Normals react to 4.7 inch iPhone 6 (image 001)

You’ve seen kids react to such ancient technology¬†as the Apple II, but how about your average Joe’s reaction after being shown a mockup of a piece of future technology? That’s exactly what led the guys over at UrAvgConsumer to take to the streets of New York City and ask normals to share their impressions on a dummy unit of the rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Reactions vary from ‘beautiful, I like it’ to a complete disbelief. The video is right after the break so give it a watch and meet us in comments…

One caveat: people were being showcased a dummy representation of what the rumor-mill thinks the next iPhone(s) will look like, as based on the supposed leaks, alleged technical drawings and other questionable leads.

If history is anything to go by – and this time around we’re seeing fewer credible part leaks than last year (Tim Cook doubling down on secrecy, perhaps?) – the iPhone 6 won’t resemble the current crop of mockups and dummy units floating around.

The video [via Redmond Pie] runs six minutes and forty seconds long.

Give it a watch right below and tell us what you think in comments.

A few reactions that stick to mind:

  • many people compare it to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones
  • some folks complain it’s too big
  • Joe Public generally heard or read very little about the iPhone 6

My favorite reactions: “it’s gonna snap,” “they’re still doing iPod touches?”¬†and “it doesn’t really look like an iPhone anymore”.

One person complained about the size, remarking that “it’s a mobile phone, I want to carry it around.”¬†These reactions are of course assuming that Apple will only make 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone models.

What I think will transpire, is this: at the very least, Apple will keep the current crop of  four-inch iPhones (iPhone 5/5s/5c) on the market to cater to that demography. Optimally, Apple will give the iPhone 5s a specs upgrade.

If it doesn’t, the company will be essentially telling folks who are exclusively in the market for a four-inch iPhone to stick with last year’s iPhone 5s, and some could jump ship as a result.

Apple is surely aware of its dilemma.

Hence, I don’t see Tim Cook & Co. risk alienating the installed base of happy four-inch iPhone owners by forcing them to go 4.7/5.5 inches. Therefore, there should also be a 2014 edition of the iPhone 5s for the types who deem four inches the perfect smartphone size.

Besides, if 4.7/5.5-inch iPhones are real, what do we do about this?

The 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to arrive in September, possibly on September 19. Its more sizable 5.5-inch counterpart is said to have been delayed over component issues as far as into early-2015.

As a side-note, one out of every three respondents in our non-scientific poll voted in favor of a 4.7-inch iPhone variant.

By some estimates, phones with screens measuring five or more inches diagonally comprise about one-third of all smartphones sold. Even though this isn’t what you’d call the vast majority, that’s clearly¬†where the market is going and Apple is simply responding to the trend.

At any rate, that video is an interesting look at people’s reactions to the iPhone 6 dummy, wouldn’t you agree?