Find My iPhone

Chusma notifies users when they’re being tracked via Apple’s ‘Find My’ service

Chances are you probably wouldn’t like it if someone you knew secretively began tracking your every move via Apple’s Find My service, but would you actually ever know if someone was? Apple unfortunately doesn’t provide any sort of straightforward notification to let you know when your handset is being tracked, but the jailbreak community now offers a solution for that.

Say hello to a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Chusma by iOS developer Itaybre. Once installed, this tweak provides its users with real-time push notifications whenever anyone begins tracking your iPhone or iPad with Apple’s first party Find My service.

BlueFinder jailbreak tweak helps you find a misplaced iPhone via Bluetooth

Have you ever misplaced your iPhone somewhere in your home, but had immediate access to a paired Bluetooth device? If so, then you might be excited to learn about a new jailbreak tweak called BlueFinder by iOS developer AnthoPak.

From what we can gather, BlueFinder lets you use a paired Bluetooth accessory to trigger an audible ringing sound on your misplaced handset. This has significant advantages for clumsy folk who consistently drop their iPhone between the sofa cushions or leave their handset somewhere in the house and forget where they put it.

How to use the new Find My app on iOS and Mac

Welcome to Find My app on iPhone

With the iOS 13 and macOS Catalina updates, you can now use the revamped and renamed Find My app to locate family or friends, share your own location, and find a device, all with one handy tool.

Having each of these features in a single spot makes it much easier to find who or what you need faster. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s how to use the new Find my app on iOS and Mac.

How to use Activation Lock on Apple Watch

Activation Lock Apple Watch Watch App iPhone

If you just got your first Apple Watch, you’ve probably gone through the pairing to your iPhone, downloading of cool apps, and enabling of notifications. There’s one other thing that you should do which is set up Find My iPhone and this includes what’s called Activation Lock.

Here’s how to use Activation Lock on Apple Watch.

How to use Apple TV to find your iPhone, iPad or Mac

Find My iPhone on Apple TV

The Find My iPhone app is terrific for locating your device when you can’t. And you can use it from another device, on the web with, or with your HomePod to find your iPhone. But did you know you can also use it with your Apple TV?

So, if you’re hanging out watching a movie or playing a game on Apple TV and suddenly wonder where your iPhone, iPad, or even your Mac went, here’s how to use Apple TV to find your device.

How to use Alexa and Amazon Echo to find your iPhone

Alexa Find My Phone on iPHone

You can use your HomePod and Siri to find your iPhone, but if you don’t have a HomePod or use your Amazon Echo and Alexa more often, then this article is for you.

The Alexa app offers a skill that can help you find your phone when you can’t. It’s easy to enable and set up. So it’s definitely worth your time to do it and have it ready for that day when your phone is missing in your house somewhere.

Here’s how to use Alexa and Amazon Echo to find your iPhone.

PingWatch gives your iPhone a more audible Lost and found tone

Sometimes you misplace your iPhone and it’s merely hiding in between the seat cushions on your couch rather than being lost out in public, and that’s why Apple includes a native feature on your Apple Watch called Lost and found, which forces your iPhone to emit a high-frequency sonar tone so that you can locate it with just your ears.

As cool as this feature is, many have expressed their concerns with the sound, noting that it isn’t loud or noticeable enough. Apple’s response to these concerns? – such is life. But iOS developer Lefteris Karkaletsis wanted to do more, and so he released a new jailbreak tweak called PingWatch to replace the native Lost and found tone with something more audible.

How to disable Find My iPhone remotely

Find iPhone on iCloudDotCom Main Screen

Find My iPhone is a handy feature to have, but if you sell your phone or trade it in and forget to disable that feature, then what? Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can disable Find My iPhone on your device without having it in-hand.

Note that the device must be turned off to disable the feature. So, if you sold it to someone you know, ask them to turn it off. Or, if you traded it in, you likely (hopefully) turned it off before shipping it.

Now, here’s how to disable Find My iPhone remotely.