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Apple introduced several user-facing features in iOS 8 earlier this week, but it appears that there could be more than meets the eye. iOS developer Hamza Sood has tweeted two screenshots that show iOS 8 internal settings for customizing Control Center. In particular, there are toggle switches for adding, removing or reordering the app shortcuts and toggles in Control Center. There is even an option to record the screen from the swipe-up menu… 

Internal Control Center

We cannot verify that these screenshots are legitimate, but Sood did reveal hidden settings for iOS 7 around this time last year. Those settings, which involved multitasking, gestures and folder options, never did make it into a public version of the iPhone software. Sood also uncovered hidden code that suggested Apple was testing systemwide LinkedIn integration, offline dictationa fingerprint scanner and more.

While the fingerprint scanner proved to be true with Touch ID, many of the other leaks did not materialize. Apple never made its hidden settings for iOS 7 available to the public, likely because they were only intended for internal testing among developers. But we’ve seen Apple loosen its grip with iOS 8 by allowing widgets and third-party keyboards, so a customizable Control Center doesn’t seem that far fetched anymore.

Lock screen extension

Sood also tweeted a screenshot of iOS 8 internal settings that potentially hint at support for Lock screen extensions in the future. Again, this is merely speculation and should be treated with a grain of salt. Internal settings are often kept hidden for a reason, and more often than not, they do not become available for end users. Still, it is always interesting to see what Apple developers are working on behind the scenes as it relates to the future of the iOS platform.

Again, it should be emphasized that these internal settings do not guarantee that Apple will add these features to a future beta or even iOS 8.1. It is likely that the company would have included these features in official documentation for developers upon the release of the first iOS 8 beta to allow for developers to ensure compatibility and report bugs. That did not happen.

The ability to customize Control Center is something that jailbroken users have been able to do since the iOS 7 jailbreak was released six months ago. There are countless jailbreak tweaks available for adjusting the look and feel of Control Center, ranging from Vertex and Polus to FlipControlCenter and CCControls. There are even extensions for controlling Philip Hue lights or reading iDownloadBlog headlines from the menu.

  • Anthony Snyder

    I wonder if they just didn’t have time to finish it up. The rumor was that they locked down the feature set just days before WWDC, it’s likely they were running behind schedule due to OS X and iOS 7.1.

    • DR234

      Agreed. They supposedly pulled a lot of people from the iOS team to OS X to finish the pretty big changes in time for WWDC, taking away time and people from working on iOS putting them behind on it. Then just getting the top features stable for WWDC, then others may release with future betas or 8.1.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        iOS 9

  • Ryan


  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Very interesting indeed. I wonder if we’re gonna hear about the split screen multitasking on the iPad. Or if it will appear in any of the future betas.

    • Anthony Snyder

      I think 8.1 is going to be a large released. (I’m talking about iOS, not windows phone haha)

      • To call iOS8 a small update… Moving on.

      • DR234

        True ahah. iOS 7 was such a big update though so many people are overwhelmed still and expecting updates like that ever single year to completely change the OS basically, which just won’t happen. iOS 7 to iOS 8 is much more like how Apple has done new iOS releases in the past, more features and a little gradual change. Only difference is how much they’ve opened up to developers now compared to what they use to.

      • DR234

        I don’t know about a large release, but it will probably have a lot of the customization features, such as the split screen and some other customization options such as the ones in this article.

    • coLin

      They will keep this feature for iOS 9 cause they won’t have anything new and innovative to show haha

      • ExcitedMuch

        Yeah, just like what we thought about iOS 8. And when they revealed the features.. JAW DROP.

    • DR234

      I mentioned it above but I’m seeing it as a possibility for the next device announcement in the Fall. Kind of one of those hidden features shown on release date. So they have the bigger iPhones which could support it. Then it will be an update for at least iPad Air, Mini Retina, and release feature for iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, and possibly a good addition to the rumored and supposedly in production iPad Pro. If not then a good main feature for 8.1, which should be released earlier that iOS 7.1 got released.

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        That makes sense. Let’s hope that’s correct.

  • Adham

    It’s not too far fetched. With the introduction of Extensions in iOS 8 that allows for the share menu customization, widgets, etc., we could see this come in iOS 8 in the fall or 8.1.

  • The likelihood of seeing these features in a future iOS 8 beta or public version is very low. These are big features that Apple would have let developer know about during WWDC. It’s not the kind of feature you keep secret until you unveil them. If anything, these are features that might come out next year

    • Franklin Richards

      Might get announced alongside the new iPhones, whilst flaunting the new larger screen iPhone perhaps.

    • Andy

      It’s still possible for 8.1 if it can’t make it into iOS 8.

    • Damian

      It could be in iOS 8 but limited to only apple toggles

    • DR234

      I can agree to a certain point. Last year there were a couple shocking (at least in my opinion) features in iOS 7 betas even though they all didn’t get released with iOS 7 GMs, like the dark keyboard and the pano moving wallpapers, among a few others which are kind of on this level. Also Apple just keeps opening more up with NC widgets, 3rd party keyboards, share sheet customization, and choosing a photo editor in photos, and more. At this point you can’t know what to expect could be added for iOS 8 GM after the keynote for WWDC 2014. Also there were some listed but unannounced iOS features that were some good additions to iOS. They could toss in a lot of features in the betas just to test them with the devs, even if they don’t reach the public. Such as some of these. Only thing I think I’d say won’t happen for beta for right now, that has been rumored, is split screen. Apple may save that for 8.1 or at least release of new devices because then they have the bigger iPhone at 4.7 and or 5.5 supposedly. Which is better for the split screen and then adding it to the iPad Air/ Mini Retina and possibly this mentioned and in production supposedly, “iPad Pro”.

  • Micky Ganon

    ios 8 kill the jailbreak

    • Gucciipad

      I’m still keeping iOS 7 and my jail break.

      • Damian

        Of course there is no question about it

      • At

        And that major SSL bug.

      • Jonathan

        Not If you use them news tweak that patches that

      • McBobson

        Hi this is kind of random but you recently surpassed Sebastien Page and you’re now the guy who commented the most! Cool!

      • Jonathan

        I guess I did! lol cool! 😀

    • Kamrul

      Never, quick reply is good n all but you can’t even quick compose yet sorry I aint giving up JB for iOS 8 made the same mistake with iOS 7 never again.

    • Riv

      You can’t kill jailbreak it’s against it’s nature.

    • At least there’s evidence that a jailbreak will be possible, thanks to the Great Teaser (ic0nic)…

    • JaeM1llz

      Every time we get a new major iOS release, somebody says this, and they’re always wrong. No matter how many features Apple releases stock, there will ALWAYS be a reason to jailbreak. ALWAYS.

  • Eni

    control center costumizations it would be nice to have (i know that it can be done with jailbreak but the stock one it wold be perfect)

  • kiljoy616

    Very interesting and would allow for more customization big difference from Jobs way of thinking.

  • James Gunaca

    They’re letting users customize the Share Sheet in iOS 8, they should let us customize CC too! It’d be awesome.

  • jack

    still no 3G/4G/LTE and GPS toggles….. FAIL

    • Ali Morina

      it’s beta 1 maybe they’ll release them in future betas

  • Sai

    looks like a jailbroken ios 7 with springboard settings tweak

  • Framboogle

    Wow! Apple finally figured out how to use CCLoader!

  • Lee Pattison

    How would this guy have been able to find these hidden settings in iOS 8 beta without a jailbreak

    • Guest

      As Bill would say

    • Bodom420

      He edited a line using the iOS 8 UIKit lol.

  • DR234

    Only button I want them to add to it… I don’t care if they don’t change a single thing about control center besides this… a Data button. It’s getting slightly silly having to go to settings to turn data on and off. It would make sense to have the button. So I can quickly tap Wifi off and data on or Wifi on and data off. Right now I always can turn wifi on but I don’t trust leaving data on while using wifi since I’m still limited on data. So I have to open up settings and it takes 3 or 4 extra taps to turn data on or off.

    • TJ

      I have the same problem but I always ask Siri to do it now, saves going into Settings and tapping your way through menus.

  • DR234

    Also the SpringBoard/LockScreen shot just looks like a jailbreak. I don’t think I’ve ever refer publicly to a SpringBoard and those settings type of settings within iOS. Also I know the private Apple OS’ don’t have any options like that. The other makes more sense because it just that they don’t have specific names for the options on there. They either are on a really simple OS that’s not anything like iOS to test phone functions like screen, buttons, and sound. Then they have an Apple personalized assistive touch type of menu over a beta to test iOS betas capabilities and fix different bugs.

    • DogeCoin

      It’s refered to springboard in the files/code/folders

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Apple please let this be true.
    It will be so awesome if this is true.

  • sosarozay300

    i hope they allow us to disable the airplane mode toggle in CC on the lockscreen that way i dont have to disable my CC

  • rockdude094

    Maybe in ios 12

  • SteveZ

    offline dictation!
    offline maps please!

  • Stayo

    Is there anyway we can use these dev featchers

  • FarmerBobThe1st

    That one Windows 8 settings panel has a typo. Unsecure?

  • This is very interesting for iOS. I hope it happens 🙂

  • Ali Morina

    out of topic: TeeVee 3 is free for a limited time

  • Alex

    Why not just release the plist modifications that need to be made so everyone can access these hidden settings. Usually it’s just a with to turn on a data flag.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    The absolute, most positive move Apple cld make is the swipe up to open multitask and completely abandon the archaic home button double tap. I kno tht I can use touch id but my hands are so beat up tht it sometimes can’t recognize my barely there thumb print. Not a problem with activator but with a new phone and no JB I’ll b bumming.

  • jdnoon

    lie, I have iOS 8.0 BETA 1 and its not true, unless there going to release is the further BETA’s

  • The we version of iCloud has LinkedIn integration with contacts