9 fun Mac Terminal commands to beat boredom

Mac Terminal full of emojis

Terminal is a useful tool for performing actions on macOS with simple commands. And for many Mac users, it’s the preferred way to get things done, like showing hidden Finder folders or keeping your Mac from sleeping. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain yourself with Terminal too.

We’ve shown you several fun and useful commands for Terminal, and they’re pretty awesome. But if you want to get in a little practice with Terminal commands that are just a bit whimsical, then this list is for you.

Here are nine enjoyable Terminal commands for macOS.

The best adult coloring book apps for iPhone and iPad

Coloring books apps - Pigment

Coloring isn’t just for children and these days it’s been said to help adults reduce stress. While games are fun and books are entertaining, sitting down with a coloring book at the end of your day is great for relaxation as well as a way to unleash some creativity.

Whether you want a new way to unwind or just express yourself, here are the best adult coloring books apps for iPhone and iPad.

The best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad

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A photo collage can be an excellent way to share your pictures. You can create a collection of photos of your kids, your pets, or your vacation, all in one awesome image. If want a different way to share your favorite photos, then check out these best photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad.

Watch this: an internal Apple music video that parodies Windows 95

Shortly following Steve Jobs' exile from Apple in 1985, the company went into a downturn with Mac sales under increasing pressure from commodity PCs running Microsoft software. The desktop wars of the '90s were pretty much over when the software giant released Windows 95, the first good-enough version of its operating system for the masses.