QuickActivator: Add customized Activator shortcuts to Control Center

By , Jan 16, 2014

QuickActivator Featured

QuickActivator is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows users to add customizable Activator shortcuts to the quick launch section of iOS 7’s Control Center overlay. The tweak works with any valid Activator action, including launching an app, opening a menu, toggling a switch, composing tweets and Facebook status updates, etc.

Existing quick launch shortcuts found in Control Center—Flashlight, Timer, Calculator, and Camera–can be customized with custom glyphs and tap and hold gestures. Brand new quick launch shortcuts can be added as well, and users can select from well over 70 glyphs, and mate them with any of the actions available via Activator.

QuickActivator is a tweak that you shouldn’t overlook if you’re searching for a way to add customized functionality to Control Center. Have a look at our full video walkthrough after the jump for more information.

After installing QuickActivator, you’ll see a settings panel for customizing the tweak in the stock Settings app. At the top of QuickActivator’s preferences lies a shortcuts section for configuring the shortcuts available in Control Center. The four stock quick shortcut toggles are there, but they can be moved to the disabled section if you wish to hide them.

Quick Activator Settings

Stock shortcuts can be customized to some degree, but you’d be best off using the Add New Shortcut button to create brand new shortcuts. Once a shortcut is created, it gains its own standalone section for customizing it individually. You can change the shortcut’s glyph image, its primary action (tap) and its secondary action (tap and hold). Only customized shortcuts can have tap actions, while existing stock shortcuts can only have tap and hold actions.

Any Activator action available within Ryan Petrich’s Activator tweak can be used as an action for both the primary and secondary actions. Many of the glyphs contained within QuickActivator correspond to actions you’ll find within Activator’s settings.

Quick Activator Glyphs

QuickActivator contains a few auxiliary settings for customizing the look and feel of the quick shortcut toggles. You’ll find a hold duration panel, which allows you to set a specific delay for the tap and hold gestures. You’ll also find a toggle for paging. Up to five shortcuts can be displayed at any one time using the shortcuts per page section, with two icons being the minimum value available.

Of course, many of the actions that you’ll find in Activator cannot be used from iOS’ Lock screen. For that reason, each quick toggle shortcut setting has a toggle that allows you to disable the shortcut on the Lock screen. These can be set on an individual basis, allowing you to pick and choose what is displayed on the Lock screen.

I believe that QuickActivator is one of the better jailbreak tweaks available for customizing the look and feel of Control Center’s quick shortcut toggles. It’s well designed, and compatible with many of the existing Control Center jailbreak tweaks available.

You can find QuickActivator on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. If you decide to take it for a spin, let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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  • John Wickham

    What I really like about this is that the images look like they belong. Too many tweaks look unfinished!

    • amazingrugs

      Agreed. Gotta love when tweaks work seamlessly and look native to the OS.

  • Abdl

    Offtopic: anybody know how to set separate ringer volume for calls and alarm,i want my calls to ring lower but my alarm higher,its kinda piss me off that i always have to use the same ringer level of my alarm as for my calls

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Perhaps this is what you want I haven’t tested it to see if it does what you want but it sounds like it will:

      • Abdl

        Oouch! Thanks for that,but my device is not jailbroken. I guess i have no luck

      • Framboogle

        Why won’t you jailbreak?

      • amazingrugs

        Just wanted to give you a shout out! noticed you’ve been really helpful in the comments in a lot of posts. good spirit!

  • T_Will

    Dear Apple, please add this feature! 😀

  • Joseph Nguyen

    I have been using QuickActivator since it was a beta. Has been working very well since, and the refinements and updates have made it one of the best tweaks for Control Center. I’ve added a shortcut to return to the home screen so that I would not have to use and wear out the home button (running a 4s), to activate the app switcher, and to activate quick compose of Bitesms since the Notification Center shortcut has been absent in the recent betas.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    It should allow the customisation of the default actions IMO. I’d definitely buy it if it did so I could make the camera action open Camera+…

    • Jerry

      You could create a new shortcut using the same Camera icon and use that to open Camera+. The default actions aren’t customizable so that they still work the same way from the lock screen if you have a passcode.

    • Joseph Nguyen

      While you can’t change the action of the default camera shortcut, you can make a new one resembling the default one. Create a new shortcut, give it the camera glyph and the Camera+ action. The only problem is if you wanted the shortcut on the lockscreen; if you have a passcode enable you would always have to enter your passcode everytime you wanted to use Camera+ on the lockscreen.

  • Gonetrading

    Is there any tweak that allows you to access the settings panes for WIFI and Bluetooth by holding down their respective on/off switches in Control Center?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Yfiselect and Bluselect come to mind but they have not been updated for iOS 7…

      • deepdvd

        Get WiPi and CCToggles. Then you can just hold on the WiFi toggle to open the picker

    • anasiatka

      Activator allows this somewhat. It’s free and probably already installed on your device. You can assign a tap and hold to the status bar on the right to go straight to the wifi (or any other) settings panel.

    • KariNeko

      Try CCTogles. 😉

  • 123bob

    Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

    • jack


      • 123bob

        Hahaha lol

  • The Answer

    How did he his Twitter to be black like that?!

    • Question

      It’s not the twitter app it’s Tweetbot an alternate. Get it on the appstore it’s pretty sweet

      • The Answer

        I have Tweetbot but its white not black

      • Question

        There is an option to change it to black.. Go through the tweetbots settings

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        are you using tweetbot 3.0 ? it’s there in the settings

  • ExRoot


  • to86

    this is exactly the kind of tweak I was hoping for. Allows for quick compose of messages directly from control center which is amazing! Really great tweak and a steak at 0.99cents. Hopefully Apple allow for this sort of customisation of control centre.

    • Framboogle

      99 cent steak? Where is this place?

      • James


  • DP

    works great! Needs a setting for My Vibe. (only tweak I cant find a control center switch for)

  • Wood1030

    This may seem like an odd question, but one that I’m curious to know.
    With all the available Control Center tweaks and add-ons available since IOS 7 Jailbreak, does anyone still plan to use SBSettings (if it’s ever updated for IOS7)? If so, then what specifically do you plan to use it for that CC can’t do?
    Or, is SBSettings now just a forgotten tweak not to be missed?

    • SimonReidy

      There’s actually a lot of hidden functionality to SBSettings when you hit the ‘More’ button. Particularly useful for temporarily disabling mobilesubstrate tweaks when troubleshooting. However the new version of Springtomize will probably do this as well (its still a while of being released though).

      • Wood1030

        Hi simon,
        While I do agree with you that there is/was lots of functionality built into SBSettings, it just seems that now that CC is so integrated into iOS 7, with all the tweaks that are available for it, SBSettings will sort of seem like a 5th wheel when it comes out…just a bit out of sorts. You know what I mean?
        Of course I could be wrong since no one has seen the new version yet.
        I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      • deepdvd

        Just get DylibDisabler from here: github . com / evilpenguin / DylibDisabler / tree / master / packages

      • SimonReidy

        thanks for the link.

      • Shik@93

        Also iCleaner Pro

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    Jeff Benjamin show your face.

    • jack

      He did once.. Ppl got terrified and he removed the photo 🙂

  • Malan Raja

    CCToggles trumps all else! imho

  • benny001

    Amazing, but i need more glyphs. / like notes and others

  • Vitor

    wy is just CC tweaks this days
    it would be great to have some NC tweaks as well
    i just don’t use my NC anymore
    well we have apptray but is just that and it isn’t that great

  • Agustin Calabrese

    It seems to have soe kind of conflict with CCControls. When I had the two installed there were many times I couldn’t open CC at all. Anyone with similar problem?

    • Jerry

      This seems to be a very random problem that happens to people with or without this tweak. It doesn’t let you open CC until you go to the app switcher or leave the current app and if the current app is fullscreen, it displays the grabber but doesn’t do anything when you try to open it. Using this tweak just makes you want to use CC more so the bug becomes more apparent.

      I have no idea what is causing it. Nothing is logged into syslog and there are no crashes or anything when it happens; it just doesn’t let you open CC. I’ve tried assigning Activator to open CC using slide in from screen bottom but when this happens, it shows CC but dismisses it immediately.

      The only tweaks I have in common with someone else that has the issue are Activator, Cloaky, FlipControlCenter, and NoSlowAnimations. I tried uninstalling FlipControlCenter but it still happened. Someone else tried uninstalling Activator and it still happened. Do you have either Cloaky or NoSlowAnimations? It could be one of those or it could just be a bug with the jailbreak or iOS 7.0.4.

      • Agustin Calabrese

        Hey Jerry, I don’t have neither cloaky or NoSlowAnimations installed. The problem started when I installed quick activator and stopped when I uninstalled its. Didn’t tried to uninstall CCcontrols leaving only quick activator. Hope this got solved in the future I’d like to have both tweaks on my CC.

      • Jerry

        I uninstalled QuickActivator and FlipControlCenter and tried to make the problem come back by doing random things in Safari like opening and closing the keyboard and going into bookmarks and tabs. It still happened with no CC tweaks other than Cloaky so it has nothing to do with this tweak.

        Like I said, this tweak just makes you want to use CC more so the problem becomes more apparent. It could’ve been happening all the time before but you you never had a reason to open CC as often while you were in an app and since the problem goes away after after leaving an app, you would never notice it.

      • Agustin Calabrese

        You’re right Jerry. I was reading your response on my iPhone and then tried to open CC and couldn’t. Must be another JB bug, maybe Cydia’s

      • Jerry

        Yea, I can’t figure out what is causing it. I wish it was this tweak because then I could fix it myself since I find it annoying too.

      • Jerry

        Actually, I think it might be Activator which is causing it since Activator contains some code that prevents CC from opening to make the slide in from screen bottom gestures work better.

        Since you said the problem started when you installed this, did you also not have Activator installed previously? You can try going to Activator settings and go to Anywhere and tapping the ‘i’ near any of the slide in gestures. Then change the sensitivity to ‘Tight’ and see if that fixes it or makes it happen less.

      • Agustin Calabrese

        Well. You seem to have hit the nail in the head. I had activator installed previously. Configured the swipe from below gesture to tight and now everything seem to be working almost perfectly. Re installed quickactivator. It works 90% of the time when I open CC now. So, activator is the guilty tweak then.
        Thanks for the help and nice work with the app, really useful.

  • jobcoombz

    Hey Jeff, you should take a look at Convergance. It makes the iOS lockscreen really beautiful (it’s not a theme)

  • Pablo

    doesn’t work along with flipcontrolcenter, I can’t have shorcuts from both tweaks, quickactivator just overwhelms flipcontrolcenter and render it useless in that section of controlcenter

  • Gameboy213

    Love this tweak.

  • Rob_Huska

    Is there anything similar to this tweak, but for the settings toggles at the top of Control Center? I would like to assign tap and hold gestures to those.

  • Shik@93

    It would be amazing if many actions could be linked to one shortcut. You could build “profiles” doing so.

  • Rayne

    My quick activator previously works with my ipad mini but recently it stopped working.. I think it wa the latest patched 4 weeks ago

    • Rayne

      Ive already re install the app and use different tweaks but no use.. I made sure it was enabled in my setting? Unstable bug or anything else?

  • Skyshoot85

    QuickActivator + CCQuick Pro, i Love this tweak, very powerful!!

  • marg

    is there any way to add glyphs?