delete ios 8.0.1 update

Earlier today, Apple released iOS 8.0.1 which was supposed to fix a few bugs, but as users quickly realized, this update did more harm than good as it would disable cellular service and Touch ID on affected devices. We’ve already published instructions on how to downgrade back to iOS 8 for those users who downloaded and installed the update.

But for those who have only downloaded the update and not installed it yet, there is a way to delete it from your device and make sure you don’t accidentally install it.

As described by the fine folks at OSXDaily, you can delete the downloaded update by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage.

Step 2: Select “iOS 8.0.1.” Because it is over 1GB, it is probably towards the top of your list.

Step 3: Tap Delete Update, and tap Delete Update again to confirm.

This will effectively remove the downloaded update from your device and prevent you from accidentally installing it.

  • Guest

    I don’t have the “iOS 8.0.1” thing in my Manage Storage

    • RarestName

      That means that your device didn’t automatically download the update.

  • Brian May

    Thank God 7.1.2 is still being signed. Just restored

    • Milad

      Oh thank you man , didn’t know , just went back tom7.1.2 🙂

      • Brian May

        Good S***! Yeah, Apple really messed this release up. Just heard on the news that they are no longer rolling out 8.0.1. Restore,people, restore!!

    • zeekfizz

      8.0.1 works fine if you restore it through iTunes. this panicing is nuts. why not go back to 8.0 though? why 7.1.2? just curious

      • Brian May

        Jailbreak 😉

  • Waleed

    Good post to make space, but u can’t accidently install it , it says verification error, becaus apple has stopped signing it ! And pulled it from server.

  • Christopher Rigby

    Please help, I’m trying to downgrade using windows, when I down load ios 8 it’s a zip file so I extract it but there’s no sign of a ipsw file for itunes to recognise, what am I doing wrong


      Try using firefox. That’s what I do and it downloads as a ipsw.

    • Dustin Cravens

      I had to rename it from a .zip to a .ipsw then it worked.

  • This sort of worked. It deleted the update, but the settings app still shows a “1” in red. When I open the app, the software update entry shows a one as well. When I tap software update, it searches and informs me that I have iOS 8.0 and my software is up to date. But the “1” doesn’t go away.

    • Jordan James Dalzell

      Same problem here. Can’t find any way to turn off that annoying little notification. A clear restore with iTunes I guess would get rid of it.

    • Steve

      Nice to know there are forums like this…I have same problem with the “1” indicator but really glad I didn’t install…The one of the sales people at Apple store told me its always best to wait a day or 2 before doing the update just in case stuff like today happens. many people lost their cellular access with the update.

      • Matt

        Same here any way to get rid of the red ‘1’ notification number on the Settings icon. I deleted the file, would like to get rid of the number – probably will not go away until the next update is installed?

  • Steve Norris

    Thank you! I have downloaded it but not installed it but was worried when I woke up in the morning it would have auto installed… Now I know it will not. Thanks again.

  • Apple seem to have stopped signing 8.0.1 so if you click install it won’t work anyway 🙂 But thanks for the tip to delete it!

  • Gavin Friel

    Bendy iPhones and dodgy iOS upgrades. Bad week for Apple.

  • Stefano

    How do I stop it from downloading. Not for nothing, why in the world would I want to to automatically download, especially at over 1 gig

  • You should update this post to let readers know that Apple pulled the update and is no longer being signed. My guess is that Apple might have released the software update early by mistake.

  • diggitydang

    A bit off topic, but is anyone else’s lock screen Notification Centre missing the Today View???

  • Adam

    Scott Forstall must be chilling and laughing at Apple right now, this kind of cr*p never happened when he was in charge.

    Kim Borrath is one problematic worker for Apple too.. And it looks like she failed to find bugs this time (as always)

    Apple. Get your things together man, please!

    • zeekfizz

      it actually looks like the carriers (who have to test OTA updates) blew this one. they had it for days and didn’t know it killed cellular service. unreal

  • solai

    iOS 8.0.1 was rollbacked not it not showing in Software update.

  • @dongiuj


  • mwpitt52

    How come you guys are not reporting on the iPhone 6 plus bending story? I thought you were on top of all the stories? Ignoring this one on purpose?

  • Blip dude

    Oh look at this, my device says it’s still up to date. Awesome!!! Considering that’s I’ve been on WiFi all day I figured the update would’ve downloaded by now.

  • Blake

    Kinda sad you haven’t reported anything on the iphone bending. Yeah it might be a little over the top in some cases but you still have to acknowledge it!

  • tariq2305

    I forgot to delete my accidental update and due to some reason I have restarted my iphone and now screen is showing Slide to upgrade :(.
    How can i skip this screen ? Trying Restore iPhone option from itunes

    • zeekfizz

      what phone, this problem only affects 6 and 6 Plus
      otherwise don’t even worry about it

      • tariq2305

        I own iPhone 6. Well I have resolved the issue by clicking restore backup.

  • Anthony Borowiec

    Excellent!!! It worked like a charm. The IOS 8.0.1 Update that I downloaded, but could not install, because I kept getting a cannot verify download message because I was not connected to the internet message, was deleted from my iPhone 5. When I went to the Apple Store yesterday to explain my problem, they did tell me that the Update was cancelled, but did NOT tell me how to delete it from my iPhone. You did.
    When I tap Software Update, it shows IOS 8.0 installed as the latest version. The garbage update has been removed from my iPhone. When the IOS 8.0.2 Update is released, I’m going to wait 5 days before downloading and installing same to avoid this kind of nonsense.

  • John Kerby

    I’m on iOS 8.0.1 on my iPhone 6 and there is no iOS 8.0.1 in Manage Storage on my iPhone 6 so what can I do than

    • beam

      Im having the same problem. But it sounds like yours is actually installed. Mine was never installed and its not listed anywhere in Manage Storage.

  • zeekfizz

    i downloaded it but didn’t install it. now deleted thanks to this article. but the notification on the settings app remains. tried rebooting. there’s no settings app inside the notifications settings. any suggestions?

  • Suveena Almeida

    My iphone downloaded the iOS 8.0.2 update. But I do not want to upgrade my iphone to iOS 8. How can I delete it? Please help!!!

  • Anthony Borowiec

    After deleting the iOS 8.0.1 Update per the instructions in this article and just installing the iOS 8.0.2 Update, the red “1” disappeared from the settings app. All is good.

  • Felix Pratama Kusuma

    HI can anyone help me ? i have ipad 2,and it’s connecting to wifi,i don’t know if it automatically downloading the updates,and then the next day the updates are downloaded and take much space but i don’t install it yet,the bad new is i don’t know that i can delete it the way just like in this page said and i already jailbreak my ipad,and the software update goes circle only,but the downloaded update still on my memory,but if i open the usage it did,nt appeared yet it already consumed 2gb of my space it’s so frustating,please help me guys

  • Kanagudurai

    Thanks 🙂

  • rachel

    My upgrade does not show up in storage – how do i find it ?

  • Nika Buková

    Can I remove also that “one” icon ???

  • Guest

    Thank you for this info. 8 update has been removed from my wifes new 5S. Is there a way tobremove the a0update alert from the system icon on her apps home screen?

  • Chase

    The 8.1.2 downloaded for me, but didn’t install. I want to delete it, but it’s not in the app list under usage like instructed so I can’t delete it.

    • john cordey

      I too have this problem. Iexplore is the only bit of software from macroplant that can look inside those hidden folders that apple put there to control their ability to own your device.

  • john cordey

    This information does not apply to all didn’t ask me if I wanted to upgrade iOS it just forced iOS 8.1.2 on to it and now nagging me to install it.i can’t find it on usage list to uninstall so it is sitting somewhere hidden and I can’t remove it.i am seriously pissed off with this blinkered buffoonery that apple thinks is a real necessity.most of their upgrades are pushed out to stuff up users existing devices to force those stupidenough to go buy more of their crap.

  • Suze417

    How can I get rid of it if I can’t download it? Even if I had nothing on my phone, I don’t have enough storage capacity for this download. The download says it requires 5.6 Gb

  • Harsha Shehan Jayamanna

    tanks downgrade to 8.1.3 from 8.2
    iphone 5s

  • Starman_Andromeda

    Doesn’t show up on our iPad Mini running iOS 6!

    Any other ideas?!