Consumer Reports: new iPhones ‘not as bendy as believed’

bent smartphones

Consumer Reports says the new iPhones “aren’t as bendy as believed,” after testing both handsets, alongside other top smartphones. Using a three-point flexural test, the outlet found that the iPhone 6 can withstand 70 pounds of pressure before deforming, and the 6 Plus can take up to 90.

That was good enough to beat HTC’s One (M8)—which makes this bendgate tweet a bit ironic—but both iPhones still finished well behind the LG G3 and Samsung’s Note 3. The bottom line, though, is Consumer Reports says it expects “that any of these phones should stand up to typical use.”

Given the publication’s authority in testing consumer products, and history of Apple criticism, this essentially puts an end to the ongoing bendgate controversy. Yes, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will become deformed when a large amount of pressure is applied, but so will most other smartphones.

Shortly after Apple launched its new iPhones last week, a handful of reports surfaced of users claiming that their devices had become warped while in their pockets. The issue went viral thanks to this YouTube video, but Apple said in an official statement it had only received 9 actual complaints.

On Thursday, the Cupertino firm gave a handful of journalists a sneak peek inside its iPhone testing facility, where it attempts to “break its handsets before consumers do.” Apple says it performed more than 15,000 durability tests on the 6 and 6 Plus before deciding to start mass producing them.

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