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If you’ve been jailbreaking for any decent amount of time, you’ve surely heard of the legendary Ayecon theme. This is a theme that set the standard for detail when Retina displays were still a relatively new feat in the mobile device industry.

A lot has changed since Ayecon first came riding over that hill on its white horse, reinvigorating the stagnant theming space in the process (I know some people will debate Ayecon’s design, but they simply can’t deny its influence.)

Flat is in, skeuomorphism is hated (and dead). So where does Ayecon fit in with this wave of change? Will Surenix, its designer, abandon the style that made Ayecon a success in the name of staying with the trend? Or, will he instead, stick to what made Ayecon work? Check inside for the full scoop along with the detailed video walkthrough.

The answer to that question is obvious if you’ve seen the screenshots accompanying this post. Of course, Ayecon won’t abandon its skeuomorphic style in favor of iOS’ new direction; it bucks the trend and does so proudly.

If you hate iOS 7’s icons then you’ll feel right at Home with Ayecon for iOS 7. It brings back the familiarity that was a staple of iOS for six successful generations. Ayecon is still one of the, if not the most detailed themes to ever hit Cydia. Super high resolution displays are the norm these days, so the effects are not as eye-popping as they once were, but it still looks awesome.

Ayecon SpringBoard
The insane level of detail is still present in iOS 7

You’ll notice the meticulous detail on every single one of the stock iOS app icons. Even popular third party applications, jailbreak or otherwise, get the Ayecon treatment. You’ll notice apps like Instagram, iFile, Dropbox, and many others, all benefit from Ayecon’s insane level of detail.

Ayecon features:

  • Auto-app mask for all App Store and Cydia apps
  • 100+ re-designed icons
  • Gorgeous new (classic) dock
  • 9 beautiful high-resolution wallpapers
  • Status bar icons
  • SMS bubble enhancement
  • PSD file (to create your own icons using ayecon’s style)

For apps that haven’t yet been themed, they’ll still fit in well with the overall style. This is because Ayecon applies an auto app mask to every single app icon on your screen. The mask lends a three dimensional effect to the app icons and gets rid of the flat style that permeates the whole of iOS 7.

Skeuomorphic haters apply here

But what if you’re like me, and you prefer the look of iOS 7? What to do then? My advice is to enjoy the other aspects of Ayecon while using the iOS 7 app icons. This means that you can still reap the benefits of the changes to the dock, status bar, wallpaper, and messages without having to use the skeuomorphic hyper-detailed app icons that are the theme’s hallmark.

It may seem a little sacrilegious to promote using Ayecon without using the app icons that the theme is known for, but skeuomorphism is a very polarizing subject. I mentioned this to Surenix, and even he agreed; there’s still a lot to benefit from even if you don’t want to use Ayecon’s app icons.

The dock

The best argument for using Ayecon, outside of the tweak’s namesake feature, is for its dock. The Ayecon dock is more akin to the dock present in pre-iOS 7 devices. It brings the sense of having more breathing room to play with. It’s much like the effect that happens when you tear down a wall in the house t open up the living space; it makes the iPhone 5s and other 4″ screen devices seem taller.

Ayecon Dock
Stock iOS 7 dock on the left, Ayecon’s dock on the right

The status bar

If you hate the new dots that represent the signal strength in iOS 7, then you’ll appreciate the status bar that comes with Ayecon. Surenix’s theme brings the cleaner looking status bar present on pre-iOS 7 devices. This feature, just like the dock, can be independently enabled or disabled via WinterBoard.

Ayecon Status Bar
Stock iOS 7 status bar on the left, Ayceon on the right


Ayecon for iOS 7 comes with nine new wallpapers that accentuate the look and feel of the theme. Each of these wallpapers can be enabled via the stock Settings app > Wallpapers & Brightness.

Ayecon Wallpaper
Nine new wallpapers courtesy of Ayecon

Messages bubbles

The is one of the more subtle features of Ayecon’s theme, and it too can be enabled independently in WinterBoard’s settings. The message bubbles with Ayecon have a more squared off look, but it’s hard to tell the difference without comparing each side-by-side.

Ayecon Messages
Stock iOS 7 on the left, Ayecon on the right


WinterBoard, being just recently updated to work with iOS 7 and the arm64 devices like the iPhone 5s, still has its fair share of bugs and fixes in store. Saurik acknowledges as much on WinterBoards’s Cydia page. With that said, the only issue that I encountered while testing out Ayecon was a simple caching problem. If you notice that some of the features don’t show up when you have Ayecon installed and enabled, try the following:

Step 1: Open iFile, and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.UIStatusbar

Step 2: Delete all of the files located in this directory

Step 3: Respring your device

Doing this should clear up any caching issues that occur when enabled or disabling certain features of the theme.


I always make it a rule to be up front with you guys, so I’m going to be honest about how I plan on using Ayecon. As you know, I’m not a big fan of skeuomorphism. I used to like it, but ever since iOS 7, I prefer the cleaner look. This doesn’t mean that I won’t use Ayecon on my daily driver, I’ll just use it without enabling the SpringBoard option in WinterBoard. This means that I can enjoy the other benefits of Ayecon, namely the dock, without having to give up the flat icon style prevalent throughout the whole of iOS 7.

Ayecon Featured

Even years after its initial debut, Ayecon is still one of the gold standards of iOS theming, and a great example of how to go about the process for those keen on creating themes. If you’re interested in giving it a try, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for $2.99. If you’ve already purchased Ayecon for iOS 6, then Ayecon for iOS 7 is a free update. Be sure to share your thoughts down below in the comments.

  • Malcolm

    And how about iPad for update ayecon iOS 7?

  • Brandon Weidema

    its a nice little theme, but detail for the heck of it is just dumb.

  • Damian W

    I am so disappointed with that theme. Everything is the same like iOS 7 and only icons are different. The phone app and settings are not changed at all.

  • Tom Sherring

    Loved this theme back on iOS 6 but can’t see myself going back to it now that I’ve gotten used to the clean interface of iOS 7. Still a great theme though!

  • Xinan

    This was my last screenshot on iOS6…

    • 123bob

      What is the theme?

      • Xinan


      • 123bob

        Oh!!!!!!!!!! ok

  • Nice, nice, but iOS 7’s fugly flat UI doesn’t fit well. Sticking with iOS 6 for my remaining iOS days…

    • Mustang5Oh

      Cool story…..

  • wow that’s ugly I like iOS7 lets move away from iOS 6 people.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Thats how i like it now. Clean and simple

    • Ishaan Malhotra


      • Andrew

        what theme are you using

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Zanilla 2 on the 1st one and kiki on the second one

  • I loved it on iOS 6, but now it feels old & slow. I’m not a fan of the total flatness that is iOS7, but this guy just feels very last year.

  • AdnanAlaa

    Aura The Best

  • Francisco Perez

    I love the ayecon theme and still will i have installed the aura beta and i am impress with it.
    also wanted to ask the JB community for some assistance i have installed a theme called wifi and data indicators for ios 7 on cydia and i have uninstalled the theme from my i5 device and it still shows the theme on my status bar when i open certain applications and its really starting to bug me just want to see if anyone could, greatly appreciate it.

    • JinOnyxMusic

      Try doing what Jeff mentioned by clearing the cache of the status bar. It might help. I actually had this issue with Ayecon after removing the status bar theme. Then I did these steps and it went back to the original iOS 7 status bar.

      Step 1: Open iFile, and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.UIStatusbar

      Step 2: Delete all of the files located in this directory

      Step 3: Respring your device

      Doing this should clear up any caching issues that occur when enabled or disabling certain features of the theme.

      • Francisco Perez

        Yes! thank you!!!

      • JinOnyxMusic

        No worries, mate. 😀

      • La Cucaracha

        /private/var/mobile/Library/(whats next)? Cache? If it’s cache should i delete everything in there? There’s tons of files in cache

      • JinOnyxMusic

        Step 2 advices to delete everything. Do that and it should work for you as well.

      • Lance Baker

        What about the dock?

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Who wld want tht ugly ass dock back??? Nah me!

  • JulianZH

    i still like ios 7.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Sorry, but this theme has always been lame and still is. Those who adore it must not have eyes.

    • Kristine

      I wouldn’t say it that harsh but I agree. It’s not clean, too much is happening on the icons. Simplicity is a universal value.

  • Alain Vasquez

    Ayecon was something unique with IOS6 because they completly change the way it looks just like IOS 7… Needs a better update with the icons… Get something nice, something that looks IOS 7 style

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Want a dope ios 7 theme, try Crystal 7.

  • Faisal AlMazmi

    @Surenix:disqus hi please i want the ios7 bars for ios7 ayecon please 🙂 i’ll wait for the package

  • This theme is so amazing, and it’s one of the main reasons that I love Surenix. Awesome theme, it was worth the couple bucks for me.

  • Martin

    I like Aura a lot better. And with the newly released ClassicDock tweak it looks amazing. To me anyway.

  • Bobby

    It actually doesn’t look that bad…? I don’t understand what’s all this ranting about O_o

  • Arjan Vlek

    I can’t find the iPad version for iOS 7. Where is it? or is it not released yet?

  • Bobby

    The flatten down ayecon 😀

    • nda

      what theme?

      • Bobby

        Combination of Zanilla and ayecon

      • nda


  • fasih

    when is Aplo getting updated for iOS7?

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Aplo, good stuff indeed. I’ve been checking on it frequently but no updates.

  • Fevostone

    It’s a really nice theme I had it on my ip5 but I can’t get away with it now I’ve had iOS 7 on my ip5s I think the clean look is the way forward.

    • Fevostone

      This is wot I call a theme.

      • Forrest Sims

        whats the name of this theme?

      • Fevostone


  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    Still missing a lot of icons, and the app bobbels from the ios6 version, hoping for Lots of updates?

  • s0me

    Most Winterboard themes: a change of icons and a new wallpaper.
    Themes should change the whole look of the OS not just the damn icons and some minor changes like shadows and the shape of the chat bubbles. It would be nice to see some unique widgets and Icon layouts directly into the Winterboard app. I dont want to install a 1000 tweaks that make my iphone/ipad laggy as hell. The sad part is the most Winterboard themes I install dont work for some reason… (yes I know about Iconoclasm, Dashboard X, iWidgets and Dreamboard)

  • FrankensteinBlack

    The brilliant, poetic and violent last throws of a beautiful Dinosaur! ;^(… Surenix should work on an iOS7 “evolved successor” that focuses on “icon transparency layers, color tinting and depth of field FX”. It wont be easy (or free) because we’re taking about going from a Dinosaur to a Mammal.

    • FrankensteinBlack

      To further explain, it would be the iOS 7 flat icons style updated so they have transparency and depth with each essentially look like a hologram :^p. I can explain further if needed…

  • Blake

    I followed the instructions on clearing the cache but it didn’t work on the lockscreen. I have dots on the lockscreen and bars on the springboard. Any ideas? Do I delete both in picture?

  • iPhoneShqip

    Why the signal bar not shon in springboard only on when i open cydiah

  • Bob

    Looks so iOS6, nothing new here. Loved Ayecon, but it’s in the past now.

  • Alex-V

    Ayecon statusbar and dock + clarity icons for dock (I delete the rest of that icons to have it only in the dock) rest is stock

    • Paz Ben Arzi

      How did you do that the signal bars look like that?

      • Alex-V

        can be set in winterboard as extra of the theme…but i saw that before also i think it was called ios 6 bars or so… 🙂

      • Paz Ben Arzi

        I don’t see any result on “ios 6 bars”. The extra of the theme isn’t nice like what in the pic,
        Pls check me what the name of the package you downloaded from cydia..
        Thanks 🙂

      • Alex-V

        the one in my pic is from the theme and the other one was ios7 bars …put to the top 🙂

  • Isa Altintas

    Once FlatIcons is updated, it’ll be the best theme to fit iOS 7

  • Victor

    Ok this theme is not that special. I’ve used themes that changed every single aspect of iOS before (and I mean every single one) and looked much better. Plus skeumorfism is dead, let it rest in peace. Telling people to pay for Ayecon just to get the status bar, dock and message bubbles is just silly and very fanboyish. ClassicDock is available for free on Cydia and gives people the iOS 6 dock back, and I’m almost sure any other free status bar theme will get the signal bars back.
    The message bubble change is absolutely useless and goes unnoticed.

  • Marcos Frazão


  • Roi

    Doesn’t work in lock screen….. In lockscreen I see the old statusbar graphics…. any thoughts anyone?

  • Phan Van Minh

    I love Ayecon for iOS 7

  • Rod C.B

    The dock is not working on my 5s !! I can see it, but there still is the ios 7 dock on the foreground ! It really wastes the beauty of the theme ! I’ve tried going in to caches and deleting everything but in only fixed the statusbar, the dock still doesn’t work ! Even if I move the dock to the top level on WB…
    Any help ?
    Also, do any of you guys optimize their theme to png with Winterboard or do you leave it as is ?
    Many thanks in advance !

  • Rod C.B

    Just thought of it… I have a bunch of twea

  • Rod C.B

    …tweaks installed, one of them being Infinidock… maybe that’s the case and there is an incompatibility…

  • Harold Merriman

    i don’t have any of the wall papers. is it because i have a iphone 4?