Normals react to 4.7 inch iPhone 6 (image 001)

You’ve seen kids react to such ancient technology as the Apple II, but how about your average Joe’s reaction after being shown a mockup of a piece of future technology? That’s exactly what led the guys over at UrAvgConsumer to take to the streets of New York City and ask normals to share their impressions on a dummy unit of the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Reactions vary from ‘beautiful, I like it’ to a complete disbelief. The video is right after the break so give it a watch and meet us in comments…

One caveat: people were being showcased a dummy representation of what the rumor-mill thinks the next iPhone(s) will look like, as based on the supposed leaks, alleged technical drawings and other questionable leads.

If history is anything to go by – and this time around we’re seeing fewer credible part leaks than last year (Tim Cook doubling down on secrecy, perhaps?) – the iPhone 6 won’t resemble the current crop of mockups and dummy units floating around.

The video [via Redmond Pie] runs six minutes and forty seconds long.

Give it a watch right below and tell us what you think in comments.

A few reactions that stick to mind:

  • many people compare it to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones
  • some folks complain it’s too big
  • Joe Public generally heard or read very little about the iPhone 6

My favorite reactions: “it’s gonna snap,” “they’re still doing iPod touches?” and “it doesn’t really look like an iPhone anymore”.

One person complained about the size, remarking that “it’s a mobile phone, I want to carry it around.” These reactions are of course assuming that Apple will only make 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone models.

What I think will transpire, is this: at the very least, Apple will keep the current crop of  four-inch iPhones (iPhone 5/5s/5c) on the market to cater to that demography. Optimally, Apple will give the iPhone 5s a specs upgrade.

If it doesn’t, the company will be essentially telling folks who are exclusively in the market for a four-inch iPhone to stick with last year’s iPhone 5s, and some could jump ship as a result.

Apple is surely aware of its dilemma.

Hence, I don’t see Tim Cook & Co. risk alienating the installed base of happy four-inch iPhone owners by forcing them to go 4.7/5.5 inches. Therefore, there should also be a 2014 edition of the iPhone 5s for the types who deem four inches the perfect smartphone size.

Besides, if 4.7/5.5-inch iPhones are real, what do we do about this?

The 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to arrive in September, possibly on September 19. Its more sizable 5.5-inch counterpart is said to have been delayed over component issues as far as into early-2015.

As a side-note, one out of every three respondents in our non-scientific poll voted in favor of a 4.7-inch iPhone variant.

By some estimates, phones with screens measuring five or more inches diagonally comprise about one-third of all smartphones sold. Even though this isn’t what you’d call the vast majority, that’s clearly where the market is going and Apple is simply responding to the trend.

At any rate, that video is an interesting look at people’s reactions to the iPhone 6 dummy, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Anti-wooing

    FYI, missing a t in least: “What I think will transpire, is this: at the very leas,”

  • sdhn97

    Personally I don’t think a 5.5″ iPhone will ever come to market… This year I think we’ll be seeing is a 4″ iPhone6 and a 4.7″ iPhone6+ (6+ purely to state a larger screen, not better specs…)

    • Jeffrey

      hahahahah no

      • iPad air iPad mini retina so why not iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 mini

      • Jeffrey

        because the ipad mini really is mini, a 4.7 inch phone isn’t mini

    • mlee19841

      Exactly. Everything we’ve heard is just a rumor started from someone. Then people run with it and make cases and molds of it. Nothing is said yet about the true size. We have about a week or two for Apple to take the stage and show their cards. Even though the past leaks of phones have been pretty much spot on. Things could change.

      • Matt Taylor

        I have a theory that Apple release the leaks and rumours to get feedback on products before they’re released!

  • angry3

    Like I’ve been saying, it’s too damn big!

    • mlee19841

      I held the htc m7 which is 4.7. It is a big device.

    • smtp25

      Like I’ve been saying for years 3.5-4″ is too damm small. 4.7 or 5 is good, my SG4 is a good mix of large screen but manageable size – when the IP6 comes out I’ll be looking at the 4.7 but probably go the 5.5 if its not too unweildy

  • Fardeen Beharry

    well owning a moto g, i really want an iphone with its 4.7 inch screen size. i dont care about it being slimmer, give me a good decent battery that will last a whole day usage, then i’ll consider it an upgrade

  • Jayy

    Well i’m using an iPhone 4 still, so any iPhone is a Upgrade!

  • Cmlo_

    I’ve been waiting for a bigger iphone since they announced the iphone 5 with it’s akward 4″ screen, this next size is perfect!!! IMO! Regardless of what apple releases people are going to buy it, that being said, they better bump it up to 32gb to start with, and I’ll be sold! If not I’m turning to the M9!

  • Joe Binder

    Is it “…a iPhone” or ‘an iPhone’?

  • Tyler

    Lmao I tapped on the first pic twice thinkin that dudes shirt was a play button

  • mlee19841

    The two girls were not feeling that at all. Hahahaha.

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    pleeeeze Apple, dont change the shape

  • felixtaf

    Why do I have to worry about some STRANGER’s reaction about an iPhone 6 DUMMY?
    Am upgrading…. Will be worthy from my current iPhone!

  • coLin

    The Apple video is so dumb! You don’t have to convince anybody what they should like. There are 6-7 billion people on this earth and they all have different tastes

  • mahe

    “for someone who like to compensate” HAHAHA

  • mickey

    Can’t see apple releasing an iPhone 6 identical to these dummy phones. Not because of the screen size but the device size is enormous for a 4.7″ screen. Check out Marques brownlee’s video for size comparisons. Sure it’s thin, but it’s as tall and wide as devices with 5″+ screens. There’s just way too much bezel, especially coming from a company that has a reputation of making svelte devices.