iTunes Radio (The Netherlands 003)iTunes Radio (The Netherlands 004)

Based on a pair of screenshots of the iOS 7 Music app shared on Twitter, it seems that The Netherlands has made it on Apple’s list of upcoming iTunes Radio markets in Europe as one Dutch user reports the Radio tab randomly appearing and disappearing on his device.

Last we heard, Apple was gearing up to expand the service to the United Kingdom following a meeting its iAd director had with London-based ad agencies.

The Cupertino company even banned London-based iTunes Radio rival, a service called, from its iAd advertising network…

As noted by Twitter user ‘tmnlsthrn’ and evidenced on the screenshots shared on Twitter (here and here), he was able to briefly access the Radio tab inside the stock iOS 7 Music app, before it disappeared again.

“The tab did not show up for me before,” he told me during a quick instant messaging session. You can clearly see the Radio tab on the top left screenshot. After attempting to enable iTunes Radio on his device, he was greeted with a standard message saying the service isn’t available yet.

The Radio tab has then disappeared abruptly from the Music app before re-appearing, only to disappear again. For those wondering, his iOS Settings > General > International > Language is set to Dutch and he’s on a Dutch iTunes Store.

iTunes Radio (teaser, iPod touch, iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV)

This random on/off behavior indicates that Apple is testing iTunes Radio for Dutch market.

Just don’t interpret this as a sign of iTunes Radio launching imminently in The Netherlands, even though we now know that key European markets are on Apple’s iTunes Radio map.

We observed a similar behavior recently, when several UK-based folks claimed that iTunes Radio was working for them, albeit for a brief period of time.

It’s worth pointing out that the Radio tab only shows up if iTunes Radio is available in a specific country. The way it works, the iOS Music app checks your iTunes account in order to determine whether to show or hide the Radio tab.

To test this, I signed out of my US iTunes account on my iPhone 5s and signed in with a Croatian one. The Radio tab immediately disappeared in the Music app because the service isn’t yet available in my country.

As soon as I signed back in with my US iTunes account, the tab promptly re-appeared, as evidenced on the screenshots shared below.

iTunes Radio (Croatian App Store, Croatian)iTunes Radio (Croatian App Store, English)
Music app with Croatian (left) and English (right) iOS language. The Radio tab is nowhere to be seen because I’m signed in with a Croatian iTunes account.

And guess what happens if I switch back to my US iTunes account?

iTunes Radio (US App Store, Croatian)iTunes Radio (US App Store, English)
Signing in with a US iTunes account immediately makes iTunes Radio available in the Music app, localized accordingly depending on your iOS language.

iTunes Radio is currently available in the United States and Australia.

The service will be expanding to Canada, New Zealand and various Nordic countries in the first half of this year. Bloomberg learned that Apple wants to be in about a hundred countries by late-2015.

By all accounts, iTunes Radio is a staggered release.

The fact that the Radio tab is appearing inside the Music app for some Dutch fans is the strongest indication to date that Apple will be enabling its Internet radio service in the 17 million people market of The Netherlands.


Only time will tell…

If you live in The Netherlands, please check your iPhone’s Music app and let us know in the comments if you see the Radio tab.

  • Dallas Groot

    i live in Canada, and there are times where it will show up, I log in, and tells me its not available in my county… very confused.

  • 中 PSiCKo 中

    Here a spanish (from Spain) that thinks he will forget iTunes Radio. It’s near a year the wait and nothing arrives. I’m sorry, but Spotify is available here.

  • Jesse Warmerdam

    I live @ the Netherlands. I’ve had this once before as well, but now it is gone again. That was about a month ago.

    • Le0n

      Let’s hope it will really happen this time.

    • Dean Johnson

      Ik ook! Hoop echt dat het snel komt.

  • Tomer Sh

    Waiting in Israel

  • Guest

    Currently in Saudi Arabia, this thing always pop up from time to time but doesn’t seems to work yet… i hope they’ll include mid-east region as well.

  • Francis Agbada

    Currently in Saudi Arabia, this thing always pop up from time to time but doesn’t seems to work yet.. i hope they’ll include mid-east region as well.

  • Rock Lee

    mehh I have Spotify here anyway since 2 years. I also didn’t re-new my iTunes Match subscription this year. I just never use iTunes anymore since Spotify. Only thing Apple can do to win me over is to launch monthly subscriptions to listen unlimited.

    Can you imagine? All the music content of iTunes, with the great iOS and OSX look and feel? Just open up iTunes Store and start streaming.

    I love iTunes, I love the Music app on iOS. However, I hate mp3’s…..

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      “However, I hate mp3’s”

      You’ll be glad to know iTunes doesn’t sell mp3’s then. All of the music offered in iTunes uses the m4a format…

      • Rock Lee

        I hoped people would understand I mean digital copies (so not just mp3).

        I was wrong…..

        So what other fascinating stuff do you have to say?

      • felixtaf

        You mistyped and hoped others to read ur mind? Wow…
        What other fascinating things u can do?

      • Rock Lee

        I practice taijutsu.

  • giantbrownguy

    It’s been showing up in Canada randomly since at least January. On my iPad, it will randomly pop up.

  • lanceuppercut47

    UK users have been seeing this for a while, don’t get your hopes up, dutch people..

  • Samuli Satopää

    I have had that too. I live in Finland.

  • Gideon

    I’m from the Netherlands, few days ago I had the same.

  • Mukund Bhatla

    I live in India and there is no way this service is coming anytime sooner to this place, so I just changed my location, country through iTunes and It works and is a good substitute to pandora.

  • Dean Johnson

    I can confirm this. I’ve had this as well and it worked. I can listen to all radio stations.

  • Damian

    Use tweak accountchangerTS to quickly switch between multiple accounts in the AppStore. Once you switch to your fake USA account the music radio will show app in music app.

    Simple as that

  • Er!k

    Also no iTunes radio for me in The Netherlands…

  • Michael Knutti

    Random appearances spotted in POLAND too