QuickActivator: Add customized Activator shortcuts to Control Center

QuickActivator Featured

QuickActivator is a recently released jailbreak tweak that allows users to add customizable Activator shortcuts to the quick launch section of iOS 7’s Control Center overlay. The tweak works with any valid Activator action, including launching an app, opening a menu, toggling a switch, composing tweets and Facebook status updates, etc.

Existing quick launch shortcuts found in Control Center—Flashlight, Timer, Calculator, and Camera–can be customized with custom glyphs and tap and hold gestures. Brand new quick launch shortcuts can be added as well, and users can select from well over 70 glyphs, and mate them with any of the actions available via Activator.

QuickActivator is a tweak that you shouldn’t overlook if you’re searching for a way to add customized functionality to Control Center. Have a look at our full video walkthrough after the jump for more information.

After installing QuickActivator, you’ll see a settings panel for customizing the tweak in the stock Settings app. At the top of QuickActivator’s preferences lies a shortcuts section for configuring the shortcuts available in Control Center. The four stock quick shortcut toggles are there, but they can be moved to the disabled section if you wish to hide them.

Quick Activator Settings

Stock shortcuts can be customized to some degree, but you’d be best off using the Add New Shortcut button to create brand new shortcuts. Once a shortcut is created, it gains its own standalone section for customizing it individually. You can change the shortcut’s glyph image, its primary action (tap) and its secondary action (tap and hold). Only customized shortcuts can have tap actions, while existing stock shortcuts can only have tap and hold actions.

Any Activator action available within Ryan Petrich’s Activator tweak can be used as an action for both the primary and secondary actions. Many of the glyphs contained within QuickActivator correspond to actions you’ll find within Activator’s settings.

Quick Activator Glyphs

QuickActivator contains a few auxiliary settings for customizing the look and feel of the quick shortcut toggles. You’ll find a hold duration panel, which allows you to set a specific delay for the tap and hold gestures. You’ll also find a toggle for paging. Up to five shortcuts can be displayed at any one time using the shortcuts per page section, with two icons being the minimum value available.

Of course, many of the actions that you’ll find in Activator cannot be used from iOS’ Lock screen. For that reason, each quick toggle shortcut setting has a toggle that allows you to disable the shortcut on the Lock screen. These can be set on an individual basis, allowing you to pick and choose what is displayed on the Lock screen.

I believe that QuickActivator is one of the better jailbreak tweaks available for customizing the look and feel of Control Center’s quick shortcut toggles. It’s well designed, and compatible with many of the existing Control Center jailbreak tweaks available.

You can find QuickActivator on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. If you decide to take it for a spin, let me know what you think about it in the comments.