Lots of people are having issues with it. I know I’ve messed with 3 6+’s and a handful of 6’s… the wifi issue is real. It will shut off the wifi, can’t access the list and have to restart the phone to bring it back up. I’m thinking it’s a software issue, at least I’m hoping that is the case.

    • eXoguti093

      I think it’s software, didn’t happen to me on iOS 8, I’m on 8.0.2 and I definitely notice it on my 5S

  • ishatmypants

    Idk about yall but my wifi has been doody since I got an i6

  • dothack

    what what! iPhone for the win. It should have done a victory lap past the s5

  • n0ahcruz3

    Ive had issues with the wifi on my i6. Good thing i got rid of that pos and the battery life is worst. Got a “new” iphone 6 so far no problems.

  • Guest

    My response:

  • iNeedANameHere

    My response

  • Eikast

    The problem isn’t loading apps, its that the 1GB restricts how many apps can be running without freezing the memory that was used for one of those apps.

  • Antzboogie

    Happy to see the results the proof is satisfying indeed!! No regrets with my iPhone 6 Plus 🙂

  • Bugs Bunnay

    are you serious?? spec wise every other flagship phones beats the 6, but damn look at how quick it jumped back on the background apps. wow. I made the right choice picking the low spec (on paper) iPhone 6 over the rest.
    also the guy should’ve tested them with inifinite blade… oh wait.

  • Yunsar

    Which app is used for the speed test?

  • Tom

    The reason iphone beats every phone is because of 64 bit processor wait till snapdragon 810 octa core 64 bit comes out

    • curtis

      Why would we need to wait, of course with the information these companies now have they will go back to the drawing board and try to make theirs faster than Apple, Then the same thing will happen when the Snapdragon chip comes out, Apple will review the speed and then smash it again.

      We shouldn’t need to wait until the chip comes out this is about real tests now.

  • Piyush

    And they compare the specs!!!!!