iTunes Radio reportedly working for some UK users

iTunes Radio (three-up, iPhone 5)

Good news for all of you folks across the pond. There have been reports coming in for the past several hours that [some] iTunes users in the UK and other countries have been able to access and listen to iTunes Radio on their iPhones.

Since its launch last fall, iTunes Radio has been limited to users in the United States. But Apple has said that it is a top priority to get the streaming music service into other countries this year, and it looks like they’re preparing a roll out…

MacRumors was first to report on the matter:

“As of today, MacRumors has had a few reports from U.K. and Australian users that have been able to access and listen to iTunes Radio on their iPhones. While some MacRumors forum members in the U.K. have been able to access the service, others say that it is not yet available for them. Similar reports are coming in on Reddit and Twitter.

It appears that most of the users that are able to access and use iTunes Radio had recently wiped and restored their devices, which suggests that iTunes Radio may be accessible after an iPhone reactivates.”

Now, obviously you don’t want to go restoring your device in hopes that it’ll activate iTunes Radio. Reports are still very sporadic at this point, and it’s unclear if this is just a glitch or Apple is testing the waters. It definitely isn’t the launch.

It shouldn’t be too much longer though. In October of last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was looking to roll out iTunes Radio to the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand by early 2014. And it eventually wants to be in 100+ countries.

Are you outside of the US and able to access iTunes Radio for the first time? Let us know in the comments below!