check activation lock status

Apple recently released a tool that lets anyone check the Activation Lock status of iOS devices. Introduced along iOS 7, Activation Lock is a security feature that prevents anyone from erasing or activating your iOS device without entering your Apple ID and password first. The feature must be disabled before a device is passed or sold to another person. Failure to do so renders the device unusable for the new owner.

With the release of this new tool, Apple wants to make the process of checking for Activation Lock easier, and prevent people from buying a device that might have been locked because it was lost, stolen, or simply because the previous owner forgot remove the device from his account.

Turned on by default on any iOS device with iCloud enabled, this security feature has actually been praised by law enforcement agencies for curbing iPhone thefts in certain metropolitan areas.

By going to, anyone can enter the IMEI or Serial Number of an iOS device to check its status. If the device is locked, a message clarifies that the current user’s Apple ID and password will be required before anyone else can activate and use the device.

activation lock on

If Activation Lock is turned off, then Apple gives the green light, noting the device is ready to set up and use.

Although there are already other ways to check the Activation Lock status of a device, this tool will undoubtedly be useful to anyone about to purchase a new iOS device, assuming they know about the existence of this webpage. It is unclear when Apple made this Activation Lock check available but it appears to be very recent.

We wrote extensively about Activation Lock and Find My iPhone in the past. If you’re interested to learn more about how you can secure your iOS device, you may want to peruse the following posts:

  • Shorttyy713

    This will be great for ebay people, not so much amazon.

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  • Great for craigslist.

    • Micky Ganon

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  • Is it just me or is that “enter code in the image” totally NOT Apple. If I have two-step identification why would I need to prove my identity with them…?

    And if it was needed, I feel like they could have created something a little more elegant.. TBH, I can do better than that. And I am not that good.


    UPDATE: I re-inspected the website and saw that you only add the Serial Number, so I understand why they added it. But it’s still ugly as hell.

    • This check has nothing to do with your Apple ID. You don’t need to enter your Apple ID at any time here. This is just to check an iOS device’s status. All you need is an IMEI or SErial #. Apple likely added this captcha to prevent bots from running the tool

  • Jeff NOT Benjamin

    I try to open the page, but “this is the morning show”!
    I’m with iPad mini running iOS 7.1.2 jailbroken.

    • solai

      i just checked its working fine.

      • Jeff NOT Benjamin

        or maybe just my Safari? I’ll trying with Chrome

    • Hanum Salsabiela

      Trying on Chrome, still same thing happen. I think my connection error or because my device jailbroken or something that I don’t know


        check the date and time sett of your computer

      • onesimpleclik

        worked on Chrome for me. jailbroken 4S.
        detected as Activation Lock off.

      • It works but is messy. IMHO it’d be much better if Apple added this functionality to the FindMyiPhone app. This is why Apple requires a desktop browser:

      • workin

        Same here. Iphone 4 7.1.2 jb ‘browser not supported’

      • Maxim∑

        Just open it in desktop mode and it will work

      • Hanum Salsabiela

        Request desktop mode doesnt available on iOS 7. its iOS 8 new features. cmimw.

  • It should also be noted that the user is now required to disable Find My iPhone before they are able to update or restore their devices

  • onesimpleclik

    wow, this is a great move from Apple

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    I just tried to use that tool and… Apple server said my iPad 2 Retina can’t use the tool because its browser is not supported. What a shame Apple!

    • coLin

      try iphoneox{dot}com
      it does the same thing and it’s compatible with everything

    • iphone6Splus

      Doesn’t work on iPhone 6 Plus and desktop requested site has issues.

    • slapppy

      Silly. Request dektop site on iOS devices.

  • Alan

    The good ol days 😮

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    it would be nice to have an app that can use the camera to scan the serial or imei on the back of the phone since the cameras are improving, to check it’s lock status

  • Finally

  • SBG

    Great tool ! Way it’s not working from safari on iPad or iPhone ?
    A I must buy android device to check.

  • InklingBooks

    It’d be great if this page checked every possible hitch, including if cellular companies have a block out on this IMEI, perhaps because someone in the past didn’t pay their bills.

  • Philippe Vézina

    It was about time!!

  • Tahsin Khan

    in my phone its telling me that activation lock is on but in apple server i checked it with my serial and imei it says that activation lock is offf soo is it save too reset my phone cause i forgot the password

    • coLin

      If you reset the phone it will be locked permanently. You need to uncheck find my iPhone from your phone regardless