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If you’re wondering why Netflix would label standard full HD 1080p video resolution as ‘Super HD’, that’s because Super HD applies less compression to the 1080p image for greater clarity.

Now, Super HD video requires more data so it isn’y surprising that not many Internet providers were on board after Netflix soft-launched Super HD and 3D streaming in January 2012.

As of today, Super HD video streaming is available everywhere, regardless of your Internet service provider (but dependent on network conditions). Jump past the fold for the full breakdown…

According to the company blog, Super HD high-bitrate 1080p streams are provided through Netflix’s Open Connect caching hardware, available at no cost to Internet service providers.

Netflix says these high-quality streams use adaptive streaming method which dynamically adjusts the video quality based on the available bandwidth. This also means your ability to receive Super HD depends on broadband quality and performance.

Specifically, Super HD streams require an Internet connection speed of at least 5Mb/s, with 7Mb/s for the highest available video quality.

Here’s a quick video overview of the Netflix Open Connect platform.

In a nutshell, the Netflix Open Connect system taps your Internet service provider’s infrastructure to reduce latency and improve image quality by storing oft-accessed TV shows and movies on its storage appliances located in or near your provider’s network,  as close to you as possible.

“Netflix members who subscribe to an ISP with a direct Netflix connection will get the best experience,” the company wrote. Movies and TV shows that are available in Super HD are denoted by the Super HD logo on the description page.

Yes, Netflix-exclusive House of Cards is available in Super HD. The company is also rumored to add 4K streams to its service in the future.

According to this support article, Netflix now offers Super HD streaming on many boxes, including the third-generation Apple TV, PlayStation 3, TiVo Premiere DVR, Nintendo Wii U, Roku with 1080p, Blu-Ray players, Smart TVs, home theaters and streaming players with existing Netflix 1080p support.

Support for more devices is “coming soon”.

Netflix has a nice app for the iPhone and iPad.

The service costs $7.99 a month and the first month is free.

As you know, Netflix also comes built-in on the Apple TV. Speaking of which, Apple earlier today updated its $99 set-top box with the new Major League Soccer and Disney Junior channels.

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    I would love to try this. Any shows or movies in particular that support this?

    • Ted Forbes

      House of Cards great cut-throat political TV Show

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        Liberal BS

  • Brock

    Now, Super HD video requires more data so it isn’y

    • Ted Forbes

      Yes but it is compressed so it is hardly noticeable even if you are under 5mb

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      cry good son

  • Dave Becker

    Too bad Netflix has terrible shows. I would rather buy Zeusmos and get MovieBox for $15.

    • Ted Forbes

      No, not true, not really, they have tons of movies and TV shows for some reason maybe something to do with cable tv or some licensing agreement. I cant really say that I know why, I am not sure how this work, but they do have tons of stuff ready to stream Netflex just need to open up and allow for viewing.

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      yet you’re still paying for your Netflix account.

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        What makes you think I still have netflix?

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    Everywhere? I bet it’s not everywhere… NOPE still not available in Australia. Please change this misleading article

    • The “everywhere” refers to devices, not regions. The part in the title that says “even AppleTV” should’ve given that away. Stop trolling.

      • Bob

        It’s not available on all devices. On PC even though some content is available in SuperHD, but only those the content owners give permission for. For example, just because you can watch Thor in Super HD on PS3, doesn’t mean you will be able to do the same on PC.

  • Rak S

    What about from an iPhone, air-played to an Apple TV or Android box?
    I know, if you have an apple TV, why would this be necessary in the first place, but I’m just asking, in theory…
    Also, what about on a retina iPad?

  • Michael Romano

    How do I find the Super HD content? Is there a separate category?