iOS 8 logo (mockup 001)

Continuing on his series of iOS 8 scoops, the usually reliable Apple blogger Mark Gurman is out with a new story offering alleged new findings pertaining to iOS 8’s Notification Center, Messages, Game Center, Voice Memos, CarPlay and inter-app communication.

The latter is obviously the highlight of the report because unlike Android, iOS has been plagued with very limited inter-app sharing. As a result, operations that are normally trivial on Android are virtually impossible on iOS.

For instance, there’s no way to edit a photo in one app and send it, say, to the Instagram app without having to go through the cumbersome process of exporting the image to your Camera roll first and then manually importing it into Instagram.

According to the report, iOS 8 could finally fix this problem. Jump past the fold for the full reveal…

Gurman explains:

Apple is said to be working on and testing functionality that would allow apps from the App Store to better communicate. An API is being developed for apps to be able to share data. For example, a future photo editing application could have the ability to push the edited content for upload via the Instagram or Facebook apps.

The debut of the API has been in development for the past couple of years, and it had been removed from the launch version of iOS 7 last year for unspecified reasons. With that in mind, it is plausible that Apple could, again, choose to hold back the functionality.

Apple is also said to be considering killing standalone Game Center apps – just the apps, not the service itself – on both iOS and OS X in favor of direct integration of Game Center features inside Game Center-compatible games.

iOS 8 screenshot (Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit icons)
Supposedly leaked iOS 8 screenshot from yesterday shows the Game Center icon.

Next, Notification Center should undergo minor tweaks centered around a simpler drop-down panel that solely includes the old ‘Today’ view and a new ‘Notifications’ views, the latter seemingly combining all notifications, including missed notifications now provided as a separate ‘All’ panel in iOS 7.

Apple’s acquisition of the Cue personal assistant is said to power other improvements to Notification Center in iOS 8. Cue used to specialize on retrieving useful information from Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook and other services.

That said, it’s been speculated that iOS 8’s Notification Center could perhaps include information from these sources to provide a better and more personalized overview of your daily events and activities.

Messages in iOS 8 should introduce a new optional feature to auto-delete conversation threads after a month/year to help save storage space because the iOS Messages app is well-known for clogging up your device’s storage.

Mercedes-Benz (CarPlay 001)
CarPlay in iOS 8 should work over Wi-Fi so no Lightning cable needed.

CarPlay in iOS 8 is reportedly gaining support for wireless connectivity between the vehicle and your iOS device, a feature Volvo said will be enabled “later this year.”

As for Voice Memos, Apple apparently plans to “move around some of the controls” to make them more visible, fixing a common user complaint.

Finally, iOS 8 should feel faster than iOS 7: apps seemingly launch and close more quickly, with overall system navigation described as “much smoother and more stable.”

iOS 8 screenshot (Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit icons, tessaer 001)

Earlier this week, Gurman learned from his sources that iOS 8 will bring us OS X’s Preview and TextEdit apps with iCloud integration, public transit directions and other new Maps features, health and fitness tracking features via a new Healthbook app and probably a standalone iTunes Radio app.

Apple is expected to formally share details about iOS 8 at its annual summer developer conference. If history is an indication, the software should be released in Fall, alongside new iPhones and iPads.

I’m so looking forward to iOS 8.


  • true multitasking for iPad plsssss ……..

    • Matt Taylor

      If the Surface can do it then the iPad sure as f!*k should be able to! Come on Apple, are you really going to let Micreosoft out multitask you…

    • Tom

      Why don’t they learn from so many awesome tweaks out there and could implement them into GM version of iOS.

    • If IDB and other blogs write about it and often, we stand a good chance at getting it. Someone just needs to convince Zibreg and the gang to like the idea and write about it at as often as possible. I know Cody is on board with split screen

    • Jamie Tilden

      What exactly would be true multitasking? I’m not trying to challenge you, I’m just genuinely curious.

  • Michael Romano

    Hopefully this means I can save articles/links to Pocket easier. Similar to how Android handles this.

  • Jeffrey

    pfff in generall: ios 8 doesn’t offer much interesting new tweaks… c’mon apple, implement some of the most popular jailbreak tweaks and we won’t have to jailbreak our phones anymore… everyone happy!

    • Jason Baroni

      Rumors are just coming up… relax. Let Apple work on it.

      • Greg Warren

        I’ve been “relaxed” and “waiting” for Apple to implement SMS quick reply for four years now. My patience is wearing thin.

      • Matt Taylor

        Well said! That makes two of us, actually probably two million or more… Apple have some serious catching up to do so the last thing they should be doing is relaxing! If you ask me it’s about time they pull their finger out and spend more time “innovating” iOS and less time counting their money!

        Side by side iPad apps

        Third party keyboard, Spotlight, Siri, Notification Center and Control Center APIs

        More control over the file system maybe with a finder type app and more freedom with Music and Photos

        For example, I am in the market for an iPod type device to store and listen to my music, but I just refuse to use iOS for this as I have no control over my music, or photos for that matter! iOS just feels so primitive

      • Mafo

        Then don’t use iOS.

      • Fardeen Beharry

        typical fanboy reaction, the guy actually has a point

      • Jeffrey

        you dont get it do you, he’s just saying that HOWEVER he loves ios, he thinks that apple has to catch up with android… and i agree, but i still love the heck out of ios and apple

      • Guest

        love makes blind.

      • Jeffrey


      • Jason Baroni

        WOW. I am sure Apple would hire you, men. All I am saying is that you guys are complaining about something that is not public yet! Unless we are from Jony or Craig’s teams at Apple you and know NOTHING about the upcoming features on the next iOSs.
        You have A BUNCH of options with Android. If you think Apple’s iOS does not fit you, feel free to change.
        Everyone ever wanted to access a WiFi toggle on the homescreen, then they gave us the ControlCenter just after firing the guy who NEVER allowed that.
        Just calm down or switch to Android or Windows Phone. Yes, it is that easy.

      • Matt Taylor

        And if everyone decided to just give up and switch, where would that leave Apple!?

      • Jason Baroni

        Apple sells Apple logo. People won’t switch for the next 10 years.

      • Butch Danes

        Apple: And here’s a feature everyone has been asking us for and we have finally brought it for you. Now you can quick reply to your messages, but it’s more than that. You can quick reply from anywhere even if you’re watching a movie or playing a game and you see how quick, easy and fast that was? You never have to leave what you’re doing to reply to messages any more. Another first from Apple.

      • BozzyB

        Facebook Messenger with chatheads on Android can do it. Even when you watch a movie or so it will continue to play…

      • Jeffrey

        yeah i know but most of the time the leaked things are the most important new things so that would mean that this will be most of the big new things of ios 8, also WWDC is in less than 3 months so i guess they won’t start creating new tweaks for ios 8 now anymore

    • Rahimo

      I agree with you !! Like when Apple replaced SBSettings by the ControleCenter !!

      • felixtaf

        SBSettings is more versatile than CC. But a tweak in any form is welcome.
        Also, a SIMPLE file manager is welcome!

      • Jeffrey


    • Flex

      There will always be reason to jailbreak because the true innovation comes from jailbreak devs not apple

      • Jeffrey

        yeah but it will be a lot more unnecessary

    • Straw hat

      LOl why?? I like the jailbreak community it’s like a family to me. If jailbreak is finished iDB will get boring!

      • Jeffrey

        just because you wont have to put effort and a lot of bugs into your phone by jailbreaking it… if apple just implements all the awesome tweaks jailbreaking would be a lot less necessary

      • Svs

        If apple implement all the features themselves there will always be a feature that you hope exist but doesn’t and vice versa but if apple open up appstore make it more like google play that would be awsome(devs can submit tweaks to the store)

      • Jeffrey

        true but they wont:/ i also said that jailbreaking would be less necessary, not totally unnecessary…

    • @dongiuj

      Apple won’t implement many jailbreak tweaks because the iPieces are already showing signs that they can’t handle much more than “simplicity”.

      • Jeffrey

        well if you’re talking about ios 7; i am very happy with it and even though the looks of the os have been simplicified, the tweaks have been optimalised and a lot of handy tweaks have been added so don’t say that ios 7 is simpler than ios 6 because it isn’t. you could just call ios 7 ios 6 with a simple (and beautifull) theme and with a lot of new awesome tweaks.

      • @dongiuj

        I’m not saying that at all, so stop presuming things because it’s only making you look more stupid than you already are. Nowhere did I mention ios6 in my comment so I can already see that a conversation with you is going to be a waste of time.

      • Jeffrey

        lol why do you have to be mad? i didn’t say anything wrong or offending so you don’t have any reason to get angry/offend me. also i assumed you were talking about ios 7, that’s why i said IF. if not, then i take my words back;) so please don’t comment if you are only here to hate and offend others

      • @dongiuj

        I have to ask one question…. Is English your first language?

      • Jeffrey


      • @dongiuj

        That explains it then.

      • @dongiuj

        That explains it then.

  • El Matador

    For the love of god and everything holy can we please get quick reply/quick compose!

  • Jason Baroni

    I don’t have what to complain about the Game Center app. I actually use it more than the Newsstand, which could be built in to iBooks.

    • notewar

      If this is true, I am now concerning about multiplayer games that utilize the game center.

      • Jason Baroni

        You have a point. I actually challenge people on there…

  • Mescudi

    Wait not GAME CENTER, I used it all the time to play with my younger siblings.
    get rid of newsstand and compass. I never opened them.

    • Jason Baroni

      Newsstand was the most idiot project of Scott Forstall… I hate it

  • Leonard Wong

    These under the hood improvement will be awesome.
    And it will be great they remove Game Center app

  • Rahimo

    I am a windows user !! It means I don’t care about TextEdit and Preview !! But I have a question ::: will iOS 8 be supported by iPhone 4?? ‘Cause my little brother has one and he is afraid !!! Please answer me folks !!

    • felixtaf

      I dont think so… May be few minor updates,not iOS8.

      • Rahimo

        Thanks body !!

    • dpacemaker

      No it won’t.

    • Martynet

      Afraid of what? 😀 He should be glad that iOS 7 is still supported.

  • notewar

    Damn,,,,time flies…………i was still excited for iOS 7.1 and now iOS 8 is on its way….

  • Nuno Xavier

    iOS 8 should be out somewhere next year, iOS7 is still too new for a new one to come out soon…

  • Greg Warren

    If “improvements to Messages” does not include quick reply, I’m going to go ballistic. It’s been doable via jailbreak since the 3GS was originally released, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be doable in iOS by now. They’ve even integrated it into OSX at this point!

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    They really do need quick reply just like bitesms or messages that the main reason i jailbreak my phone for .. Its makes it so easier to send a message like apple need to pay attention to the jailbreak community

  • leart

    Apple should fire all the ios 7 design team…

    • ♋JULY 17♋

      Agree lol

  • therealjjohnson

    It seems silly that I have had a iPhone since 2008 and still cant complete a simple function like quick reply without the use of a jailbreak. Just go buy Bitesms already and make it standard.

  • iRy757

    There was this concept last year in regards to iOS 7 and it was almost like a iOS and OSX hybrid. Would love to see something like that actually happen. Wish I could find the screenshots for it.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    With iOS 8 Apple should add an “Advance Option” in settings app with all sorts of tweaks and goodies for Advance iDevice users.

    Maybe add an Tweaks & Customization category in the AppStore. This way Apple can test and approve the tweaks they see fit.

  • Crest

    Apple should open up notification centre to 3rd Parties. It could even become a new section of the AppStore, letting Developers sell NC Add-Ons that have more depth.

  • Got damn it’s taking them years to implement something that android phones have been doing for a while now? Why is that so? Why isn’t apple looking at being truly innovative and bringing NEW stuff to phones instead of features that have been done for years now. I mean, seriously, app sharing? One would think that such a simple feature would be standard and not the main focus in a new update.

    • Their platform has thrived without it, so why the rush? To appease us tech-savvy folk? We aren’t the cash cow, that is why.

      Although I agree with you. App sharing is NBD to them, they just aren’t in a rush to do it unless it’s done “well” in typical Apple fashion.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    I wish i could get paid to write summaries of other aryicles

  • Fardeen Beharry

    the part that really excites me is this

    Finally, iOS 8 should feel faster than iOS 7: apps seemingly launch and close more quickly, with overall system navigation described as “much smoother and more stable.”

    hoping that apple still supports my 4s. and giving that apple is releasing iphone 4 in india, it wouldnt suprise me if they support the iphone 4 also and makes the os better

  • Kamal Ahmad

    Screenshots may be faked, iOS 8 probably will have a different wallpaper like every other iOS update

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I do love me some true window multitasking and inter-app sharing!

  • Barcelonian

    I’m not really eager to see IOS 8.

  • Saulo Benigno

    What is a ‘standalone Game Center apps’? I didn’t understand… 🙁

  • Mike M. Powell

    Where the QR/QC ._.?

  • Rares

    “Smoother and more stable”? They should give support for iphone 4 too.

    • Nano45TA

      You should just upgrade, You have a 4 year old phone.

  • Decio Arruda

    Please stop requesting true iPad multitasking. Because if what you’re doing on the iPad REQUIRES you to have two apps open at once, then you’re probably better off with a macbook since the iPad, I feel, is not meant to do multitasking.

  • Andrew Roth

    This might be the first iOS update that I don’t get excited for. :/

  • Andrew Roth

    Also reportedly (put this on the last post as well) the icons will be circles. The logo top of post is circle as well…

  • MHCsk

    iOS 7 adds 3rd party controller support, iOS 8 removes Game Center. Makes sense.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      lol, ya I don’t know why they did that.

  • Christian

    Do you mean that Carplay should work over Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi?

  • If there is no battery percentage for iPod touch then I am not updating!

  • Mark

    I was expecting them to change the design primarily for iOS 8, I’m kind of disappointed.

  • Brian Voll

    I figured iOS 8 is just going to be what seems like a minor update with a few new apps and fixes. Maybe a new wallpaper or two. But, I’m really hoping there will be more than just that. How about support for more professional users. A wacom tablet, or a mouse.

    Take some more pages from jailbreak tweaks. Open up TouchID more. A built in screen recorder.

    Anyway, I’m more excited to see what happens with OS X later this year.

  • onebyone_

    for sake of God, please change the ugly safari icon for something like this!