Amazon 2013 Kindle Paperwhtite ad (Yes the iPad is on, image 001)

On the surface, Amazon is seemingly supportive of Apple’s iOS platform as the company updates its various iOS applications on a regular basis – even if it’s just a courtesy to its iOS-loving users who want to enjoy Amazon services on their iPhone and iPad.

Scratch a little deeper and all hell breaks loose.

For starters, the online retailing giant is waging legal battle against Apple over e-book price fixing. And given the two tech titans increasingly compete on hardware, software and services, it’s really no surprise Amazon’s marketing department is taking direct jabs at Apple users every now and then.

This February, for example, the company aired a much-flawed screen comparison video pitting its 1080p Kindle tablet against Apple’s better-than-1080p iPad with Retina display. This time around, an Amazon ad is challenging the e-reading experience on a tablet such as the iPad, versus that on the Kindle Paperwhite.

Have a look right below…

The commercial cleverly exploits the hidden camera concept to supposedly show real people who get to compare e-reading experience under direct sunlight on tablets in general versus the Kindle Paperwhite.

But before you know it, the iPad comes into focus.

Apple’s tablet is used in a scene depicting what appears to be a turned off device, with the suggestive “Yes, the iPad is on” line at the bottom, just in case. It doesn’t get any subtler than this.

Here, have a look.

Maybe they forgot to crank up the iPad’s brightness level?

And the 15-second version.

By the way, the ad first popped up on the Kindle’s YouTube account back in September 2013 but they’ve just re-uploaded it, likely doubling down on advertising ahead of holidays.

“The iPad is heavier” and the Kindle Paperwhite has “weeks of battery life” and is “as clear as a book”. But iPad also has skinnier bezels and can be used for a million of other things other than e-reading, if I may add.

The number of iPad mentions in the ad: two.

The Kindle Paperwhite: also two.

And this is my favorite anti-iPad Kindle ad.

To be perfectly fair, nothing can touch the Kindle when it comes to reading stuff, especially in bright lit environments. The iPad uses the traditional display tech which can’t illuminate the images like the Paperwhite does.

To its credit, the Kindle Paperwhite (the sixth-generation Kindle) features an e-ink display that uses the new Carta display technology and an improved LED light to deliver unmatched high contrast images that look like a printed page, even under direct sunlight.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (lifestyle 001)

Amazon in September 2012 launched its first ad attack featuring the Kindle Paperwhite vs. iPad comparison.

A barrage of tests conducted by DisplayMate Technologies portrays the Kindle Fire HDX as having a better performing screen than Apple’s latest iPad Air. While Apple switched to using Sharp’s power-efficient IGZO panels for the iPad Air, the Fire HDX reigned supreme in terms of such metrics as brightness, screen reflectance, high ambient light contrast and absolute color accuracy.

The Amazon tablet manages to achieve this by using a better performing and even more power efficient low temperature polysilicon screen technology. Dr. Ray Soneira who runs DisplayMate explains Apple is unable to use this tech as it doesn’t scale well to support Apple’s insane volume requirements.


So what did you think of the ad?

Did you find it amusing?

I certainly don’t find it insulting.

The “Yes, the iPad is on” bit may be over the top, but overall the ad is speaking the truth. When it comes to reading electronic books, there’s just no better device for prolonged reading in terms of image quality than the Paperwhite.

Credit goes where credit is due.

  • Omar1369

    Looks like the ipads brightness was down

    • Gregory D Foster

      Way down huh? I absolutely cannot see in sunlight on my iPhone or iPad.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        That’s obvious and I don’t need Amazon to tell me that. The Kindle uses different display technology to the iPad hence why it can be seen easily. The iPad however uses a more traditional display so is plagued with the problems most tablets have. It’s not even that big a deal though. If you wear sunglasses you can use an iPad in direct sunlight no problem at all and enjoy all of the benefits its retina display has.

      • Guest

        Your last sentence is complete rubish

      • BoardDWorld

        Yeah but the whole “in the sun” thing is a bit of a have, being that the actual real world use factor is only going to be short moments in time. Generally you will not be out in the open but under a shaded umbrella or canopy. I take my son out frequently to play in the park and I naturally sit under a tree in the shade. The iPad is perfectly clear…

        If I was really that much of a book worm that I had to take something to read to the beach I would simply use “speak selection” on the iPad with some headphones.

  • Mr. E

    I have never heard of the word potshots

  • Jo

    I have to admit Amazon has a point in the first ad. Even though the brightness was down.

    • Gregory D Foster

      They definitely have a point.

  • T_Will

    Amazon should make an ad with people attempting to watch a movie, play a detailed 3D game, or browse the internet on the Paperwhite. 😛

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Or maybe showing something in colour or an interactive textbook since after all the Kindle is supposed to be all about reading isn’t it?

    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      Interesting thing is, that the paperwhite actually has (maybe had) an experimental browser….in black and white. Would have been interesting to see how it would have turned out.

    • jgr627

      Couldn’t agree more….u hit the nail right on the head….wish somebody would make a mock video for apple defending them in these shameful commercials

  • Brakken

    I loved that ‘at the beach’ ad!

    It’s true that, outside, the iPad screens are diaboloical, but I don’t want to carry around yet another device. Simple as that.

  • William Melendez

    Oh Amazon … I shop at your store a lot by all means I will NEVER buy a Kindle lmao. A Kindle smh…

  • Christian Mejía

    Oh my god. Of course they made the iPad guy gay.

    • omrishtam

      most childish move ever…

  • Ariel

    You can’t compare apples to oranges… Or in this case a book to a tablet

  • sjtod

    I love both my iPad and Kindle Paperwhite. I just wish their parents would let them play nice together, without fighting.

  • Hyr3m

    Christian, you do realize the Kindle Fire HDX is an android tablet, right ? So your article actually states that the Kindle Fire HDX is a better tablet than the iPad and that the Kindle readers (paperwhite or not) offer a better reading experience…

    I tend to agree with all of the above (but then again it’s not really hard to beat an iOS device… even when comparing last generation iOS with other tech that’s one or two years old…)

    • Rowan09

      The Kindle tablets are not considered Android tablets because they get rid of all the Google interface, etc and you don’t even have the play store. It’s base is Android but they remove everything from it.

      • Hyr3m

        “The Kindle tablets are not considered Android tablets” <- lmao

        Rowan I knew you were dumb but now you're just pushing the limits of the definition…

        What do the criteria in the comparison table have to do with "the Google interface" ? It's still an Android tablet btw and there's the amazon store with apps on it… and you can root it to put whatever you want on it while still benefiting from the features listed in the comparison table.

      • Rowan09

        You can’t be this stupid. The HD7 which was a Windows phone could also have the Android OS so is that also an Android phone? All I’m saying is the Kindle non rooted of course has no resemblance of Android. What Android OS comes on the Kindle? In China Mio phones are not considered Android phones because the maker gets rid of mostly all the Android stuff and adds it own is all I’m saying. Relax I know the difference between a Galaxy Tab and a Kindle Fire. If you want to believe they are the same keep lying to yourself.

      • Hyr3m

        A huge amount of people buy the Kindle Fire with the intention of rooting it and giving it a real full-fledged Android OS. If you want to buy an Android tablet you include the Kindle Fire HDX in your options…

        But whatever you want to call a tablet using an android-based OS, the criteria listed in the comparison table have nothing to do with the OS and they basically say that the Kindle Fire HDX has a better display than any iPad ever made. ( /troll off )

      • Rowan09

        I never argue facts and the fact is the HDX has the best screen for a tablet right now specs wise I don’t own one so I can’t speak for a real world comparison. No one in the market for an Android tablet would go and buy a HDX. If you’re buying one to root it so it can be a real Android tablet that’s different but most people buy the Kindle and leave it as is. Your making it seem as if most people even root their Android devices much less buy a Kindle just to root it. A Kindle is a shell of an Android OS and that’s just a fact not an opinion, so there shouldn’t even be an argument over it. You still didn’t answer my question of which Android OS comes on the HDX since it’s an Android tablet?

      • Hyr3m

        So much troll in this reply O_O
        “I never argue facts”
        “No one in the market for an Android tablet would go and buy a HDX”
        “Your making it seem as if most people even root their Android devices much less buy a Kindle just to root it”
        What I said was : “A huge amount of people buy the Kindle Fire with the intention of rooting it” -> even if it’s just 1%, 1% of millions = a huge amount. (and it’s not just 1%. People wanting to buy an Android tablet generally consider all their options, (unlike apple customers)… regardless of your personal ability to use your brain or not)

        “You still didn’t answer my question of which Android OS comes on the HDX since it’s an Android tablet?” <- "still" ? When did you ever ask this ?

        I know we're not supposed to feed trolls but you're just so bad at it that I can't stop myself.

      • Rowan09

        Saying in a troll won’t make it true. You keeping saying a lot of people buys a HDX to root it prove it? You still didn’t answer my question what Android OS comes on the HDX? People looking for an Android tablet consider all options really? If the HDX is an Android tablet then people are considering Android over Android, considering all options would mean considering an IOS device or a Windows device as well. You are the person trolling because you believe your owns lies as if Android is making money from HDX tablets. When you buy a real Android tablet it’s preloaded with Googles software on all counts, when you buy an Amazon tablet it’s not at all. It’s like me writing a program in Java and another programmer writes a program in Java and because we both wrote them in Java I say they are the same. The HDX is an Amazon tablet not an Android tablet, it’s base is Android but no one would compare the HDX with any real Android tablet and say they are the same. Rooting means you are changing the software so if it’s Android why would you need to root it to get basic Android features? Rooting usually allows you to get additional features not basic features. Go read a book because when the sales figures for HDX tablets comes out it’s under Amazon not Google.

      • Hyr3m

        You deserve this :

      • Rowan09

        Answer the question what Android OS is on the HDX? Can’t answer this question huh?

      • Hyr3m

        Fire OS 3.0, codenamed “Mojito”, is the name for Amazon’s forked build of Android 4.2.2. It supports Android apps and HTML5 apps.

        Saying Fire OS is not an Android operating system is like saying OS X has nothing to do with unix.

        Look at a unix family tree and tell me which one is THE linux or THE unix.

        No more meals for lousy trolls after this…

      • Rowan09

        Ahh so now you admit what I’ve been saying, there is a difference with the same and similar. Are you saying 4.2.2 Android OS would look like the HDX fire OS? Hell no it doesn’t. I never said the HDX has nothing to do with Android I said it is the base but you can’t call any UNIX based OS OSX just like you can’t call any Android based tablet Android. The Playbook by the way can also play Android apps by side loading them and that’s not even rooting it’s allowed out the box. You’re missing the point of why Amazon and even the Playbook allows you to use Android Apps, it’s because it’s the only viable alternative to the App Store. The HDX is an Amazon tablet not a Google tablet.

      • Hyr3m

        I haven’t said a single thing you put in my mouth and you haven’t said a single thing you pretend to have said before. The best part of this is that it’s written and anyone can see the level of mala fides you’re displaying. You even go as far as switching parts of a sentence:

        I say “Saying Fire OS is not an Android operating system is like saying OS X has nothing to do with unix.” and you reply “I never said the HDX has nothing to do with Android I said it is the base but you can’t call any UNIX based OS OSX just like you can’t call any Android based tablet Android.”

        Your *obfuscate*/troll level is not high enough, sorry. Keep trying though… you may get better at it and in the mean time I’m laughing my *ss off.
        That or go learn English or something… You just can’t be that stupid… Maybe I’ll just give you next week’s award right now…

      • Rowan09

        Here’s the part when you start feeling very stupid. Do you know some tv plugins not even tablets are considered Android tablets and are eating iPad’s market share? http://bit ly/1br3NreS. I guess those plugins are also Android tablets too huh? How am I the troll when your fighting against what economists and technologists consider an Amazon tablet and you’re saying they’re wrong by saying it’s not an Amazon tablet but it’s Android instead. Modifying a software (rooting) is the only way you get the stock Google OS on a HDX, it’s not like its Touch Wiz is the same comparison as Fire OS they are totally different. Keep telling yourself you’re right but you’re totally wrong.

      • Hyr3m

        “Modifying a software (rooting)”

        Rooting is simply the process of allowing users to attain privileged control (root access). It’s akin to jailbreaking (aka “removing limitations”).

        If you want to purchase an Android tablet, you’ll consider all possible options : meaning any tablet that can run the latest Android OS. That includes the Kindle Fire HDX.

        I know you’d like to consider the Amazon Tablet (running an android-based operating system) as not being an Android tablet because it’s so much better than an iPad and that if you separate the Amazon Tablets and the Samsung Tablets and whatnot the iPad still may stand a chance in the market shares figures. Well I’ve got news for you and your little pro-Apple tards in the media, the iPads don’t stand a chance. You’re so pissed TV plugins get this denomination (because they basically combine the TV and the tablet which means you don’t need a useless tablet anymore) that you wont accept the reality of the Kindle Fire line (which received a lot of love from the android community).

        You’re right, I’m starting to feel stupid still answering to your tard trolling.

      • Rowan09

        That was the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. You must have not read the article at all. Those plugins are used to watch pirated movies. I didn’t even care about the iPad’s market share when I made these comments but since you brought them up give me the Kindle HDX and Samsung Galaxy Tab sales? The iPad kills them all, Samsung even includes the Note sales into its tablet sales. Rooting since you didn’t know just like jail breaking is considering hacking which is a software modification, that’s the reason they both void your warranty. You’ll really got me confused and what’s the difference between an Android tablet and the phone? Almost all the apps are stretched phone apps, Google made honeycomb to try and separate the tablet and phone lines. When it comes to making money and tablet sales people only go to other tablets for the most part because they can’t afford an iPad. Your rant about Samsung tabs and HDX sales is so stupid. You’re the troll here. Go read a book as I said before. If you want I can continue to educate you little boy.

      • Hyr3m

        So according to you a jailbroken iPad is not considered an iOS tablet ?

        I never talked about sales 😀

        Keep your condescending to yourself; you need it more than I do. I may have read more or less books than you did but the actual numbers don’t matter since you’re incapable of logical reasoning. By the way there’s a good chance that I’m way older than you are so keep calling me little boy you toddler.

      • Rowan09

        A rooted device is a hacked Android OS but it’s still Android and the same goes for IOS. The little boy thing was too far so I apologize for that. What people actually count as Android tablets is far too vague and that’s why I included the article showing even things that are not even tablets are counted as Android tablet sales.

      • Hyr3m

        You’re right, the HDX is not like any other Android tablet and a lot of people buying it will never root it…
        The thing is there are enough geeks on earth to put it in the “Android Tablet” category… or at least a “limited functionality android tablet that you can unblock if you know how to make a google search”.


        Sorry about the “toddler” reply btw. Let’s be civilized 😀

      • Rowan09

        It’s cool Bro and at the end of this all, we both end up agreeing. Lol.

      • Hyr3m

        “we both end up agreeing” <- sort of 😀

      • KNS

        Fire OS is made possible by Android only changing UI and other major features. Instead of thinking only ‘FIRE OS’, think it like an jailbroken iOS device. You can tweak, customise the UI, have different themes or even boot a different OS into it. It still has iOS as its structure, though. Without iOS, the device can’t even power on, not even a tweak can help. Same thing for Fire OS. Without Android, Fire OS and the Kindle Fires wouldn’t be that hot.

      • Rowan09

        It’s amazing you’re trying to compare a hacked IOS with Fire OS which is Amazon’s version of Android. You made it clear in your remark where you tried to call me stupid, but made yourself sound like an idiot. What Android OS is on the HDX please tell me? I understand and I made it clear I understood that the Kindle base is Android, but to call it an Android tablet is not doing Android justice. The Kindle tablets are Amazon tablets I would never try to compare the stock OS to any other Android tablet, I hope now you understand.

  • Iliyan

    So why did they compare against the iPad and not one of their own Kindle Fire’s? 🙂

    Also, the UK version of this commercial doesn’t have an explicit reference to iPad, which I think is much more fair. I don’t like how in the US you’re allowed to say in a commercial “McDonald’s tastes bad, Burger King is delicious”.

  • Valinor

    I do get it. I mean, i have a kindle paperwhite and the times I had to explain to people what it was, why the screen was so bright and why I didnt buy the ipad. (I also have an ipad actually)
    People do compare it to the ipad, so amazon making ads comparing is really a smart move to make.
    Kindle paperwhite is really awesome to read on. Well worth the money.

  • omrishtam

    amazon…i expected more from you, making the iPad user gay is beyond childish.
    not that i think there is something wrong with being gay…

  • omrishtam

    it looks like they put the brightness on th iPad on min….

  • Rowan09

    The kindle paperwhite does fair better in sunlight than the iPad but I would never compare the 2, it’s comparing Apples and oranges.

  • Luis Moraes

    the Kindle Paperwhite may have a better display for reading, but it’s all it does.

  • Mark Langston

    Amazon needs to come clean that they set the brightness of the iPad down to its lowest setting. No doubt the PaperWhite tech is clearly brighter but there’s no way the iPad is THAT dark.

    Obviously it’s in Amazon’s best interests to show the iPad to be as weak as possible in order to push their wares so good for them.

    With all that said Apple is still the gold standard as most competitors consistently compare themselves to Apple and no one else. While Microsoft goes after both Apple and Samsung with their clever fanboy wars ads I’ve never seen them compare their Surface tablets to a Sony Xperia or Samsung Tab.

  • Lana Leiweszcki

    SO stupid how they have the iPad’s brightness all the way down. False advertising just making themselves look stupid and shady, trying to over-exaggerate things. I have read on my iPad outside and although yes there is a glare, if you have a NORMAL brightness setting it isn’t that bad at all you can still see it fine! Dumb.

  • Ellisia Thomas

    Amazon’s ads are pointless, not to mention filled with rubbish and lies. How the HELL can you compare 2 TOTALLY different products side by side. LMAO!! It like comparing a motor scooter to a car.The ONLY thing the Kindle Paperwhite can do is to display books…it does NOT have a touch screen, and it is NOT connect onto the internet. And here comes Amazon, again calling out Apple, lying about their Kindle HDX being lighter than Ipad Air when in fact its screen is an inch smaller than Ipad Air. Both Amazon and Microsoft should get married because they so much in common. Their ads are deceptive, sleazy and shady. The ONLY thing they could beat Apple in is the price of their products. Amazon and Microsoft, cut the crap. You JUST pick on Apple products just for the heck of it and/or to make your miserable, second-rated selves feel better. Your ads are totally pointless and filled with nonsense. You both are nothing but bitter and jealous posers.Leave Apple ALONE!!

    • TDD140

      Kindle Paperwhite does have a touchscreen and does have an internet connection (3G and Wifi). You should check your facts before you comment