iPhone 5s (gold, iSight camera 001)

Microsoft may be dominating your morning news feed with the official appointment of insider Satya Nadella as its new CEO, but that hasn’t stopped the Apple rumor-mill from churning out speculative reports concerning the next iPhone.

According to a new report from the Chinese website IT168, the iPhone 6 will have at least a ten-megapixel camera with an improved filter and a wider aperture…

MacRumors passes along the IT168 story (Google translation) citing Taiwanese supply chain insiders who claim knowledge of an improved camera system on the upcoming handset.

In addition to a ten-megapixel or more CMOS sensor and a wider f/1.8 aperture size, the handset is thought to employ interchangeable resin lenses created by the Japanese company called JSR. By comparison, the rear iSight camera on the current-generation iPhone 5s has a narrower f/2.2 aperture.

JSR is behind the ARTON Resins, a thin and light filter used in digital and video cameras with CMOS image sensors that offers clearer images due to its ability to minimize the color shifts of CMOS image sensors.

Apple has a patent on swappable camera lenses for mobile devices, seen below.


We also know from Apple’s patent filings that the company has been researching a Lytro-like refocusable camera technology and high-resolution iOS device cameras with optical zoom.

All iDevice and Mac cameras have digital rather than optical zooming capabilities. I think it’s high time Apple upped the megapixel count on iPhone cameras given that past three handset generations came outfitted with an eight-megapixel sensor.

Although megapixels matter, I’m more excited about a wider aperture.

The more light comes in through the lens, the better the picture in terms of color accuracy and vividness.

  • Skoven

    Lets hope so!
    The current 8MP is a joke!

    • Still the best phone camera on the market

      • Skoven

        Wasn’t bashing the picture quality, merely the resolution.

      • Why you need bigger resolution? that’s the question. Unless you’re going to print huge photos, more resolution it’s not needed.

        Now talking about image quality. To make the perfect image quality, the sensor size and pixels should have the right math.

        If the next iPhone gets a bigger resolution, its because they will increase the sensor size. and in a bigger iphone, now that’s possible and make sense.

      • Adam Bowman

        Think about cropping. It would be great if I could take a pic of my kids (or any subject) from a distance and later crop the photo without a significant loss of resolution. More MPs would give me that ability. I would love to have the same great photo quality of current iPhones with more megapixels, and, if possible, an improved video resolution.
        Wouldn’t it be great if the next model iPhone could give us the option of switching between MP size?
        Anyway, I’m hoping they increase the MPs. In fact, I’m kind of expecting it.

      • but no one here are saying that “more pixels” it’s a bad thing. what im trying to say is the math behind that.

        increasing the MP, without increasing the size of the sensor it’s bad because we will end up with worst quality image. now if they make the next iphone bigger, with a larger sensor, increasing the MP makes perfect sense,

      • Uhm, that’s a self contradicting comment. You can’t increase the MP without actually increasing the size of a sensor, ’cause the MP is actually based on a sensor (http://bit ly/1f9Cd6n); the better sensor gives bigger MP count. They don’t advertise like Apple, but the MP isn’t something just magically done by the lens…

      • “You can’t increase the MP without actually increasing the size of a sensor”

        yes you can.

      • Again, what conventional facts do you have to back-up your claim? According to the Wikipedia page (http://bit ly/1f9Cd6n) I linked to, as the MP count increases, the area of the sensor increases…so, again, conventional facts don’t match your claims…you know what that implies.

      • If you forget about wikipedia and do some research near by photographers or even by yourself, you’ll find that there’s a lot of cameras out there with the same sensor size with different MP. The most noticiable comparisons, usually are between Canon and Nikon.

        A complete guide about image sensor, lens and mp.
        http://bit ly/LWbMsE

        If you don’t know what are you talking about, don’t pull wikipedia articles. because sometime you can find some people who work with this stuff all days.

        And here’s a analogy. Sensor size it’s just like a display… a computer monitor. Just because some of them have 13 inches, it doesn’t mean that they run with the same native resolution. Dots per inch count for that math.

      • mrgerbik

        People (younger especially) like bigger numbers … its like a strange obsession a lot of people seem to have

      • I hope they don’t forget about that if someday they try to find a nice car or a sports car. They will end up with a Tractor with huge numbers of horse power.

      • Lucky Adler

        Are you stupid? Ever heard of Xperia Z1 or Nokia Lumia 1020?
        Apple fanboy.

      • felixtaf

        Say that to yourself about Sony Z1. Agree about 1080, it still doesnt justify the 41MP’s in that phone!

      • Quality, more accurate colors, better contrast, yes, the iPhone camera it’s better. Some of my friends complain a lot of the Xperia night shots in particular. Now the Lumia we can say a lot of good things… but better isn’t one of them. both are really great.

      • Fanboyish claims never match reality (http://bit ly/1f3vzRb)…typical.

      • Different polls give different results… now what?
        http://bit ly/1bqxlYn

      • The site you linked to was based off of this PhoneArena poll (http://bit ly/1fwA30T), and guess what, that didn’t even include the Nokia Lumia 1020, yet it managed to make Desing&Trend’s result list…sounds like typical fanboy bias.

      • Bias this… fanboy that.. oh man… No one here said the Nokia Lumia it’s a trash camera. It’s indeed a good camera. Well, a much better camera than its a smartphone but that’s another story. But side by side with the iPhone 5S camera the different it’s not huge. Both are good, very detailed, very well balanced. Now the Z1 it’s the biggest disappoints of the list. Promised so much and so many people complained about it…

      • Neither did anyone claim the iPhoone 5s camera is trash. Just falsely claiming which is better is what I’m arguing about. Don’t want to be called a biased fanboy? Then use conventional facts to back-up your claims, simple…

      • You comment make no sense at all. At least when you try to “attack” the “fanboys” use valid arguments because somehow you look like a hater or a butt hurt fandoird. you didn’t add anything to the conversation because neither I said the lumia it’s bad neither i accused anyone from saying that the iPhone 5S camera it’s trash. as i said since the beginning, both are good and no, you don’t see huge differences between the quality of both. which makes the simple claim a fact. the iphone 5s it’s one of the best cameras out there.

      • Pointing to facts makes no sense? No wonder your claims never match conventional facts.

        “Quality, more accurate colors, better contrast, yes, the iPhone camera it’s better.”

        You didn’t claim the Lumia 1020 is trash, you claimed the 5s is better without conventional facts to back-up your claim (as implied by the above post). I pointed that out to be false, based on a poll. You pointed out another poll that didn’t even include the two cameras. Again, you have no conventional facts to back-up your claim..typical.

      • If you read the conclusion of my comment, you can see that I was talking about agains’t the z1 because the nokia and iphone for me they match on quality. And I didn’t even needed a pool, fortunately I had the opportunity to test both in different situations. And in some situations even the iPhone 5S camera using flash beat the Nokia. with much more natural colors.

      • Ara Rezaee

        Are you a moron? Z1 is the worst, it is riddled with noise and artifacts. I know because I have it and it was the worst mistake I made in 2013

      • Light_man

        If buying a phone camera was your biggest mistake in 2013 u need to get a life..

      • Ara Rezaee

        Or maybe I don’t make as many mistakes as you do, hmm…

      • Light_man

        No you def. need a life

      • Ara Rezaee

        You need to visit your shrink, again…

      • J. Rockwell

        If he paid 400.00 and got trapped in a 2 year contract?
        hells yeah that is a BIGGIE!

      • mehrab

        Takes noisier pics then an iphone 4 and colors are fake as hell

      • J. Rockwell


      • mehrab

        Oh how my cousin got pissed off when my best friends iphone 4s took sharper clearer more color accurate photos compare them side by sode you”ll be shocked at how incredibly terrible the z1″s camera is

      • Ara Rezaee


      • Conventional facts (http://bit ly/1f3vzRb) don’t agree with you on planet Earth…but just might be case in the iWorld.

    • Guest

      Agreed if it’s 8MP again just seems like a lazy excuse to upgrade the camera in the iPhone 6s

    • David Díaz

      Could you tell us, with all your wisdom, why 8MP is a joke?

      • Skoven

        Perhaps because people mostly only use their phone as their primary camera.
        It doesn’t take a lot of zooming, to pixelate the picture, which also means that a print won’t be very good.

      • Jonathan Foell ™

        If you seriously want to print off high res prints then use a DSLR camera.

    • Maxim∑

      Your comment is a joke

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Are you serious?

      Megapixels aren’t everything my friend.

      • Dante Arellano

        I love the idea of an iphone with a lot of megapixels but are u using your iphone camera for living I think there is cameras for profectionales.

    • VitoM

      People like joking.

    • Julio Cesar

      People has to understand:
      Megapixels defines the size of the photo.
      Size of the sensor defines the quality of the photo.
      Lens defines the sharpness, brightness and distortion of the photo.
      (if the lens are bad you get bad photos too)

      Actually, even the Lumia 1020 have a too small sensor for 8MP !
      And for that reason the image is a lot worst than my Canon 7D that has only 18 megapixels (but a much bigger sensor).

      18MP better than 48MP? yep, if the sensor is much smaller you get bad pixels.
      Because the photo is projected in the sensor, every pixel is projected in the sensor… The smaller the sensor is, those pixels have less detail.
      And when the picture is captured and saved, is just stretch the photo and transform into a file.

      The same happens when you get a small picture and doubles the size… You get bad pixels.

      But if you are concerned of zooming, forget about digital zoom, even if you have 48MP the more you crop less quality you have, more noise are visible, less sharpness you get, unless the device has an really big sensor, like the DSLR cameras.
      Optical zoom is the only way if you don’t want to lose quality.
      So buy and external lens kit, or an adaptor to use DSLR Lens, like OWLE Bubo, etc.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Very well put. If u don’t kno, now u kno.

      • felixtaf

        You think people r goin to listen to him? He had posted this many times before…

      • Julio Cesar

        felixtaf is right, people only see what they want to see.

      • People are very deeply brainwashed by advertisement.

        “Pixels, lots of pixels”

        I bet if they compare the Lumia with 41Mp against a Canon 5D mark III they will say that the Lumia it’s better because it have more mega pixels…

      • felixtaf

        Y compare Lumia with expensive 5D mark III? It cant even beat my old Sony Alpha A350!

      • Dante Arellano

        Are u coparinging an iphone with pro camera dam! Some one is living in the moon.

  • felixtaf

    Another day.. Another Apple rumour… I wont believe until Cook dishes it…

    • Framboogle

      Cook dishes it…

      I see what you did there

      • Jonathan

        Copy cat xD

    • Andy

      Do you smell what Tim is cooking? 😀

      • felixtaf

        If I smell it, I wont be checking every rumour about it… (Although most of them wont even close to the final product)

    • Litchy

      Haha good one 😀

  • Razick Rilshad

    Can’t wait to see iphone 6

  • Rowan09

    While I’m very excited for the iPhone 6, I would like one important feature on IOS 8 and that’s file uploading (documents). I use safari uploader on my iPad which is still on IOS 6. Since Apple now gives iWork apps for free, it would make sense to just allow you to upload straight from specific apps instead of giving file system access.

  • Abdl

    I dont know why Apple is so insane about camera and not the battery! Oh crap!!

    • Litchy

      I dont know why people seem to think Apple does not work on better batteries! Oh crap!!

      • Kash Gummaraju

        because software optimization isn’t enough. Slimming the phone down shouldn’t be the goal anymore. At this point, it should be design, more software optimization, better and beefier hardware. 10mp camera, 2300mah battery, either an extremely improved dual core or a better quad-core, 2gb ram, better and slightly larger display(4.5″ should be fine).

      • Litchy

        And again someone who just talks specs. The iPhone 5s works like charm, is extremely fast, takes gorgeous Pictures (unless you want to print them on a wall), and lasts a whole day if you use it for browsing, social networking and messaging all the time. If you are some kind of power user who edits videos or plays games all day long… just get a battery pack O_o

        I don’t want to say “Apple don’t improve the battery life”. Thats not what I mean. What I mean is: Not everybody uses their iPhone for gaming all day long. In fact most of us don’t. Therefore I do think slimming down the phone should still be the goal 😉 An improved battery life is a welcomed bonus.

        A slightly improvement of all specs will happen anyway.
        Hopefully we’ll see a brand new feature too. Something I’d like much more than a few mAh more

      • Kash Gummaraju

        I’m not merely talking about specs for spec’s sake. I’m also referring to the marketing that has influenced many people to buy higher specced devices. It doesn’t take much to lower battery life in a single day of usage on most phones(not moto maxx). A couple youtube videos, browsing, social networking, listening to music is all it takes to reduce battery to 50% on most phones including the iphone. I’d much rather take a 48hr lasting battery(moto maxx) than a battery that lasts 10hrs with mixed usage. Slim does not mean better at all. Why carry around a large battery case or a battery pack when your phone is all you should be carrying in your wallet besides your wallet and keys?

      • Kash Gummaraju

        watching a movie also drains the battery pretty fast.

  • Hussain Alsanona

    I’m very very interested in this hopefully is true !!

  • Ketan

    More MP better picture. Bring it on APPLE!!!!!!

    • Jason Baroni

      Not, actually. Galaxy Note 3 has lots of MPs and the 5s beats it.

  • Andres

    Is everyone done bitching?

  • JulianZH

    Time for bokehlicious!!

  • Dante Arellano

    Fuckk the camera bigger screen and nice looking minimalist body. Why is there samesum and androide fans here fuckk the people -I hear than AT&T is giving androide phones for free if u buy a t shirt of $1 fuckk ugry phones

    • Kash Gummaraju

      Please speak in proper English. AT&T is not having anything like that deal. You make the Apple community bad just with your comments. In fact if you’ve heard AT&T and other carriers are promoting androids over the iphone and have been going so far as to use the sales reps to convince customers who came only for the sole purpose to buy an iphone. You wanna know why? It’s because selling an Android gets them more money. Android phones have become very design oriented phones, HTC One for example-excellent build quality, excellent materials, and top-notch specs.

  • Dante Arellano

    There is some thing about apple they never jump to fast when they make a line of products they go slow but solid that’s why they are the best or one of the best.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      That’s what left Blackberry broke and abandoned.