As promised, Beats launched its highly anticipated ‘Music’ service this morning, bringing the headphone-maker into the highly competitive world of streaming audio. And with a library of around 20 million songs available for on-demand play, it’s certainly built to take on the competition.

But Beats is taking a different approach to its subscription service. Unlike your Rdios and your Spotifys, it doesn’t offer a free ad-supported model and the company is putting a lot of focus on its custom radio stations and playlists that it says were curated by some of the best DJs in the world…

From the press release:

“We wanted to build a music service that combined the freedom of an on-demand subscription service – unlimited, uninterrupted streaming and downloads of tens of millions of songs – but layer on top features that would give you that feeling only music that moves you can give. The right song at the right time will give you a chill. Make you pull someone close. Nod your head. Sing in the mirror. Roll down the car window and crank the volume to the right.

So we built Beats Music.

We pulled together our personal heroes across the genres. Veteran radio programmer Julie Pilat leads our Music team with Global Head of Programming and Editorial Scott Plagenhoef (formerly Pitchfork) overseeing our programmers including Carl Chery (formerly XXL), Suzy Cole (formerly WRIF), Arjan Writes (, Mason Williams (formerly Rhino Records), Fuzzy Fantabulous (formerly Power 106), Ken Tucker (formerly Country Weekly), Jerry Pullés (formerly Latino 96.3). They work with tons of music experts to cover a huge spectrum of music, making sure the catalog is great for music fans (goodbye catalog spam) and you’re always stocked with great listening choices. We also invited in our favorite trusted sources — Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Grand Ole Opry, Downbeat, DJ Mag, Hot 97/Power 106, Naxos, and many others — and built them right into the app, on mobile, no plugin required.”

And with the Beats mobile app, users can access this powerful curation with just a few taps. It offers several features including ‘Right Now,’ which allows users to input where they are, what they’re doing and what they want to listen to, and ‘Highlights,’ which lets the Beats DJs pick the right music.

For those not into the fancy curation features, Beats Music offers the standard affair as well. Users can simply open the app and hit ‘Play’ to start streaming music, as well as create and share their own playlists. There’s also an offline feature for listening to all of your favorite albums sans Internet.

Here’s what the iPhone app looks like (it’s available on Android and Windows Phone as well):

beats iphone

Beats Music is $9.99 a month for unlimited streaming, unlimited album downloads for offline streaming and no ads, and there’s a 7-day free trial for new users. There’s also a promo for AT&T customers right now, allowing up to five people and ten devices to access to the service for $14.99/month.

If you’re interested, you can find the Beats Music iPhone app in the App Store for free.

So, what do you think of Beats Music so far? Do you plan on trying it out?

  • EDiTOR9

    “We’re having connection problems.” Boo.

    • Richard Butts

      It’s been that way since yesterday (at still continues at 10:26am EST)

      • EDiTOR9

        Now I’m getting an error message saying that my login credentials are invalid but when I ask for a password reset email it says my email is not registered, yet when I try and sign up with that same email it says an account already exists…WTF!!!

  • Asds999

    Definitely a new way of listening to music. Is it in a good way? At the moment. Dear god no. Each playlist has only a certain amount of songs in them (no unlimited song radio). Literally the sentence music generator is really weird and i dont find it useful at all. Not trying to rip on this but save your money for now. At least there is a 7 day free trial?

    • Julian Gigola


    • Nick Salazar

      only problem with your post is that those other radio apps don’t allow you to download music. And beats Music does also it has a all 5 star rating while those other radio apps have bad ratings and horrid reviews. Beats Music is where it’s at. Plus you don’t have to download illegally either it’s a;; right there in the app.

      • Asds999

        This was a really old post man! I respect your reasons of why Beats music is good. Honestly i just stick to Pandora and use unlimited skips hack for my iphone. I just never got used to how Beats music was set up. Don’t get me wrong i LOVE Beats as a brand! I have the new Studios 2 and i use them everyday. Just their app never appealed to me

  • Asds999

    Update: you can search for artists/users and songs on the side tab. You can also add songs to an offline mode section (download them) and you can put them in a playlist and a library. Still unsure about the app.

  • Ricky

    I wonder if you can download it for offline listnening, it means you are downloading and can copy it to computer via ifile?$10 for original music/month seems worth it?

    • Asds999

      No it downloads onto the music app. Its kinda like a downloads app that can download mp3 files but you can ONLY listen to that song in the app. The website version doesn’t even allow you to download the song. Only the app because that’s controllable on what you can do with it. Hope this helps!

      • Ricky

        Thats what i meant… It download to its app, we connect it to our computer, open iexplorer look for the app and maybe we could find the .mp3 file and copy to our computer?

      • Asds999

        Could possibly work. I never use cydia to that level though. Was kinda hoping they had their subscriptions in an in-app purchase format so i cold get a free subscription. But now ill just wait for Flex coders to come up with something for this app 🙂

      • Nick Salazar

        they said you can download and keep it so you should be able to copy to computer.

      • Ricky

        I tried this with games that have songs in it… I can just search for the song in the app through iexplorer copy to my comp and done

      • Adam Bowman

        Can Bridge (Cydia) get around this?

  • n0ahcruz3

    Nah i’ll stick to pandora, $10/month? I’d rather spend that on netflix.

  • Jeff Ramirez

    If you’re an AT&T customer, you can get a free 3 month trial. I just got mine. I think this is a really good deal for me as it allows me to really give it a chance before I knock the app down. Not too shabby.

    • TheBoi23


  • jacob1710

    the main selling point being playlists developed by dj’s. but you can do that in spotify. what would make you move to that?

  • Ariel

    Canada app store?

    • Zlyphor

      It’s only available in the US. I’ve gotten around to downloading it and making an account but now I’m getting “connection problems”.

  • Joey

    Can anyone confirm wether the app is working on jailbroken devices? I can’t log in on my iPad Air or 5S. It just stalls at login. I try it on a non jail broken device and it works fine.

    • InactiveUser

      It works on my iPad mini Retina 2 jailbroken.

  • Ed Haas

    I like the service, but the connection problems are a hassle (which will probably fix with more servers) and none of my albums stay added to my library which resets every time I pull the app up. That’s a huge bug that needs addressed.

  • TheBoi23

    Thanks and this is 3 months free right cause the way im reading you pay 14.99 after 3 months like its already started the service