Google Play Music for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Google Play Music for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Google’s iOS client for its Play Music service has received a little update today bringing a few useful enhancement to make the experience better and less frictionless. For starters, the new Google Play Music version has removed a major annoyance: you can now finally edit playlists on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Needless to say, any changes made to a playlist on one device instantly reflect on all your others.

And when sorting through your cloud music library, the app now makes it dead simple to filter only the tracks that you’ve downloaded to your device for offline listening. There are two other additions, explained after the break.

Google Play Music is free in the App Store

You’ll also notice a new scrollable app header and an Artist Shuffle feature which, like the name suggests, shuffles through songs from the same artist rather than through your whole music library.

I’ve also noticed that the app icon recently changed from this…

Google Play Music 1.1.2 for iOS (app icon, small)

…to this.

Google Play Music for iOS (app icon, small)

Not a major change, but nice as it makes the icon stand out more on your Home screen and more in line with the app’s color styling.

Google Play Music for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Google Play Music for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

Here’s the full changelog:

• Greatly improved download experience with ‘Downloaded Only’ filter
• Added ability to edit a playlist
• Added Shuffle Artist feature
• Improved UI with new scrollable app header

A native iPad interface has been discovered recently in the iPhone build so here’s hoping that Google Play Music becomes universal real soon.

The app received its iOS 7 styling last December.

If you regularly upload your own tracks to Google Music, check out a time-saving Chrome Labs feature which makes the process as easy as dragging song files from a folder on your Mac and dropping them onto the Chrome browser.

Download Google Play Music free in the App Store.

iOS 6.0 or later is required.

  • John Harper

    I’m trying to decide the best music streaming service:
    Spotify/Beats Music or Google Music…and yeah I am interested in paying the monthly service.

    • Amadesa

      I’ve tried both Spotify and Google Music, and I prefer Google Music. I just think the app is nicer and the playlist philosophy is sometimes frustrating.

    • Crystal

      I don’t know anything about Beats. But the major difference between Spotify and Google is that Spotify can’t stream any music it doesn’t have the rights to. So if you own a song that isn’t in Spotify’s library, you can only listen to it if the file is on the device you’re using at the moment. So when I listened to Spotify on my home computer, I had access to all my music. When I listened on my work computer, a lot of my songs were unavailable because (even though Spotify knew they were in my library) they didn’t have streaming rights.

      With Google, you upload your music to the cloud. So everything you own can be accessed and played from wherever you are, on any device, because you’re streaming your own data (plus any music you’ve added from Google’s library).